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analannieNot what I had expected

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 05:36 PM

Today I took an hour drive to see analannie. From her reviews, I was expecting to walk in and slap her across the room. HOWEVER...I was greeted by a very cute, young, innocent looking beauty. Although I whacked her butt a couple of times for not wearing what I had told her, I quickly lost my dominant persona and melted into her arms. She thrust her tongue down my throat. She has a heart-warming smile and seductive eyes. Adding to the mystery is that she has very poor eyesight and wears her glasses throughout the session A couple of tasteful tats and piercings complete the package. Rather than the rough session I had anticipated, we settled into a warm sensual encounter. We explored what feels good with each other. She is very good at showing you how to please her as much as she wants to learn how to please you. I couldn't believe how fast two hours passed. We had a sensual shower and I found it difficult to leave. Highlights included wonderful bbbj and daty. Kissing, cuddling and biting led to an intense encounter. All other letters either weren't explored at my desire or were still great. I hate to rate performance like a diving competition. We finished with a sensual shower and it took a lot of self control not to extend to a third hour. She said she would have been fine with a little more roughness, but I couldn't abuse such a sweet person. Although I have recently asked for referrals in WPB, she is worth the drive which I will make again. Thanks, Annie, for making an old man feel great!!!

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#2 mrlrh Re: analannie

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 06:30 PM

yep, my exact same experience with her - I tried the dom/sub thing with her, was curious about it - never did it before. my first thought was that this girl certainly doesn't fit the profile of what I was expecting, couldn't believe the posts and reviews were actually of her. so I try the dom thing, and before long she's pretty much laughing at me - thought I was being a little bit rough, but obviously not by her standards, so I just scrapped the whole idea and settled in for more of a traditional session with her - and was pleasantly surprised by the chemistry and comfortability level we shared between us. she's willing to do whatever, I believe all letters are on the menu - not into what her name would suggest her specialty is though. just very surprised that I was able to feel so at ease with her - the reason I prefer more mature providers is that there usually seems to be a better chemistry between us, but that being said, I do plan on seeing this warm and sensual cutie again - really didn't want to leave her presence. and on another note - don't know if it is appropriate to put this here or not - I was assured that her post of a week or so ago was genuine, and without getting into further details, I believe her - sorry if this is inappropriate, just wanted to pass this along.

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#3 Little Stevie Re: analannie

    Please, don't take it all so seriously...

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 06:39 PM

Thanks for the review. Nixe way to share your experiences. Very much appreciated. Although I'm naturally very rough and abusive, I too can settle in to a warm GFE session if that's what naturally develops.