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  2. Hello If you are looking for the ultimate GFE experience you found it. My name is Maya and I am ready to please you in every way. I am a low volume provider so don't miss out. XOXO ... Maya
  3. Are you looking for a good time where you can relieve your stress kickback and relax and forget about the day week month or even maybe the year that you have had? Stop looking you have found the perfect playmate for you! My name is Roxie. I and very laid-back and drama-free! I'm extremely open-minded and will try anything at least once. I am very outgoing and I love to meet new people! I have never met a stranger. My main goal is to satisfy your every want and need! Any fantasy that you may have I can make come to life! By the time you leave you will feel like a brand new man! I will make you not be able to resist coming back for more. I am available right now! Incalls and outcalls. Call me now ❤❤561*268*3152❤❤
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  5. Exotichazeleyez

    Exotichazeleyes is one hot milf!

    i would meet you! Xoxo, Rikki
  6. Exotichazeleyez

    Exotic Hazel Eyes (Rikki)

    Thank you, baby, you know I enjoyed taking ALL that you had!!! Mmmmmm I can't wait till next time baby. 😘😍🔥😘😘😘
  7. masipeypey

    Akira- Me escorts

    She gives really wet DFK. Sorry YMMV I guess.
  8. I''m the girl that you turn to secretly glance at when out in public. I am a luxurious blonde, with mesmerizing blue eyes, a straight white smile, beautiful face, and hot toned body! OUTCALL SPECIALS IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY! 💋Feel free to call 24/7. 💋 THE LOOK HaileyNite is a 5'11", slender, all natural caucasian woman in her mind 30's with platinum blonde hair and legs to Sky! Don’t let my looks or height fool you though. My sweet charm, ability to hold conversation, and touch will make you feel on top of the world while very comfortable. My style is very down to Earth and upscale; impeccable grooming! Please remember guys allow me a little bit of time to get ready okay last minute appointments are sometimes available but very difficult to accommodate. Light fetish is okay depending on what you were looking for and if you supply the supplies please contact me for further information regarding light fetish. Please no light fetish maybe an additional fee. As any other Women, I love the finest lingerie, Givency Very Irresistible Perfume, finest beverages,discreet private sumptuous entertainment! Call if you need sizes. I have previous reviews on TER☺ and Preferred 411☺. All races of respectable gentlemen are enjoyed, and should be over the age of 30. I love to travel to You or We can plan an incall. If you care to meet me, let’s make it happen. Also feel free to inquire abour overnight visits, dinner dates or fly me to you visits. :-)Schedule some special time and find out why. Allow plenty of time for Me to get ready. Women do not like being rushed😇 Can't wait to see You! HaileyNite 561-247-3223
  9. Jacksonville🌴 🎀 discreet incall location 🎀 full service (non GFE ) /body rubs/ dinner dates 🎀 all of my pics are 100% real , all natural 🎀 very selective of the gentlemen I spend time with , must be able to fulfill donation requirements . . rates NON NEGOTIABLE! ✋🏻🚫 screening required for everyone, no exceptions 💕 please understand , I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Xo, Stacy 💋
  10. Hey babies I am in my way back to Florida so I will be dating at 1pm this Sunday . 954-696-2060.

    G nite





  11. 💌💌💜💜 hey guys come over and have some fun, I am 100% drama-free, discreet, quiet, very safe atmosphere, and non rushing. GFE friendly, actually it's my specialty if you read my reviews. Also if I'm not posted I'm still available so you can still call or text. inquiries only please also don't forget I am running the the..... **QV special**JUST ASK ❤SADIE❤ CALL/TEXT 561 541 3234💎💋
  12. Cum make me your F**K Princess baby!!! Xoxo Rikki



  13. Hello, indi gentleman it's Rikki! Lock my number in your phone baby. I am currently up and available in west palm beach. Cum play with me! Call me @ 772-404-8454!! 


  14. TouchedByCoco

    Coco The Witch.. "You Never Really Leave"

    *New Naughty Photos on my Website* TOUCHEDBYCOCO.COM You Never Really Leave.. by Coco As Peter sat in the parking lot eagerly awaiting his fate a sense of worry came over him followed by a voice of calmness. “Shh… It’s ok.” the voice whispered.. Where did the voice come from? "I am ready for you" read an incoming text. He exited his car and walked nervously to the door.. on the other side was a wildly enchanting woman by the name of Coco. "Welcome." She said in a smooth bedroom-voice tone as she peered down inside him with her big brown fuck me eyes and smile. Once inside he noticed it was warm.. the energy. Dimly lit with candles lining the hallway and in every room with erotic red lights that seemed to strobe. His enchantress relaxed him till his guard was down and then she dove in deep, they spent a mere 10mins talking which he had mistaken for hours… She leans in and embraces him with a deep.. warm.. passionate kiss.. upon pulling back he was dizzy and wildly aroused.. she now had an ethereal glow and everything in the background faded. Sounds echoed.. the walls disappeared… there was no ceiling.. only stars at 12noon as if it were 12midnight. Shall we.. She took his hand and led him off into a special place. He felt care.. understanding.. love.. lust.. and freedom as one. Every desire that came to his mind she executed as if he was telling her all of his secrets without uttering a word. At some point he could have sworn they weren’t alone. There had to have been atleast 3 of her in the room, he felt surrounded. How did she do that? One time he glanced over at the chair in the corner and saw himself sitting there watching …yes, watching himself. Was he losing his mind? He opened up and let her right in.. over the next hour he explored, experienced and indulged in wild things never imagined. At one point the candles that lined the hallway seemed to dim, the soothing music seemed to get louder. …….He couldn’t hold it anymore and finally released himself to her.. She brought him back up into the real world, they had a laugh and reminisced about the session. As she walked him out to the front the whole place went black and he couldn’t find the door, it was gone… He could hear himself talking through the walls, he heard himself and Coco laughing and saying their goodbyes. He hears a door close and she appears behind him. "Welcome." She said in a smooth bedroom-voice tone as she peered down inside him with her big brown fuck me eyes and smile. “I don’t understand..” he questioned with a ghostly look on his face worried as ever. “What don’t you understand?” She asked. “I thought I was leaving, why am I still here?” he questioned. “YOU can never really leave, you’re part of my collection now.. your body however, is free to come and go as he pleases. When you need to release again, you will return.” she replied. “I don’t understand.” said Peter again. Make yourself comfortable, you will be here for awhile.. *Coco’s voice echoed* He spent days.. and days… waiting to return to himself. He joined the collection of the others that whispered and screamed out silently to her next victims as they felt that sense of worry come over them in the parking lot. “Turn back!” Peter tried to scream at them but, her sweet telepathic whisper of “Shhhh its ok.” caused each and everyone obey and enter Coco’s lair. When it was time for a one of her new collection pieces to exit, Peter would shout out to them “Don’t let her blow out the candles in the hallway.. thats how she traps you. You’ll be stuck here!” only to have his words come out as white noise. He watched as victim.. after victim blissfully held her hand and walked with her out the front only to find his soul was stuck behind…. "Hey.. whats happening?" asked Alan (Coco's new soul) "You're stuck.. just like the rest of us." replied Peter. Happy Halloween.. XO Coco
  15. I'm interested too. Although this post is old, not sure if it still exists. 754 777 4614
  16. TonyNoel

    Russia Did Make Trump President

    Seriously, I am not a Donald Trump Fan-MAGA Came from Ronald Reagan Trump just sold it much better than Reagan. Russia has been interfering in elections long before the internet became what it is today. However, Hilary lost the election because she was not a Strong Candidate and failed to campaign in what is referred to as "Fly over Country" The areas of the Country where 10's of thousands of people have lost their jobs and hope of getting those jobs back. Give credit where credit is due; Trump saw the discontent wit Politicians in General and made himself the embodiment of the Non-Politician. Here's something to chew on: "Had Bernie Sanders been the DEM's Nominee he just may have beaten Trump in the General Election and had it not been for the Dem's Fixing the outcome of the Primaries (Via the SUPER DELEGATES-What a crock of crap) Bernie would have been the Nominee. Just my opinion not necessarily fact.
  17. I would love to. 754 777 4614 even tonight if it's not to late
  18. chocolate1985

    Maya - PP

    One of my very many fictitious dreams involving one of Platinum Pleasure's girls. Set up was a breeze with Alex. I have seen a lot of his girls, and they surely aim to please. Got to the safe and nice location in Hollywood, and pretty certain that Erika left the same room (she looked very hott btw and thoughts of a 3some immediately came to mind). Not really into the numbers and details, but all letters apply except Greek and CIM. Maya has a sexy round bubble butt and a very beautiful face. BBBJ with much enthusiasm and a lot of attention to the boys! Both cups served in doggie....what a sight.....She surely aims to please and is a true gem. She said she may be leaving in a couple weeks, so I urge you guys, go see her quickly and treat her well. I'd love to see Danny & Alex offer a threesome with Maya and Erika. Damn, that will be hott!!! Guys, take your Vitamins and go see Maya (Maya/Erika if 3some arranged). Link below. Cheers, https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/626508-the-nite-shift-is-looking-soo-damm-hot/
  19. RoniMinage

    RoniMinage - Highly Recommended

    Aweee, thank you sweetie!!! Sometimes the last min dates r the best! Lol. Hope to see you again soon! 😘😘😘
  20. ShesgotDjack

    Mistressmadi - Great time

    Had the pleasure of meeting Mistressmadi, SHE'S differently a awesome time. That's ASS!!! OMG!!
  21. 💋💋💋 Mood: sexxxy Current situation: ready for you
  22. Lemonade

    Cum Bust

    I'm soaking wet 👯🌊 come drive in Honey 😺 Also 100 quick visit 💚🖤❤️💜💓
  23. Ya the warehouse. They have little rooms and shit .
  24. Bombshell Jessie

    Sensual tie up/tickle fetish

    Handsome, my mind has a condo in the gutter! I’ll drag you to the dark side....xoxo!
  25. the90skink

    Fuck Finders

    My month membership is running out in a couple of days, and I probably won't renew. Locked down plenty of potentials, mostly 8s and 9s, and one dime who's out of this world. For you guys that have been on top of the ball for a while, when is prime time to re-activate this? My guess would be spring break, as Miami gets flooded with chicks.
  26. gplayer

    Melanin Toyz

    I have been on the board awhile and I can say that Salice does an amazing job. I used to see her when I had to work at 5am, I would see her at 3:30 and had a great time everytime. As for working around the rules probably. Very smart ladies there, and good providers. I will say that for the price curve red head, sensuous blonde, Rachael, and many others are an equal or better choice. But early am, Salice is an outstanding choice.
  27. Bombshell Jessie

    First time prostate massage

    Always a great time seeing you handsome!! Xoxo!
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