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  2. IMG_20180503_130124.jpg.f76ee83a2a4e8846c7ede04637d4471f.jpgHi loves, Miami incall & outs, Broward outs available. Specials today ONLY 😘

  3. Wow sounds good Neil looking forward to it
  4. I'm available for incall in BOYNTON and taking apts!!! Make sure to call or text me at my NEWWW phone number - 561.231.9947


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  9. Outcall Gr8 Rate$ 954-213-5588

  10. Becky305


  11. adrenaline

    what is your best guess??

    You watch and read to much fake news the cover up from the corruption and the abuse of power with the Obama administration and 4 departments and 5 branches of government and 70 people and fake journalism stories are all about to get exposed TIC TOC All these people had security clearances and did nothing to protest us or stop us from stealing our info China, protecting us from Iran and letting Russia mess with our election and they all are responsible for interfering with an American Election! TIC-TOC
  12. DareDevil

    Extra Tix to Soccer Game Tonight

    Yeah, It will be a fun competitive football game on the pitch and on the stands indeed. ⚽
  13. Racist is that all you scummy liberal left left left talk about! Better look in the mirror with all your accusations fabrication narratives that you all lie lie lie 24/7 TIC TOC
  14. This twist in the thread to trashing Denmark puzzled me, I think I found the reason... Fox lashes out at ‘socialist’ Denmark, sparking a puzzled backlash from top officials There’s the Denmark of Lego, “The Little Mermaid” and intelligent TV shows that we’ve all heard so much about. Then there’s the other Denmark. The one found on the Fox Business Network. “Everyone in Denmark is working for the government,” anchor Trish Regan announced in a segment aired last week. “And no one wants to work.” “Not only is school free; they actually pay you. ... You know what happens then? Nobody graduates from school. ... They just stay in school,” Regan went on to say, referring to university-level education. “Because that’s the reality of socialism. As one person who studied Denmark said: Nowadays all the kids graduating from schools in Denmark, they want to start cupcake cafes,” Regan said before breaking into laughter. “Denmark — like Venezuela — has stripped people of their opportunities,” the anchor concluded on a more serious note. ... Before her clarification, a top Danish official had voiced puzzlement about her remarks. “We are working much more than Americans and at the same time ranking as the worlds best in Work-Life-Balance [sic],” Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen wrote Monday on Twitter. Addressing the Fox Business Network anchor directly, he added: “You should come to Denmark if you dare be confronted with facts.” Regan’s initial characterization of Denmark as a bleak nation that robs its citizens doesn’t really add up, as any visitor to the country has probably noticed. Employment rates in Denmark are higher than in the United States. Curiously, the “no one wants to work” Danish employees are also more productive than their U.S. counterparts. Regan was correct in saying that Denmark pays its citizens to study rather than charging tuition. But the country still has some of Europe’s lowest university dropout rates and performs better than nations charging their students. Any direct comparison between European and U.S. university degrees is somewhat flawed, but to suggest the U.S. system is successful at retaining students would be flat-out wrong. Less than 60 percent of undergraduate students in the United States finished their studies within six years, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics. Meanwhile, a cross-European survey conducted roughly at the same time found that 79 percent of Danish undergraduate students completed their courses. (Among those students are an increasing number of U.S. citizens who can’t afford college in their home country.) The numbers suggest paying students to study actually encourages children of lower-income families to graduate from college, which has decreased inequality in Denmark. Once young Danes have completed their courses, they can rely on universal access to health care and can move to Copenhagen — currently the world’s ninth most-livable city. (No U.S. city made it into the top 10 this year.) Despite all the hardship they apparently experience in their socialist dystopia, the Danes have retained their sense of humor. After last week’s Fox report, Denmark’s ambassador to the United States, Lars Gert Lose, prepared a handy guide for anyone interested in finding out more about living in the Scandinavian “socialist” state. Inviting Regan to Denmark, Lose kindly offered “to assist,” before warning that the “lack of cupcake cafés probl [sic] will be disappointing.” View image on Twitter https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2018/08/14/fox-compared-socialist-denmark-venezuela-sparking-puzzled-backlash-top-officials/?utm_term=.909d33b847d5
  15. DareDevil

    Extra Tix to Soccer Game Tonight

    Really? Which cave or stone have you been living under? 🤣 You are one silly indi-citizen. 😂 These are Real Football Players who show respect to their country's flag and anthem regardless of any political, financial, or any other upheaval conflicts that country may suffer. 💪 "No comment". 🙊
  16. native

    Tariff Trade War Damage

    The Great Negotiator... Trump boasts about ‘great new trade deals.’ So far, he hasn’t finalized any. President Trump touted his trade agenda Wednesday, writing in a Twitter post that his tariffs are “leading to great new trade deals.” But so far, he has yet to finalize any trade deals. Trump has put hefty extra taxes on certain imports coming from China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Most of these nations were outraged by the tariffs, and their leaders called or met with Trump to express their frustration. Nearly all of the foreign leaders then proceeded to hit back at Trump by putting tariffs on some U.S. products like soybeans, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and whiskey. ... “President Trump has only imposed tariffs. He has yet to get any other countries to remove their tariffs or to remove his own tariffs,” Chad Bown, a trade expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, wrote on Twitter. “There are not yet any trade deals. None.” ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/08/15/trump-boasts-about-great-new-trade-deals-so-far-he-hasnt-finalized-any/?utm_term=.893162fe6677
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  19. Terry

    KatyKasmire & Lai

    Fucking iPhone sucks *Katy Kashmire
  20. Terry

    KatyKasmire & Lai

    What it do my board members, ya nigga terry here. I really had my head on the swibble here & iffy with sites like this but I gotta treat for you guys. So without dropping any names, it’s been a project trying to link with certain females due to the fact I was a newbie. Luckily My beautiful providers KatyKasmire who is a sweet heart at heart & Lai who is also another sweetheart accepted me as a newbie unlike many other females on here (you ladies know who u are 🙄) which is fine since I don’t blame you ladies for playing safe but if I go above & beyond to show proof that I’m legit that should be enough but fuck it. Long story short, I seen Katy Kashmire a few wks ago & her & I clicked pretty well. Extremely sweet beautiful lady who knows how to please guy yet make him feel comfortable. Amazing mouth skills but personality along with taking every single inch of me like a champ 👍🏽 I won’t say too much but just know she doesn’t disappoint nor will she make you feel like a busta. as far as Lai, dawg.... she looks just like she does in photos, her ass is like a fucking Instagram fitness model & she is down for whatever. Guys! you guys message me if you wanna know more. That’s all I gotta say. I’m still Day dreaming bout the both of these women. Next is fucking Gianna & I’m retired from this shit. 💯 fwm.
  21. NEW REVIEWS: Fun, beautiful and sweet Lolarome Lolarome formally known as rainbow Awesome experience with lolarome OLD REVIEWS: Rainbow wow Rainbow Akira and Me wow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow super freak Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow SNAPCHAT: bellag825 (add me to snapchat only if you are serious and ready to meet me.) I reserve the right to ask you send me your ID and more info as necessary if you don’t have legit references. Outcalls will be accepted only after checking the address, good hotels and good neighborhood. NOTE: Services are not solicited to, nor will they be accepted by, anyone under the age of 21. Payment for legal adult personal services listed are simply for time, modeling and companionship. Anything else that may or may not occur happens with regard to individual choice and individual preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age. Such choices are not contracted for, nor are requested to be contracted for in any manner. By contacting me (either through phone or PM) you agree to these terms and hereby agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or for arrest. This is a contract you agree to by contacting me. I have legal representation and know my rights fully.
  22. eyy y'all! I'm Veronica and i'm 26 years young and beautiful.&nbsp;I'M BACK IN BEAUTIFUL BOYNTON&nbsp;!!!! I have a slim, petite, spinner body. I have long, natural strawberry blonde hair. I'm super fun, very outgoing and bubbly. Some might call me a bit of a wild child. &nbsp;Im looking for someone to come over relax and let me fulfill your fantasies.&nbsp;😉&nbsp; Please dont text me if you aren't serious about meeting. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!&nbsp; <br>I'm not interested in sexting or sending a billion picture. Put your big boy pants on and come over other wise go look at some porn.&nbsp; <br>Available ANY time, day OR night.😘 <br>DO NOT TRY TO HAGGLE OR TRY TO LOW BALL ME ON MY PRICES!!! You don't argue with your boss about your time or pay do you? <br>If you're wanting to meet super early in the morning please OR for MULTIPLElet me know IN ADVANCE! <br>IF YOU are wanting me to wear something specific also let me know if advance. If i dont already have it you may possibly have to provide it. <br>Feel free to contact me at 561.231.9947 I havent been receivingmy calls on the 899# so please make sure to contact me on my NEWWWW phone numver!!!!! <@ 561.231.9947 https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/604724-roniminage-is-worth-a-visit/ https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/604574-roniminage/ https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/604392-review-of-ronimirage/ https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/601347-roniminage-red-hair/78
  23. Fantasies are my passion!!! I am a dominant lady full of fire 🔥 i love a good cologne and it really makes me exited about have fun. come with your best one to visit me and we will have lots of fun!!! 🔥👅💦🌶🍑🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍦 SPECIAL QV 120/150 hot sale 30 min 180/200 1h 200/250 2FA0202B-2553-4AE9-ACAE-90247C679A81.MOV
  24. LOL, what great timing. 47 years ago today the Watergate hearings revealed Nixon's enemies list. Atheists take note-signs someone is scripting this...
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