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  2. As most observers not in Republican donors' pockets warned, the tax windfall companies got has mostly gone into stock buybacks that reward the executives and large shareholders. Because that's what happened the last time Republicans gave out tax amnesties and breaks under GW Bush. Wages have barely moved. Even year end bonuses much hyped by companies eager to be on Trump's good side were overhyped. Companies have moved in recent years to making bonuses a larger part of compensation, from .5 % 20 years ago to 2.5 % now. It gives companies discretion in payouts wages do not. Investments in new capacity have been spotty as well. Stock Buybacks Under Trump Tax Cuts Climb to $387 Billion — 58 Times More Than $6.7 Billion Corporations Are Giving Workers https://americansfortaxfairness.org/stock-buybacks-trump-tax-cuts-climb-387-billion-58-times-6-7-billion-corporations-giving-workers/ The Big and Possibly Dumb Buyback Boom The Trump tax cuts have given corporations plenty of money to play with. Share repurchases may not be the best way to use it. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-03-06/the-big-and-possibly-dumb-boom-in-corporate-share-buybacks
  3. JazzyIntimates

    Plus Size Barbie

    Last day on Marina Mile ... You don't want to miss this!! Palm Beach be ready for me Friday and Saturday 😘😘😘😘
  4. Hi my name is TonyaLynn and I am an open-minded mature female in the South Stuart area. I am available for outcalls incalls at my home in the Treasure Coast. 772 324 1507
  5. jsimps88

    trump Cancels N Korea Summit

    screw it. Ducky loves crumbs and now will live in your PO Box!!!
  6. roadwarriors

    trump Cancels N Korea Summit

    By the way if you don't want your crumbs, I have a PO box you can send them to, I promise I will put them to good use with the ladies on here..
  7. flip2828

    ESM Anita

    Nice thanks for taking one for the team... pics look hot.
  8. roadwarriors

    trump Cancels N Korea Summit

    Patience, Patience, you have seen the movie before the screen play has been written.....
  9. flip2828

    Sammy ME Escorts a Goddess

    Had a great dream the other day with Sammy from ME escorts. Met a decent safe incall in ftl off route 84. Read great reviews on Sammy and decided to try her out. I open the door and standing behind it was this tall, shapely, super fit Colombian Goddess. I’m 5-11 and with her heals she was at my height. We made out for like 5 minutes LFK/DFK hands all of each other, like an ex lover. What a body on her, the latina passion is off the charts, so sensual, like no other girl I’ve met on here. Her as says she’s game for everything, she gave a world class BBBJ, licking the balls and beyond, DATY was super air tight and clean on a 69 adventure, we went at that and bBBJ for like 15 minutes. Like other reciews said all letters are on the table, but she is so passionate and sensual, DFK throughout, body to body all the time, nice CTS too. No one mentions how tight her kitty is...I’m average and I felt every inch of her kitty with a hat on, you know that’s some tight kitty. She got on top and rode CG and I sucked on her great man mades and DFK until a spilled my cup. I would have loved to have for 2 cups and traveled to the isles but she was so hot and the passion was on 11 that I blew all I had on 1. Go see her guys before she heads back to Colombia, and make sure you switch pistions to see that ass before you tap out on her passion. Face : 8 Body: 10 super fit gym chick, 6 pack but not a body builder, very feminine. BBBJ: 10 excellent Positions: All are on the table Greek: yes I did not try DFK: 10 Passion: off the charts, super sweet, sensual, sexy Link:
  10. I would say the liberals, but you said "in their right mind" and that automatically excludes them.
  11. wango tango

    Hits 2018 Music Is The Answer...

    Band, a one man project really, uses a ton of guest singers to provide vocals on specific tracks. On this one, the singer sounds like Freddy Mercury lead singing for Pink Floyd. Vocals don't come on until midway through the song, though.
  12. EddieT2112

    Roni Minage

    Does anyone know if she is real? https://cityxguide.com/escorts/kinkyfreakyfun__1527047918-11800645
  13. Daddy Deeds

    iso therealruby

    Does she travel to the islands as well?
  14. Linda melissa

    Melissa Linda LMT

    thank you
  15. Misleading doesn't even begin to describe the 35,000 number. From balls article: " Although most openings will result from workforce retirements or normal turnover, several thousand positions are expected to be net-new jobs that do not exist today. " So, there it is. In the next 5 years, a few thousand. Better than zero, and a mere 32,000 (or so) short of 35,000.
  16. Daddy Deeds

    Fuck Finders

    She was just a time waster for me way back when... also I think her pictures are old, and she looks like she used, so just as well... for me anyway lol
  17. Linda melissa

    Linda Melissa

    Thank you
  18. Part of Trump's appeal is extreme nostalgia for a time when things were simpler and many of his supporters have bought into his promise to bring those times back. One aspect of this is an old fashioned mercantillist view of trade that the world has left behind. There are other superpowers in the world now. Russia can destroy the world as many times as we can. China and the EU are also economic superpowers. The US is no longer in a position to dictate terms. Previous administrations realized this was the direction the world was heading and led the way in establishing institutions to manage and resolve complicated problems that, despite localized pain, has resulted in a prosperous post WWII world. Trump has shown a willingness to trash those that have mostly worked to America's benefit and make himself the center of all negotiations. It's not working out very well. Why a Trade War With China Isn’t ‘Easy to Win’ (Slightly Wonkish) By Paul Krugman Opinion Columnist
  19. weelzman

    Moderator Question

    Does anyone have the number for Moderator I have a question about the new site. Sending me a PM would most likely be best. thanks
  20. Linda melissa

    Beautiful Colombian masseuse

    Come unwind and relax with a sexy Latina. Private apartment available.
  21. D.Ocean

    iso therealruby

    Tomorrow is her Bday
  22. wango tango

    Hits 2018 Music Is The Answer...

    This is embarassing, and last post on this topic. Used to listen to this song on the radio all the time, and the DJ would always introduce it as American Woman by the guess who? I would yell at the radio, you frigging idiot why introduce the song and ask to "guess" the artist, it's Led Zeppelin. I felt even more of an idiot when I went to the record store, remember those?, to buy the 45, remember THAT?. Of course, I went directly to the Led Zep section and couldn't find it, duh!!!!! Asked for assistance to one of the clerks and got into an argument, at least 30 minutes, on who wrote the song. Finally, out of exasperation the poor guy grabbed a copy of the 45 and played it on the store turntable.........I quickly bought the 45 and quietly made my way out of the store
  23. Jenica


    © AmazonTaylorPerez365

  24. joeyftl

    Mandy R 👌

    She is as good as it gets.
  25. FloridaMyst

    Negotiate prices

    Just out of curiosity I asked a provider if men ever try to negotiate down her price. She replied it happens often. I have never tried to do this, has anyone been successful? Do I need to go to a Turkish bazaar to work on my haggling skills?
  26. bbxxx64

    iso therealruby

    More likely brown eye. 😀
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