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    I am an HR on Indiboard and a VIP on Inner Circle Dating.
    I also signed up years ago for TER however when I found out about the membership fees I never paid or used it because I felt I had enough information on indi to make an educated decision. The account is probably still active but haven't checked in quite awhile.
    I also have NEVER been a member on any other sites including Seeking Arrangements so if there are any other guys using my name it is NOT me.

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  1. MagnumMan

    Jenny from the block

    Oh don't worry I won't...I am not sure of what your problem was/is but I told the truth and I stopped calling and texting you on Sept 15th...a month ago. Actually I looked up the text....on Sept 15th I told you I would not be contacting you again for the reasons I stated earlier....I have it in my phone. So you going and making it sound to everyone that I am still pursuing you is a lie. I have the phone to prove it and have no problem having Mod look at your phone and mine to see who is telling the truth.
  2. Looking forward to it...looks good so far....... Not sure if it was mentioned already or if it is even going to happen but it would be great to be able to search reviews for a particular lady easier than it is now?
  3. MagnumMan


    I decided to not invest the time and effort to sell the car on my own to make an extra couple of thousand and just sell it to Carmax. Drive in and leave with a check...done.
  4. MagnumMan


    oops....sorry...it was 20,051 when CarMax gave me an estimate....then I drove it back to my mom's. Good catch you beaked wonder lol
  5. MagnumMan


    Car no longer avaiable
  6. MagnumMan

    Applicance repair person

    yes it is the lid closure causing the problem. I have to find the time to look at it...will either repair if possible or by the part....around $35. Thanks though
  7. MagnumMan

    Jenny from the block

    Amber I think you are great but everything I said was not speculation...some was. Me arriving at 9pm on her driveway for a date that she seemed totally surprised about when we were in contact as recent as a couple of hours earlier is not speculation. Her giving me an excuse of not feeling well at 9pm when I called her from her driveway; and then telling her 1am date that her girlfriend had an emergency is not speculation. Days later me calling her and she was in the shower and promised to call me when she got out but 5 days go by and still no call is not speculation. Me calling and hearing a man's voice in the background could have been the tv however someone else claiming he called her phone and a man answered is not speculation. Again, I like Jenny. I wanted to see her again so I have no ill willed agenda here. I would still see her if the occasion arose. I don't have answers here; only questions and opinions as to what I witnessed.
  8. MagnumMan

    Jenny from the block

    I have no idea...last I heard from her was early September. After having a good date I had set another one. Everything was great until I got on her driveway one night at 9pm and called her to tell her I was there so she would then put her dogs away. Just like the first date. This time it sounded like I woke her up; she apologized that she did not feel well. and there was no date I told her I hope she feels better and left. I wasn't happy but I was a complete and understanding gentleman. I learned later that she had a 1am date planned with somebody else who she also cancelled with only she used a different excuse. When I arrived for the first date I had some suspicions with her glassy eye kind of look (RED FLAG) and not looking totally awake that something might be up. I noticed nothing else and things seemed alright so the one hour date went on and it was fine. I wrote a review with no negatives. I had a good time and would repeat. When I had called for the second date I overheard a man's voice in the background (RED FLAG) and asked and she said it was the tv. I read somewhere later that somebody here called to make a date with Jenny and a man answered the phone (Red Flag) Jenny was a very good date and lived only 2 miles from me. I really wanted things to work to see her on a somewhat regular basis however I sensed there was something going on that I wanted no part of. On September 10th I called her. She answered and said she was in the shower and would call me back. 5 days later with still no word from her I sent a text on the 15th that I really wanted things to work out but that she obviously had way too much going on in her life and I would not be contacting her again. I was polite and wished her well. I have not paid much attention but noticed she stopped advertising somewhere along that time so maybe she and whoever the guy is moved elsewhere or are just not using indi.
  9. MagnumMan

    Amendment 4-Fla

    John Oliver was funny as shit but the subject matter is not...most people having served their time should have voting rights restored. Rick Scott is an ass and I hope people get out and vote
  10. MagnumMan

    Physical therapist

    hey billy Xavier, I just started going to CORA in Coral Springs https://www.coraphysicaltherapy.com/coral-springs-florida/ They were loaded with patients....and staff........so far I would say it looks good I have Humana
  11. MagnumMan

    Where can I get generic cialis?

    I haven't used the sex pills in awhile with my back issues and medications I am presently taking but when I did buy them I got a legit script from my doctor and took it to CanAm Discount drugs in Lauderhill...my family has used them for years so I feel safe with what they get. Some do come from India as I believe this order did. I just looked up the receipt and it was 2 years ago I took them my script for Cialis 20mg. They suggested the generic Tadacip 20 generic Cialis. I placed an order for 48 pills. The cost was $81.40 + $10.00 shipping and handling; so total cost was $91.40. That meant each pill was under $2.00 They took 1-1 1/2 hours to feel the effects and lasted for at least 2 days I would say....maybe a little longer. Walking my dog the next morning in shorts my cock would start to get hard just from the movement of my legs and balls touching over and over with each step that it got embarrassing lol. They were much better than Viagra because of of how long they lasted and you were more flexible as to when to take them because they lasted so long. Another suggestion where you do not need a script....more expensive though, is to buy pills called Sex Drive EXTREME. The more you buy the less they cost. I only bought 2-4 at at a time and seem to remember the cost being somewhere around $8.00 per pill. I got them at an Adult XXX Store on University Drive in Lauderhill. https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-adult-store-lauderhill They also lasted for a couple of days. Hope this helps.
  12. MagnumMan


    Welcome to the club and the unfairness of when you try to be honest about how your date went. It is a slippery slope to say the least. You post it in the private HR/VIP forum rather than the public forum; some asshole squeals like a pig looking to get favors and a lady trashes you in the private ladies forum. You can't win. The pussy has the power...
  13. MagnumMan

    ISO Sloppy Wet DT in Hollywood.

    it was was so long ago (too long ago) but as memory serves me I would contact Hope in Hollywood....you should have what you are looking for
  14. MagnumMan

    My dick

    to the OP.....curiosity got me to read your story...sorry but not one I will go back into as it was years ago that I read the Penthouse forum ...however your point about giving up Magnum condoms and switching to Unique Plus is something I found out about a year ago after ordering online many kinds to try from many companies. Magnums are not really magnum width wise but the largest sold in a store. They also don't smell great. Unique Plus is the widest most comfortable condom made that I have found (just a PSA). I always have both with me for a date. While I really prefer them I have found that not all escorts like what it looks like and I end up using the Magnum to make them happy...but I don't like them; never have.
  15. MagnumMan

    Is a Spinner 130 pounds?

    I consider a "Spinner" to be a small woman.....under 5'2" and under 115lbs If you are 5'7" you are not a spinner If you are 130lbs you are not a spinner Then again some ladies advertise curvy when they are clearly BBW and some advertise they are athletic when they certainly are average. It is all a matter of opinions but you ladies should own whatever category that you fit into....don't try to use pictures that are not a good representation of what you will look like when you open your door when your date arrives. Some ladies must have one of those fun house mirrors when they get dressed