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    There is something about the excitement and anticipation of a first date! I enjoy pleasuring the woman I am with. A great date is both of us smiling from ear to ear at the end of it.

    I enjoy watching most sports. Love the beach, drinking wine, small get togethers and taking my dog to the dog park.

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  1. MagnumMan

    WTF is with

    I still say get rid of the age range and just let you gals put in whatever number makes you happy
  2. MagnumMan

    Beware of texts from someone saying they are me

    Exactly. I can't believe the ladies ads we see that say text or call; no PM. You need at least 1 PM to be sure who you are setting a date with
  3. Oh c'mon it was funny I could hear you:dance:

    1. MagnumMan


      yes it was very funny...hence my immediate response to my caller :laugh:

  4. MagnumMan

    Tiana Fine

  5. MagnumMan

    Front Desk/Lobby Check-in

    you guys are a riot If I am doing an incall at a hotel which is somewhat rare for me; I enter the lobby talking on my cell phone (nobody is on the line) like I am staying there and walk directly to the elevator. Never thought of stepping into the dining area and grabbing food ....learn something new every day
  6. MagnumMan

    Most vocal provider you’ve seen ?

    I knew you would jump on that LOL...I believe I was doing everything right....she would have to say
  7. MagnumMan

    Most vocal provider you’ve seen ?

    Erica....and not close ( don't think she posts here anymore) ....so loud and vocal... I have never dated Tanja Heather Austin makes lots of sounds however nothing I can understand lol and never felt it was real loud that I had to worry about neighbors
  8. I'm excited to get together soon with YOU and Wildthing and Roadwarriors!!! XOXO!!! Let's break bread and share wine and great memories!!! Lee O'Mally

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    2. MagnumMan


      good food, good beverages, good conversation and good friends....oh...and no posting of threads necessary 😄

    3. Lee O'Mally

      Lee O'Mally

      I cannot wait to ruin you MM!!!

    4. MagnumMan


      I am not quite sure how to take that :NailBiting:Pegging is off limits

  9. MagnumMan

    Extremely Gfe

    Exactly...we are all entitled to our own interpretation of what a lady means when she puts in her ad "Extreme GFE" .........and that is the problem. Most guys consider GFE to include DFK, DATY, BBBJ and covered FS. IMHO it means she allows BB so I stay away....
  10. MagnumMan


    I see you later corrected yourself because ladies can't post an ad in escorts and BR at the same time. I find it rather funny that a NEWBIE such as yourself is so involved in giving advice to everyone like YOU are NOW the expert here. Were you the CEO of Backpage ? 🤣
  11. MagnumMan

    WTF is with

    Gentleman; I wrote this thread to discuss how ridiculous it is to allow ladies to put an age range in rather than an exact number. Most lades (those that are over 29) fudge about their age. I would just rather see ONE number and then assume from that just how old they are.....now lighten up and develop a sense of humor ..and I4NET.K8 if Blasta59 is ever having a dick measuring contest tell him you want to be invited to disprove him
  12. MagnumMan

    New review section for cheapos

    Yes I was there....got there around 7:30 and left around midnight. Actually I was at the front with Ally and Pit Boss and started walking back into the room towards the end of Jay's speech
  13. MagnumMan

    New review section for cheapos

    where have you been? I stopped bitching a while ago...until BP took over indi
  14. MagnumMan

    New review section for cheapos

    Just for the record....I HATE THE NEW INDI WITH ALL THE NEW PEOPLE ! ......and as far as reviews I am not believing any from all these newbies. I just needed to get that out there, carry on.
  15. Bald is beautiful .....the 70's were the best....women on birth control...no HIV....ahhhh memories