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  1. MagnumMan

    Question about my dog

    It is really a tough call putting one"s dog down if the only issues are sight and hearing and your dog is healthy otherwise; I personally would hold off on that decision. I would spend more time with your dog if possible. You say she can't walk but I imagine you meant on her own because of no sight. If that is the case take her to a dog park when you can; use a leash to guide her as you walk if need be. Spend more time in general, holding and stroking her and loving her. Enjoy the moments you have left.
  2. MagnumMan

    Getting Screwed by INDY

    I agree....or Google or Netflix or Bitcoins or Facebook or .................. Lifetime memberships have been offered on "Numerous" occasions in the OP's time here......sorry.....NOT sorry
  3. MagnumMan

    Getting Screwed by INDY

    Nobody likes an increase in prices however can you really blame the ownership for raising them when they are the only game in town? Law of Supply and Demand. Not sure why it should bother you because I see you joined in 2009 and your are not VIP or HR.
  4. Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! XO, Rikki 

    1. MagnumMan


      Thanks but today is not my birthday...it is April 24th.

      Maybe a different Magnumman?

    2. Exotichazeleyez


      HAHAHA!!! XOXO

    3. Magnuman39


      Not me. Mines in February. 😀

  5. :friends: :Kiss: 


    1. MagnumMan


      hello my friend :friends:

  6. MagnumMan

    Happy 49th Birthday Jennifer Lopez

    Yes she is.......Jen has come a long way since "In Living Color"....self made star and wow; at 49 she looks terrific !!! Hard work pays off and it shows....NOT photoshopped pics.
  7. MagnumMan

    Molly Love Bug - Natasha

  8. MagnumMan

    Busty Paola WPB -False Advertisement

    Hey thanks for sharing and sorry for your experience.............................I am curious though I can't figure out how you are a member here since 2008 and this is only your second post...to bash a lady. Not saying it is or isn't deserved. Just making an observation.
  9. MagnumMan

    Happy Birthday, Wildthing!!!!

    To a very special lady ....and my Mom's birthday is today so 2 special ladies ! Enjoy your day....
  10. MagnumMan

    Chloe Chase

    Pay no attention to pepsi You get a life. I am very sure when hurri said wrong forum this review was written in the ESCORT section and prior to your smart ass comments the Mod moved it where it belongs.
  11. MagnumMan

    AMP vs. LMP

    If your primary concern is a GREAT massage then I say see the AMP's. Sure most are HE....but I want the massage. If I want more upgrades then I will just book an escort. There are some here that give a decent massage and then of course all the good stuff lol
  12. MagnumMan

    IE Indira

    Now don't you think since you started this thread that you should have included the link to make it easier to see who you are speaking of?
  13. MagnumMan

    Ladies who swallow?

    Well I actually agree with this...I actually don't care if she swallows....I just don't want her to stop sucking on me until I am completely spent. Too often ladies that don"t allow CIM or do but no swallow back off as soon as we start to explode. Man, I wonder how they would like it if as soon as I had them right there I just stopped.? I will never understand why this seems to be such a one way issue. As a man, I DATY and if I have done what I intend to do I will be lapping up a lot of your juices. This no CIM by some ladies to me is not GFE Period.....
  14. MagnumMan

    Do you carry to an incall ?

    Was that before or after you asked to be tied up ?
  15. MagnumMan

    *Warning* You Can't Fix Stupid!!

    I couldn't agree with you more. Very rarely when someone is banned from here or even suspended that we as members are in the loop. The people involved are just gone. That doesn't mean they are not still making dates. The problem is if an escort or even a male member is suspended/banned for something that would be important to know; we don't know in most cases. That helps nobody so I applaud the Moderator for his making this public. Now everybody has the truth. There is enough crap going on with this site with the influx of both male and female new members. This is our community. The Mod's can only do so much and those of us that care will do what we can to help keep this site a safe place to play.