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  1. Thanks for the B-Day greeting Hope ou are doing well

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    Ginger aka Molovtov_itch

    Thanks for the comments and comedy concerning the dream review. Like I mentioned earlier, Ginger's performance was outstanding and deserved the press, and this bump.2 Much Libido
  4. 2 much libido

    Ginger aka Molovtov_itch

    Hi all.First post after using the board for reference material for 3 years.I have experienced some great dreams while traveling in South Florida. Mostly due to the information contained on this board.I normally do not post, not enough time, and not willing to share my opinion. Also, I don't like to get involved with the drama associated with this and other similar boards (there, I shared an opinion LOL)Reason for the Post: A dream of Ginger aka Molovtov_ItchI saw that Ginger was running a special to help fund an escape to the far left coast (or at least a relocation to adult Disneyland)I picked up the phone and punched the appropriate numbers. Ginger answers, and proceeds to be "Ginger" (read into this all that your personal experiences may afford you) Ginger is a real person and you will not have to guess what she is thinking, I happen to like this personality type.Arrangements were made, and Ginger arrived at the appropriate time. She entered dressed in proper attire for riding a motorcycle (again, was expected and enjoyed)The rest of my dream was exceptional.We all can talk of GFE'dom as certain acts performed (and for those using this review for information purposes, all standard GFE categories were met). For this dream, GFE, has a different meaning. GFE in this dream was a lover who passionately joined me and made me feel like only 4 or 5 women (all civilians) in my 52 years have made me feel.Does YMMV apply? Hell, I hope so. And, I can only hope you get the same mileage.Anyway, it has been said that a star burns brightest before it burns out (or moves to Las Vegas) In my dream, Ginger is burning white (maybe red is a better anology) hot!!I strongly suggest that you dream of (or re-dream of) Ginger before she leaves. I am very glad that I did.2 Much Libido