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  1. The lady will no longer be advertised on Indi. Problem solved.
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    Danica fierce. Amazing in everyway!

    If you have doubts whether or not a review is legit, you REPORT it. Crapping all over a review is not allowed. Everyone that did so on this review is now off for three days.
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    Too many ladies are not posting rates

    As the ladies said, if you see an issue, report it.
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    Threats to ladies

    Thirsty, stop with the dumb questions on a serious thread. The girls info is posted all over the place. Do not hijack the thread.
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    Threats to ladies

    With the recent closure of other sites, we have experienced a migration of hundreds of members over the past few months. Unfortunately with any mass shift in membership, Indi has attracted the attention of some undesirables. We got a ton of bait and switch ladies. We got a ton of fake picture scams. Those are all very publicly identifiable. What we also got, and what only a small segment of the board sees, is clientele who are pure scumbags. There are multiple reports from ladies of guys who think they can force their will upon the ladies with the threat a bad review. They do not have references, but tell a lady a bad review is coming unless they see them. Or they do something even more nefarious with the same threat. That crap must end, and it must end now. Here is what I just sent one of these "blackmailers": I am sick and tired of new signups like yourself who think you can boss ladies around with the threat of a bad review if they don't do what you want. I have your name and picture from one of the ladies. If this continues, I will approve the public posting of your information. Think you can make threats? I just one-upped you. Please continue your behavior so I can use you to scare off the rest of the assholes who are doing the same backpage style crap that you are. If it happens again, I will allow the ladies to make public posts with as much information as they have on the blackmailers. Phone number(s)? Full names? Photos? All are fair game. I'll detail the steps needed for the ladies to do so in the appropriate forum. Or, if this is happening to you (ladies), PM me for more instruction. Blackmailers and scam artists, be warned. Your shenanigans will not be permitted to continue.
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    Fetish Goddess and TS TOGETHER !

    Skol, For someone who just signed up a few days ago, you certainly seem to have a lot to say about policy. Perhaps you want to tell us how you let your wife perform gang bangs. Sorry, Faust or whatever the hell you want to go by. Just get the fuck out of here already. And, for the record, this is NOT an ad forum. Jezhabel is posting just the way she is SUPPOSED to in this forum. If other ladies would follow her lead, this forum wouldn't require moderation every damn day.
  7. Can i Post in tampa or st.pete on here. i was told that option was not available. and i dont know how to find out all the areas this covers

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    Same girl...2 or 3 posting names profiles?

    It has been taken care of. She will be known as MonroeZepp going forward.
  9. Hi MOD help me I can't send pms

  10. PLEASE HELP! I am UNABLE to start PM's. Ive deleted NUMEROUS messages but, I still keep getting THIS message I keep getting:  Your message box is full. You will not receive new messages until you delete one or more old messages. Go to the Messenger

    1. wildthing


      Never mind ... I think it's better now :) 

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    *Warning* You Can't Fix Stupid!!

    There are reasons the whole situation was made public. 1) The selfish actions of these two ladies put EVERYONE at risk; 2) They lied about their actions; 3) They had other members PM us seeking information and lobbying to get them reinstated; 4) One of them, Housewife cough cough, continues to have MSNs from her "husband" or her stoke the fire (Longshanks); 5) Even with overwhelming evidence, HA still told us this very week that she was never warned, never posted pictures of a pornographic nature and never advertised these sorts of parties. Now, taking all that into account, if we DIDN'T make the transgressions public, they could manipulate others behind the scenes, say it was a personal vendetta or some other bullshit, make excuses, blah, blah, blah. The reasons for their evictions are listed here in multiple areas. There is additional evidence that is not even up on the thread, but suffice it to say I have plenty more that is not suitable for public display. If their fans want to believe the crap they are putting out, so be it. But if anyone objectively looks at what transpired, there is no doubt about the decision.
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    *Warning* You Can't Fix Stupid!!

    GotBB666, Thanks for reposting that. Obviously some people are blinded by other things and do not care to read or comprehend. Heather Austin was - and remains - a liability to the safety of every member of this site. You can continue to see her if you wish. Just don't discuss her bullshit here.
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    *Warning* You Can't Fix Stupid!!

    No, she is restricted. Not coming back.
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    *Warning* You Can't Fix Stupid!!

    Hip has most of the story straight. I'll fill in a few holes. I specifically warned the two ladies who began aggressively advertising gang bangs to stop their practices. Parties such as those can have major ramifications to the site, and we will not allow one or two rogue posters to compromise everyone's safety. Did personal warnings deter them? Nope. They continued. I'll deal with the second one (Heather Austin) at another time, but let's concentrate on the Housewife here. She placed several comments in various threads to advertise her upcoming "event". I deleted the first few. Then I said the hell with it. If I go out of my way to contact you privately and tell you to stop doing something, I refuse to let you continue. That makes me look like a clown, and it undermines whatever authority I hold on the site. Finally, after viewing all her BS the day of the GT, including even more references to her upcoming party, I said enough. She got a three-month suspension. I got a bunch of texts over the next week. She went from apologetic to angry to apologetic again. She wanted to remain my friend. Then she wanted nothing to do with me. Then it was back to friendship. My head was spinning like a bobblehead trying to figure out what the hell was next. It truly felt like two different people writing to me. In the meantime, several new members joined and defended her. They had insight into what happened, even though they signed up less than 24 hours earlier. The new users tried masking their IP addresses, but they were sloppy. I banned them. I then changed their passwords and went into their accounts. All my evidence was waiting for me. They were sending out invites to the party. Today, "Faust" came along. I heard from two different people that he sent party invites. His attempt to mask his IP came back the same as the others. I changed his password and went into his account. Voila. All the evidence I needed. Party invites. Bashing everyone involved with management of this site, bashing Hip and Jay, asking a lady to be his reference and more. Oh, and there was a PM that identified him as the Housiwife's husband. I had enough. I notified both Hip and Jay. I informed Admin of the comments made about him and this site. Supposedly, a few ladies (including obviously the Housewife) are starting a new site to rival Indi soon. If you join, good luck. Your secure information will not be secure very long with certain scammers in charge over there. But I digress. I texted the Housewife to tell her the gig was up and I knew all about Faust. She replied back asking who Faust was. When I told her not to insult my intelligence and that it was her husband, she wrote back with more lies. She doesn't have a husband. That's a marketing ploy. Yet, she told me repeatedly about the guy and even encouraged me to meet him. She told me about his profession, how they owned several medical clinics and how they are providing free care and prescriptions to the other Gang Bang queen. Now he doesn't exist? Bullshit. He was at Hip's GT, but on the other side of the venue. So they lied about his attendance. It seems they lied about just about everything. The comments they made about Hip, Jay, Admin and I were reprehensible. Faust used a direct quote in his PM that Hip asked the Housewife to do porn with him and go for dinner. When she refused, he called me from the GT and said, "Ban the bitch." Now, I wasn't at the GT, but I have known Hip for years. He may look like Lucky the Leprechaun from the Lucky Charms ads, but he is not the kind to do what he was accused of. Furthermore, he NEVER called me the night of the GT. In fact, I had not heard from him for approximately a month before all the crap from today. Add it all up and I decided a three-month ban was not enough. A total restriction from the site was warranted. From this point forward, we will not tolerate discussion of these parties and these individuals (Housewife and Heather Austin). If I see comments promoting them, they will be erased and vacations will be handed out. Now, as to Heather. She was warned numerous times about the photos she used. She routinely put vaginal photos up (against the rules). She posted photos from her parties. She posted thread after thread about said parties. She was banned several times for the photos. When she came back, she started with a new set of photos and publicized her upcoming parties. She got four months -- one for the photos, three for the party advertisement. She proceeded to text me nonstop well after midnight last week to protest. She claimed she never posted the photos or the comments advertising her parties. I have evidence of both, even though I deleted the content from the site. After she continuously lied about her actions, I told her it was late. I said if she sent another message, I would restrict her from the site and block her numbers. Six messages later, I followed through on my promise. What angered me most is I explained to both ladies how their self promotion could jeopardize everyone. I explained how they were being selfish. And in the end, they both gave a firm "fuck you" to the board and kept doing what they wanted, because it was all about them, everyone else be damned. There are ramifications to everyone's actions. When they got their punishments, they both claimed innocence and acted like victims. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. I'm sure both will make numerous attempts to come back in some way, shape or form. Selfish people do that. They don't care about you or I. They care about themselves. Hopefully, if they do attempt to come back, enough of you will realize the potential danger they represent and you will report back to me with whatever intel you can. It's on all of us to protect each other and this site. Thank you in advance for whatever help you all provide in the future.
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    ISO Lemonade Info

    Cinderella, Stop being so damn nasty. Take a few days to calm down.