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  1. Longhung69

    AMP at 5130 N. Federal, Ft. Lauderdale

    I was back there today. New girl - Jenny. Today was not just a good rub, today was a GREAT MASSAGE. This girl knows how to hit all the spots. And this cowgirl would make any rodeo man feel great and relaxed after a long day. No details to be shared. Just go and thank me later.
  2. Longhung69

    I like Asians

    Not as long as Rocket Man is in charge. Unless you can find one from there in another country. NK is also known for abducting foreigners. And they have some US defectors. They mate the foreign men with women from other countries. NK women are too pure for outside dick.
  3. Longhung69

    I like Asians

  4. Longhung69

    I like Asians

    Forgot to ask - name and address of spa
  5. Longhung69

    Chocolate MILF

    Tya was the most sensual providers I had the privilege of meeting a while back and she still is the same sexy chocolate milf today. Y’all should be happy her talents are with us on indi.
  6. Longhung69


    Someone may be on to something. No ads. And no access to ladies section. No reviews. No access to hobbyists area. Only political posts.
  7. Longhung69

    I like Asians

    What was the door fee and tip?
  8. Longhung69

    New Girl At Atlantis Spa

    This means Atlantis should be getting some new talent. If anyone goes post the info here. Otherwise I might toftt later this week
  9. Longhung69

    Lithuanian Girl LIW

    The age concerns me. An early 20s girl would say so. This is quite young, maybe too young. Beautiful but pass.
  10. Longhung69

    Happy Birthday Shamira

    Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎉🎈🎊
  11. Nope! Only includes dead illegal aliens. And a few Civil War veterans.
  12. Longhung69

    I like Asians

    For someone who hates Asians, you sure "knew" lots about them.
  13. Longhung69

    Magic Fingers Spa Ft Lauderdale

  14. Longhung69


    She is also beautiful, funny, and has a wonderful personality. Not to mention she knows how to pleez.