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  1. Longhung69

    Polk County Online Sting

    LFK, you were 100% on target. Again, thanks for mediating. BW, again no bad intentions meant. I’ve seen you at the GT, and you’re cool.
  2. Longhung69

    Polk County Online Sting

    😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 County flag potato 🥔!! Sorry, was doing my reply when you posted that. I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Longhung69

    Polk County Online Sting

    @Big Willie, if it seemed I have an attitude I apologize. Didn’t mean anything offensive, was just saying. @blasta59 I should have stated that as my opinion of the article, not have presupposed your intentions. #MAGA #RedWave @TonyNoel, exactly. @SoHotHillary4u, just had to mention you because you always seem to cross paths with @Big Willie
  4. Longhung69

    Polk County Online Sting

    That’s not the point of @blasta59 ‘s post. This is a heads up. Safety is in going with who is known to you. This says there is a bigger risk factor of a LIW. Even reviews can be bogus to try and entrap someone. Long time ladies and known quantities are safer. And when using a review as a guide use members that have been here an extended time. Bogus members can post bogus reviews for bogus ladies. Stings can be in place for months or even a few years to net the biggest catch.
  5. Longhung69

    Flora did i get a bait and switch?

    I am more interested in what kinda rub they offer. From posts already out there they are more BR than alphabet soup. And one sister is skinnier and more petite, the other a little more curves. They are from other posts not identical twins.
  6. Longhung69


    Don’t be too surprised. From my interactions with many of the BR girls many (if not most or all) make notes about their clients and each date they have. This is how we receive superb service when a lady remembers or likes and dislikes. And I give applause to these ladies who go the extra mile. With so many clients it is the only way to remember each client and visit. It also allows our numbers to be recognized if and when we call - and to be answered promptly rather than voice mail. So true is YMMV. Go in with this thought, and if it’s not clicking for you then it certainly is not clicking for the girl. As for myself, while I am no WK, I would certainly never put up a negative review after such a long interval. But I applaud OP for his honesty. I also applaud @Jada for her taking the high road with her extremely intelligent response. It shows me that at the very least a good conversation can be expected and at the most the sky could be the limit. @Jada has now been added to my list of girls to see.
  7. Longhung69

    Atlantis Spa

    And we are all greatful.
  8. Longhung69


    Absolutely wonderful girl.
  9. Longhung69

    Visa Vanilla prepaid gift cards

    I also had one lady tell me she accepted s gift card only to find it had $0 value when she tried to use it. The guy called it in stolen or last after he gave it to her. Also, many cards if not use decrease between $1-5 per month of inactivity.
  10. Longhung69

    Strip Clubs that offer Extras

    Most clubs operate solely on the profits of alcohol sales. They will not knowingly let a girl do “extras”, will toss you out on your ass if your caught trying. Girls will, however, go with you on a real civvie date if they like you. The cameras used by clubs are to prevent unwanted behaviors. The biggest issue s guy can have at a club is if he brings in drugs or a weapon. Clubs have zero tolerance for that. Again, money is in the alcohol sales. Girls are encouraged to get guys to buy them drinks and for the guys to drink more themselves. Next time you go sit on the side and observe. 1)girl goes to guy at table or bar 2)girl flirts with guy 3)guy buys girl drink 4)girl pretends to drink and waitress grabs full cup away when guy is distracted 5)repeat numbers 2-4 a few more times.
  11. Longhung69

    Atlantis Spa

    Door plus $ , (50 each)
  12. Longhung69

    Magic Fingers Spa Ft Lauderdale

    Don’t be too surprised if he is here on indi with us. I didn’t know about this sight until I read about it in a review comment on RM.
  13. Longhung69

    Atlantis Spa

    I was taught to stay with the reliable, the good, things I enjoy. Atlantis Spa is definitely all that and more. Plus, when getting a good quality rub at the spur of the moment is called for Atlantis again is there to make you happy. Yesterday was a spur of the moment decision. And what do I do? I go straight to Atlantis. I’m greeted by our girl who is not only beautiful but is also a quality massage therapist. She greets me with a wicked smile as I enter. She says something in Chinese to the other girl working there and once again offers me one of the finest 4 hand rubs I have had the pleasure to enjoy. The rub is incredible and the finish even more spectacular. And as she finishes she yet surprised me like never before whispering several Russian words in an incredibly sexy voice into my ear. I will go back again.
  14. Longhung69

    Magic Fingers Spa Ft Lauderdale

    A prolific poster on RubMaps is Cumsumyunguy. Over 140 accurate reviews. Goldenboy1 has 37 reviews
  15. Longhung69

    Magic Fingers Spa Ft Lauderdale

    I have over 22 reviews there. Here is Canes72 https://www.rubmaps.com/user-123100