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      PHP/MySQL Expert Needed (Click to read more)   04/17/2018

      Help Make Indi Truly Awesome The latest software upgrade gives us a lot of flexibility to add amazing features and functionality to the site. 
      I am looking for someone located in South Florida to help take Indi to the next level. -- Make Indi feature-rich and user-friendly so that everyone can access and use the site from any device -- Provide our providers with a sweet suite of tools to conduct their business safely and efficiently -- Develop a system to rid the site of dirt-bag predators that victimize our girls and endanger all of us in the process
        Contact me (Admin) to discuss independentgirls@gmail.com or PM me through the site  
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There were some logistical issues at first that we had to overcome but when it was all said and done, I arrived to her room and found her in some lingerie. Greeted with a hug and kiss. I had been on the road for some time and wanted to rinse off. Especially because I wanted to put her DT skills to the test. Came out of the shower and was greeted with a nice DFK and was told to lay on the bed while she took me into her mouth. She was able to give a very nice BJ but struggled with the DT. She told me to hop up and laid on her back with her head off the bed. I'd seen this in porns before and was excited to try it. She was able to take 6 out of 8 inches this way. Not a complete DT but the sounds of gagging was extremely enjoyable. I flipped her over, strapped up and slid in missionary. I was pleasantly surprised with how tight she was. I had to pull out and flip her over to prevent premature disappointments. She told me she could handle anything and so I wanted to see if that was true. I delivered the best I could and she took it all. Not to boost but in the past I've had to stop because I went too deep. Hilary didn't stop me. In fact I think she was bummed out that I didn't go deeper. (Sorry Hilary). It was all more than I could handle and I fill a glass. I laid to rest while she cleaned up. I didn't have the energy to go again so we spent the time just talking and relaxing. I will definitely see her again because I didn't get to travel the islands on my PSE vacation (my fault not hers. I'm a light weight). I want to visit the islands and no better way to visit them than with a friend and I think Hilary has just the lady in mind to take that trip with her.

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Tell me about it... Big dick and super hot. Unfortunately the opening to the throat is only so big so I was not able to go all the way.  Tickets to Greece are still available though. Can't wait until next time.






PS- Thanks for the review.

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There are benefits to being average :-)  Hillary is uber-hot. Can't wait for her next trip south.

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