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Why registering a ScreenName is a good thing to do

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If you're new to the board or you're a 'lurker' you really owe it to yourself to register a Screen Name and log in with it.


Here are a few reasons:


--- You can post your thoughts, ideas, reviews, opinions, etc, etc, etc


--- You can vote in the various 'polls' and have your opinion counted.


--- You have access to "The Roasting Pit". This is the Forum -- which you can't see unless you're logged in -- where all the flame-wars and cat-fights go. True, since we've been Mostly-Modless around here, there have been fewer Pit Posts but this is not gonna stay that way for much longer.


--- You get email and PM access to the rest of the folks around here.


--- You get to change some important settings that makes the board look better and function more effectively for your needs.


--- You get access to the SEARCH feature --- VERY IMPORTANT and USEFUL


--- You get the ability to REPORT posts that you think need to be reported to Management.


--- If you ever decide to come to one of the un-official -- Member Sponsored -- GT's (Get Togethers) you will be glad you're registered.


--- Being registered give you a small -- but important -- amount of credibility as time goes by and you can 'verify' your 'hobbyist 'credentials' by pointing to a "Joined" date in the past.




Some of you may be reluctant to register out of some fear that being associated with this board might cause you harm in one way or another. This is an important matter. We all want to protect our privacy from people we would rather NOT know anything about our participation on this board.


However, guarding ones privacy too zealously can sometimes rob people of the enjoyment this hobby has to offer.


So ... If you're interested in registering and you're particularly concerned about your privacy, consider the following measures:


--- Obtain a "throw-away" email address such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc. Use this email address SOLELY for your hobbying activities.


--- Make sure you DO NOT use any identifiable information in the profile you create when registering the EMAIL ADDRESS. ie: Don't use the address "JoeSmith@Hotmail.com".


--- When using the board from a computer that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO, you want to be careful about leaving a 'trail' of your web-surfing activity. There are a number of tools and techniques you can use to cover up your tracks.


--- Be careful about using Company Intranet systems. Your IT guys may be spying on you.


--- Password protect your Windows Login. This can solve a lot of potential problems on the home computer. The Wife and kids can -- and really should -- have their own login space. This is done through Windows and is supported on all the currently supported versions of Windows -- I think.


I'm going to start a thread devoted entirely to privacy and security needs. It will contain the info above and a lot more.


Hope this helps.


So --- Let's see you get registered and enjoying FULL-SERVICE from The IndiBoard

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