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  2. Jim33

    DeeFlDee redux. Amazing

    Sounds great where can I see her add
  3. Heather Austin

    What's With All the Feet ??

    You can tell from the feet photos whether or not someone has been shooting up BETWEEN their toes? Are these photos that are designed to show off pretty feet or athletes foot 🤨
  4. hawkeye

    DeeFlDee redux. Amazing

    She's all that and more... you just made me think of how long it's been since I've seen her hawkeye... Amazing woman!
  5. native

    trump Cancels N Korea Summit

    For sure Kim still wants the meeting. He wants the pics seen around the world of him meeting as an equal with the head of another nuclear power. He probably also wants one of them coins that honors him as Supreme Leader (a title Trump thinks he already has). But if anything substantial is to be achieved it won't be through Trump's legendary negotiation skills. It will be accomplished the old fashioned way through lots of detailed lower level talks and the involvement of other stakeholders like S Korea, Japan, China, possibly Russia. Something that more resembles the way the Iran deal was put together than what Trump idolizers think will happen. And Trump will need to keep Bolton in a box. (or perhaps present his head to Kim as a goodwill gesture) Something more like this How Trump Got Outplayed on North Korea By Lindsey Ford Ms. Ford, a former Defense Department official, served as senior adviser to the assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs. Thursday morning’s letter from President Trump to Kim Jong-un, apparently ending their nuclear negotiation bromance, should come as no surprise. But by once again catching American allies off guard and publicly antagonizing North Korea, the administration has further undermined its own leverage. Over the past year, the president has repeatedly underestimated the importance of making real trade-offs in diplomacy. These choices appear to be anathema to his “go big or go home” style of deal-making. The Trump administration has been eager to jettison the “weak,” “terrible” deals negotiated by previous presidents — including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Paris climate agreement, and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. With North Korea, he was seeking something bigger and better, “a very special moment for World Peace.” Instead, the United States may now walk away with nothing. While it’s true that deals like the Iran nuclear agreement had inherent shortcomings, they also effectively advanced America’s national security. In fact, their limitations reflect a hard-nosed assessment of the risk of the alternatives, the broader geostrategic interests in play and the constraints on America’s leverage. In diplomacy, every deal is an imperfect deal. The question is, how imperfect? And at what cost? Unless you can produce a better alternative, tossing out a less-than-perfect agreement that does advance some concrete goals is an exercise in peril. “Repeal” is almost always simpler than “replace.” There may still be time to avoid the all-or-nothing trap with North Korea. While it will not be easy to overcome the fallout of provoking a thin-skinned dictator, the United States might now have a chance to focus on a more credible strategy: a deal that constrains, even if it does not immediately eliminate, North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs without offering unacceptable concessions in return. Whether such a deal is possible depends on Mr. Trump’s ability to embrace the art of the imperfect deal. Developing a stronger negotiating strategy requires acknowledging the obvious: The United States has less leverage than it thinks in this negotiation. Over the last few months, the Trump administration has repeatedly insisted that near-term denuclearization is achievable. This assessment flies in the face of North Korea’s pointed recent statements and long history to the contrary, and it contradicts a new Pentagon report that suggests Mr. Kim views nuclear weapons as essential. No amount of wishful thinking, or even the possibility of reduced American sanctions, will change this reality. The Trump administration will also need to address the divisions among its partners in the region, where Mr. Trump’s inconsistency has weakened his hand in negotiations and allowed our Asian partners to more skillfully maneuver toward their own goals. President Moon Jae-in of South Korea has repeatedly leveraged the art of flattery with Mr. Trump to ensure that South Korea’s vision of a sweeping peace deal remained on the table. Mr. Moon is likely to keep pursuing some kind of diplomatic play with or without Mr. Trump’s involvement. China, which will never share in America’s urgency about denuclearization, continually dangled the prospect of deeper cooperation on North Korea to head off far more worrisome actions by the United States on trade policy — all while simultaneously shoring up relations with Pyongyang. President Xi Jinping may not want a war, or a nuclear-armed ally on his border, but he can live with most of the undesirable possibilities in between. And he has now gotten the United States to put the trade war “on hold,” at least for now. Not to be outdone, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has visited Mr. Trump several times to ensure that the United States does not cut a narrow deal that puts Japan’s security at risk. These divergent interests won’t be readily reconciled. Instead of ignoring these differences, the administration needs to find some common ground for a more unified negotiation. Otherwise, the other power centers in Asia may pursue side deals with North Korea that will be even worse for the United States. Finally, a more viable strategy requires a clearer analysis of how important North Korea really is to American interests, and what the United States is willing to put on the table. Is the top priority dealing with the threat of intercontinental ballistic missiles, or reducing North Korea’s nuclear stockpile? Where is the United States willing to accept calculated risks? The Trump administration must answer these questions to ensure that the United States doesn’t give up too much — like suddenly reducing its military presence in Asia or weakening its alliances. Continuing with Mr. Trump’s all-or-nothing tactics increases the risk of making strategic errors elsewhere. The longer the United States remains obsessed with North Korea, the less prepared it will be to address more important challenges, like China's escalating assertiveness in Taiwan and the South China Sea. And the United States could miss the chance to capitalize on opportunities as they arise, such as this month’s historic election in Malaysia — a stunning triumph of democracy over corruption that registered as little more than a blip on America’s radar. If the past six weeks of diplomatic speed-dating over North Korea have made one thing clear, it’s that all the other people at this dance have a clear strategy and are playing their limited hands to full effect. The Trump administration, meanwhile, has attitude, swagger, and now a breakup letter for the ages. What it doesn’t yet have is a viable strategy. Hopefully, Mr. Trump will seize this chance to find one. Lindsey Ford (@lindseywford) is the director of political-security affairs for the Asia Society Policy Institute in Washington. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/24/opinion/trump-kim-north-korea-summit-letter.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fopinion
  6. robjup

    Alianabodyrub nice time!!!!

    Yes Aliana is great very nice and so sexy with a great body
  7. Today
  8. Amber💋


    Hey luvs Im Amber... im laid back, drama free, experienced, and love having a good time. I love meeting new people and love pleasing a man. I have an incall location -in Davie- its both safe and private. I hope to meet you soon!! I promise you wont be dissapointed 😘💨💋 QV 120. - VIP/HR QV 90 HH 150 - VIP/HR HH 120 HR 275. - VIP/HR HR 220
  9. Heather Austin

    STD's and this hobby....

    Do you know what’s extremely ironic about your question? I like to play with guys both on here that only play safe, and I like to play out in the civilian world too, again safely. No matter how often I play in the civilian world or what part of the country, it’s a rare occurrence that whomever I’m playing with does NOT become utterly shocked and even appear putoff when I absolutely will not play without protection. So your question makes the assumption that it’s safer to be playing or fooling around in the civilian world than in here. That may be the case if you’re a habitual barebacker both in here and outside of here and maybe even an irresponsible drug user or drinker as well. These behaviors are also risky behaviors that invite unsafe activities and open you up to exposure to diseases you otherwise may not be exposed to. However, if you do your homework and choose your dates on here using the many resources available to you, there really isn’t any reason why your risk shouldn’t be REDUCED with the play here because you are playing with women you have MORE true to life knowledge about and not just some random woman’s lying ass “word” that she always protects herself so she doesn’t have to with you, or better yet she tells you that line that indy Guys tell ignorant escorts.... You’re the ONLY one theyre fucking! (Today... this minute... this week...) And finally, if it’s the Escort giving YOU the BBBJ, the risk is really hers not yours. The chances that you will catch something from someone who doesn’t appear to have something from a blowjob are minimal. If you’re stupid enough to allow someone with open mouth or face sores to come within 50 feet of any part of you, male or female, maybe it’s good if you take some time off? It would seem like a good idea to me anyway?😂 im done.
  10. fsudude

    STD's and this hobby....

    This one took more than some penicillin to clear up. 😂
  11. Wellington BBC

    ISO massage

    New(er) to this and would like too find a provider who's located in the Wellington area..
  12. moniqueeuropean


    786 540 8844 I will come to your home or hotel
  13. CleaseRob

    What's With All the Feet ??

    I always thought it was a drug related thing -- showing off that they don't stick needles in between their toes.
  14. Heather Austin

    Cheating Fetish

  15. 😗💋💦Issa Meal Not A Snack Baby👑 Super wet kitty
  16. FloridaMyst

    How long a newbie?

    How long do you think a provider should say they are new to the business? I have seen some on here use that line for many months, the worst offenders by far are the agencies. Is it like you are a rookie for the entire first year?
  17. UGH!! Don't get me started on the 1803 update! PITA
  18. ZallGood

    PP Vivi

    Vivi looks just like her pictures. When she answered the door, she was wearing the bunny ears that are in her pics. She commented about that and I was confused because I never noticed the bunny ears in the pics. I was too focused on everything below the neck and didn't even notice them. Vivi has a fantastic pair of breasts and an equally fantastic ass and when I look at her pictures that is what I see. They are advertised as DD but I am certain they are larger than that. She is a hygienic lady, asking me to rinse with mouthwash and wash my hands before we got started. I had showered right before the drive over and she didn't insist that I shower again. She likes to set the tempo of the meeting. I generally prefer to be in control, but I was tired anyway, so I just relaxed and let her lead the way. First there was some getting to know each other chit chat. Then she had me lay back on the bed and she climbed on top of me and began rubbing her enormous breasts against me, from between my legs, continuing up my stomach and chest, and finally dangling those massive mounds of pleasure in my face. They are very firm and she loves having them fondled and sucked. Then she worked her way back down between my legs, first stopping to grab a wet wipe and wipe of mini-Zallgood before she started a very good BBBJ, slow and sensuous, focusing on the head, then taking the whole thing in her mouth, occasionally glancing up at me as she sucked it like a lolly. I asked her to lay on her back , so I could see and play with her breasts some more and caress between her legs. She asked if I wanted to see her play with her vibrator and she brought out a small one. When she was leaning over to grab it off the nightstand, I got a good glimpse of her ass and I decided right then that I had to finish in that position. She lubed up her puss and then began rubbing the vibrator all around her clit and up and between her lips. She started getting off on it and I leaned down to suck her breasts and then moved up for kissing. She said she likes to kiss, but she was not into it so much with me. There was only light kissing and no DFK, although I thought I read another review where the guy said that she did. So maybe she wasn't into me so much and it's a YMMV sort of thing. I moved down for DATY while she diddled herself with the vibrator. She stopped with the vibrator while I continued with the DATY. She moaned a llittle and seemed to be enjoying it, but definitely didn't get the same response as the vibrator. I decided to suit up and enter her mish. She liked me going deep and I think she likes it hard. I wanted her in CG to have those breasts in my face again. Mongers need to exercise caution in this position as there is a risk of suffocation. She rode me really good and we were getting hot and sweaty. ViVi seems to really get off in CG, baking a few cookies during the ride. Condoms are a curse and a blessing. They really reduce the sensitivity, but they allow me to keep going for a really long time so I don't end too soon. I asked her to get FDAU so I could admire that ass. It really is beautiful, not too large and has a nice round shape and narrow waist to grab onto. A very firm ass. I just couldn't get enough of squeezing and feeling that ass while I pounded away. She baked some more cookies along the way, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay....This was definitely the most enjoyable position for me, and I rode it all the way to the end. There wasn't time left on the clock for me to go another round, but she is up for MSOG. No FIV or FIA. PM me if you have any questions. https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php?/topic/591530-tgif-must-see-wet-oh-so-wild-rockstars-hotties-ready-2-rock-ur-world/
  19. htd1

    Negotiate prices

    If there is any chance to get some chemistry between players, it would be ruined as soon the subject arise.
  20. Desiree Mcbride

    Negotiate prices

    Nothing wrong with trying to negotiate imo. I can always say NO..it's a cool thing about being an independent woman provider.. For overnights or travel, It is always usually a negotiation. There really shouldn't be a set price on time. I'm not a set of luggage. And tips are also appreciated for awesome service 🙂
  21. AVAILABLE NOW 954-278-2333 30min Vip :100 member:125 60 Min VIP:130 member:160
  22. Desiree Mcbride

    STD's and this hobby....

    Yes I would.. if not to "confront" to let them know they may have something and to get tested.. thats basic adult sexual etiquette in any situation
  23. Desiree Mcbride

    New review section for cheapos

    There is a section for the ladies to complain in called cheapos, weirdos and time wasters.. but I don't think that's what u are looking for. Interesting thread.. I think there is a provider out there for everyone but I do think there should be some restrictions on just posting reviews on anyone, or we will have another backpage fiasco.. I love my board! 🙂
  24. Yes, I’ve noticed that and I’m being pulled by both extremes as to respond or not, and in a nice or not way, or just to ignore it all. I think I’ve figured out the psychology of why they don’t hesitate. Part of me thinks you guys are so bored of talking to each other all day, that every new guy is a shiny new toy to fuck with. Hazing? I need to read through 100s of old threads to see what happens when you disappear, fight back or don’t fight back. In the meantime, I came here to find my next ATF, not write another post. Thanks for the GIF. Annoyed me to perfection as I was laughing my ass off about how good it was...or I was busy thinking about Mandy. Wow. She’s amazing. Yeah. Goodnight you devil.
  25. ready2fuck

    Fuck Finders

    woah im gone for almost a month lots of activity going on lol. some reviews always the bad ones first : https://seekingarrangement.com/member/cf29a4c7-dc02-491c-a30f-ca58ffa19809 talks very getto is all about transactional think she wants to scam guys so i more than gladly passed. https://seekingarrangement.com/member/c4eb7a11-e80a-4c60-9f28-d8ca1d84e350 cuban girl, super transactional quoted 300 for the night but horrable attitude. has anyone tried or experienced : https://seekingarrangement.com/member/3d7d168e-c621-4543-819e-8cdff5b8e976 im interested in her but she is asking for money up front https://seekingarrangement.com/member/bc2a9702-5c2b-4405-8293-95d0f9681b9b acts weird when i call and doesnt cordinate a time or date with me.
  26. LOL. why is everyone clueless. Guy wants rough sex he is just beating around the bush.
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