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  2. Should I also post the messages of you boasting how your ex husband is a cop and you are going to have him take everyone on Indi down ????
  3. I personally think you should. It lends to showing what a crazy person she really is.
  4. Please do us all a favor and go away.
  5. She is a lier. I don’t even know where this crazy lives so payaso.... Saludos desde Mi país jajajaja ...bye INDIBOARD.
  6. I own my home and live in a secure gated community but thanks for posting ideas for her LOL
  7. How’s that Russia thingy working out for you, freak? I miss your Trump kissing Putin signature. Why’d you change it?
  8. True. But having your home address outed is something you do not want. I have witnessed this happening on other unmoderated sites. Always turns out ugly.
  9. Yes officers investigating the board please look into her specifically especially since she recently committed fraud by suing an insurance company claiming to be damaged severely and unable to work !!!
  10. What she didn’t realize then is I really didn’t care. Many people know my full name and info and all my family know what I do so she can only make herself look worse
  11. Lmao 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 save my number 954-696-2060 read my reviews. Jejeje
  12. Be careful. She might out all your private info on this board now that we have no moderation here. Pick your battles carefully.
  13. He's not talking about "giving" people everything. Everyone would contribute towards the programs he's advocating for. Are people on Medicare simply "given " healthcare? No, they paid their taxes and are then enrolled into the program. Are school children "given" free schooling? No, its funded by taxes that everyone pays. What he's advocating is a level playing field that allows everyone to succeed. That doesn't exist today
  14. So at the end of the day, " you just can't fix stupid" However consider this, you legally can buy an AR15, then go out and kill a bunch of people, but can't have sex with a consent adult! Adult being the important word!! Let's hope the Indi site stays afloat
  15. Yeah, he can write a check and single handedly fund Medicare for all. Still waiting for that Republican healthcare plan..... trump promised lower prices, and promised to cover every person in the USA. Tick tock
  16. Let’s not forget this woman messaged people on my personal social media page trying to out me to them about me being an escort. Thank God they already knew A guy here has to disappear and go into hiding because of her obsession with him. Not to mention her lies about cervical neck surgery for sympathy and donations when in reality she was having her breasts and double chin cosmetic surgery SAVE OTHER LADY’S NUMBER BUT AVOID THIS ONE AT ALL COSTS !!!!! SHE SUFFERS FROM MENTAL ILLNESS THAT CAUSES HER TO ACT OUT AND IS A LIABILITY
  17. I guess that's why there were some girls over the years that chose to be active on the board, but never advertised and didn't give a discount.
  18. Not the moderator, the Admin. Neil was the Admin/owner of this site.
  19. Their is no doubt that at the least the BSO and possibly the feds have access to this site and are going through info.
  20. Very true! But it will be even more so now...
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