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  2. I don't know how to even attempt opening multiple messages but something has slowed down the action lately it seems. Perhaps ladies can no longer mass reply with a generic message is the cause.
  3. Was there an upcharge for the BF? I always latch the door when I go to a hotel incall...of course when the BF is hiding in the bathroom that can backfire too.. Sorry that happened...was in a similar situation not that long ago and its no fun
  4. So here's the deal with her... The OP is right and wrong at the same time... First, I have had many dates with her and they were all epic. She is an A+ GFE+ experience who is super fun....BUT...she has phone issues which are legit...so experiences like the OP had can occur, and they have for me, though no to the extent that they did for him. She stays at a clean, safe, but lower priced 1.5 star hotel and she uses their wifi on her phone. Their wifi sucks...Last time I went to see her (which was late night last week) I texted her when I was 5 min away and she told me to park and she'd text me in a few minutes when she was ready. I too waited 20 minutes...then all of a sudden I got 5 texts at the same time "OK ready... Room XXX" "Hello?" "Are you still here" "Call me" "What happened? Where are you?" When I went into the room, she showed me that she had sent them at different times over a 12 minute span. But I received them as a blast. We then tested a few out while we were standing side by side...some went thru and some didn't. I explained that she needs to turn her wifi off when using her phone for work and only use wifi when she is streaming data. I have had a few experiences with her when calls and texts were delayed...never as bad as the OP, but mildly annoying a few times (10-20 min or so)...but I deal with it because her dates are SO WORTH IT. What I would suggest is that you tell her that you read about her phone issues and that you will call her when you arrive and have her call, not text, you back...or have her call you at your scheduled appointment time. I don't blame the OP for being pissed...but he missed out on a helluva fun time
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  6. The .xxx is a sham site Stay away...nothing useful over there
  7. Yeah when it closes you won’t have to go home you just can’t stay here,,when it happens. Until wtf, Enjoy
  8. Eventually indi will go away. Once the server isn’t paid anymore but realistically we have no clue when that will even be. So stay till you can’t stay anymore but always be looking around for new avenues of finding ladies or save your ATFs number
  9. They're just trying to get you over to the dark side.... Enter at your own risk
  10. I have gotten several PMs from girls saying this site is closing go to indepent girls xxx ??? What gives ???
  11. Toftt. Very nice rub and real. Massage Nice lady on the flip left happy. Enjoy collusion.
  12. SA REPORT : apparently seeking has put a program in place that doesn't let you visit or open multiple messages if not it opens a cachapa to verify its you its insane and makes the process at least for me slow and very pain in the ass. anyone else has this problem now ? does anyone know how to solve it ? its very annoying and makes things very difficult...
  13. Found someone. Thanks for the replies.
  14. Eva Lovia, the girl with freckles, bush, talent and a killer bod! https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=%2bY4uQVWz&id=A009DA24F52C43BE85F6A993E07757A9F5DC77F4&thid=OIP.-Y4uQVWz-AfvVv8GdFYkfwHaLH&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fupload.wikimedia.org%2fwikipedia%2fcommons%2fthumb%2f5%2f51%2fEva_Lovia_Exxxotica_NJ_2014.jpg%2f1200px-Eva_Lovia_Exxxotica_NJ_2014.jpg&exph=1800&expw=1200&q=eva+lovia&simid=608002647426992749&selectedIndex=10&ajaxhist=0
  15. Let me know what you need girly! I will be happy to help! Xoxo!
  16. Any guys interested in this today. All focus on girl. I'll cover. Could be from list crawler or other sites as well. Preferably around coral springs area. Pm me if your down for it.
  17. Wow. How recent is that photo? You look great.
  18. Oh wow ....Honey Princess, surprised to hear this about you you dirty little s***. 😜😜😛
  19. Pretty amazing what they can do with an “inviable clump of tissue cells”, eh?
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