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  2. So at the end of the day, " you just can't fix stupid" However consider this, you legally can buy an AR15, then go out and kill a bunch of people, but can't have sex with a consent adult! Adult being the important word!! Let's hope the Indi site stays afloat
  3. Yeah, he can write a check and single handedly fund Medicare for all. Still waiting for that Republican healthcare plan..... trump promised lower prices, and promised to cover every person in the USA. Tick tock
  4. Let’s not forget this woman messaged people on my personal social media page trying to out me to them about me being an escort. Thank God they already knew A guy here has to disappear and go into hiding because of her obsession with him. Not to mention her lies about cervical neck surgery for sympathy and donations when in reality she was having her breasts and double chin cosmetic surgery SAVE OTHER LADY’S NUMBER BUT AVOID THIS ONE AT ALL COSTS !!!!! SHE SUFFERS FROM MENTAL ILLNESS THAT CAUSES HER TO ACT OUT AND IS A LIABILITY
  5. I guess that's why there were some girls over the years that chose to be active on the board, but never advertised and didn't give a discount.
  6. Not the moderator, the Admin. Neil was the Admin/owner of this site.
  7. Their is no doubt that at the least the BSO and possibly the feds have access to this site and are going through info.
  8. Very true! But it will be even more so now...
  9. Been there, done that. Lots of girls chimed in to him in the past regarding that. But like you said, that is moot. On other sites, some you have to pay for, others, no. As for Indy discounts, if we spend time with 10 VIP’s a month and our fee is 250/200, then that is 50 per vip or 500 a month, which is more than the biggest site charges. Actually, by more than double. So trust me, this was probably the most expensive site, lady wise, that we can belong to. But for me, I have met some wonderful friends which is priceless and why I enjoyed being here.
  10. Maybe a good perso, with morevtine than me, can put a list together of all the girls on one sheet.
  11. I actually like Bernie on a personal level. I don't think he is a bad person. I think he has proven to be pragmatic. I just strongly agree with him politically. Life is hard and cam be a struggle. I think you actually hurt people by giving them everything. I think what's great about this country is you get to make choices. You learn from the struggles and set the chance to improve. You don't become a chef without spending a couple of years washing dishes. Where the biggest help comes in is from individuals, not the Government. On a personal level, I don't let people know how I help. Sometimes the person I am helping doesn't even know I am helping. Yes, IMO, we should try to help people that are struggling. It should just be a choice not a demand.
  12. Actually might put it on her contact info thread as a “If you contact her, expect this” type thing!
  13. Don't you have to pay those other sites to advertise? You can look at the Indi discounts as paying to advertise here. If the girls would have preferred to pay Neil directly to advertised they should have gotten together and proposed it to him. But now it's all moot.
  14. It's been a shit show for years. Neil was more concerned with having as many members as possible it made it impossible for the Mods to do their job.
  15. You missed it, the G/T was last night. Always a day late and a dollar short.
  16. There is no way that many of these loons will ever accept no collusion or any degree of exoneration. They would sooner cut off a limb. TDS at its finest.
  17. I'm a newbie here, what's going on? ...We should have a farewell GT
  18. Ha ha ha!! I think I might....thanks for the wonderful idea!!
  19. Put it in BMG forum....that will annoy the her and she'll need friends to show her the post and can never comment.
  20. Are you sure this site is hosted off shore? Dr. P, with them raiding his home, I am sure he had a password list somewhere. Doesn’t take long to get a warrant either. They have been building this case since January. I think that is plenty of time to get what they need together and do what they needed to do. They were reporting from day 1 that he was the owner of this site, so they knew ahead of time. I would not be surprised if it was LEO accessing it.
  21. I think at this point they know that they cannot unseat him. What they are doing is marginalizing him and his supporters. They are doing everything they can to make people think Trump is unpopular here and abroad and put people in a position where they have to defend supporting him.
  22. Today
  23. I am very aware of the Admin account being active. I am also aware that posting words on an website isn't against the law. Believe it or not... there are no laws against words, yet. You, me, anyone, can write anything we like. If authorities want to investigate me for my words they will be wasting their time. I don't think authorities are into wasting their time. Let's use some common sense to think about this... This site is hosted offshore. In order to gain access authorities would need a warrant. Since the server is in another country the warrant would have to be honored by that country. Once that country's authorities have approved the US authorities to access the sever, they would need to figure out the Admin username & password. Do you think local authorities were about to accomplish this in 3 or 4 days? Come on... A trusted associate of Neil's is accessing the site for him. It's obvious.
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