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  1. I can understand why he didn’t knock on the door when you didn’t answer his call. Had that happen to me and I knocked. Said sorry, wrong apartment. She gave me the address to the one beside hers. So no, you don’t answer the phone for whatever reason, this boy is not knocking on a door.
  2. He gave the name use search function.
  3. What were you thinking? Thanks!
  4. A bit more information may be nice on the HR board.
  5. She wasn’t first in the hobby. Busted my cherry well.
  6. I don’t care what they do with the deposit as long as it’s CIM. Their choice.
  7. I don’t care who the provider is, no phone in any aspect when I am with them. If I am traveling with them, I given time to deal with biz. Other than that, I am paying the bill and it’s about me. Put it away.
  8. Yep...one of the best around.
  9. Met with the Goddess last week and had a wonderful time. She listens to what you are about and proceeds to make you happy. Much prettier than her pictures and well worth the roses. She stays pretty UTR, so if you have the chance, check her out. Most definitely will repeat.
  10. 4 hour run around? Really? After 30 minutes, next. Too many nice ladies out there that deserve our attention.

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