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  1. Wilson must have said something else assinine cuz saw his mug too. Ducky quacks aboot my week-long obsession on Twitter in the summer of 2016 and knowing all aboot the Collusion Delusion. Everyone in the MSM dropped hints. Whereas Wilson was quoting verbatim from The Steele Dossier. But as quacked before it was really the Blumenthal/Shearer Dossier and Steele was hired for his resume. The Blumenthal/Shearer Dossier was out and Tweeting large segments 24/7. Wilson is the prototypical RIMO (Republican in Media Only). He totally loves all the socialists and if u don't support socialism he'll chastize u for not being a real conservative. The other 29 RIMOs in the country whose entire constituency are themselves and fellow MSMers will all proclaim the brownnosing idiocy is brilliance.
  2. CNN and nutcase is redundant. Ducky had on Tucker but on mute. Was it a bald dude named Rick Wilson?
  3. ducky quacked somewhere in this thread. There are lots of lawyers in this country. Match that up with there are many of these lefty organizations who believe they have absolute power. Colleges, for example, have YUGE endowments and was found out Oberlin has $1 billion. Lots of lawsuits are there for the taking.
  4. a few months ago there was one of the big white supremacist leaders who did an interview. Think his name is Richard Spencer. That interview was broken down on Instapundit and it was VERY INTERESTING how Spencer sounded so much more like Obama and AOC than anyone on the right.
  5. wouldn't your subject imply there is an antisemitic wing and a non-antisemitic wing? Notice all the big institutions which run the D party - the MSM and heads of social media despise Israel. That means there is only ONE wing and they are united in hating Israel.
  6. no one really noticed duckyz Australian election thread from around a month ago. The left was expected to win, but they lost. A day after the election, on Youtube there were a bunch of Aussie election broadcasts. The hilarious thing was how the 2019 Aussie election coverage was exactly the same as the 2016 MSM coverage in the US. The first few hours they were so smug and in a great mood knowing their preferred leftists would be swept into power. As they got deeper in the night and actual votes came in their mood turned into concern and then panic. Just like with the MSM here, there were Aussie anchors crying at the end of the night.
  7. $22, $33 or $7 million. Odds are the college will have to pay something substantial. Just like the MSM is gonna have to pay a good amount to Nick Sandmann. Many of those companies are hemorrhaging $$$ as it is. Likewise, now female athletes are suing for school systems allowing trans males to complete in female athletic competitions and of course dominating. The uniting thread for all three are the woke dopes who think cuz they have all the big institutions pushing their crap they can steamroll anyone who gets in their way.
  8. actually, Obama preceded all of the AOC crap. This is what the Iran Deal was aboot. And the Collusion Delusion wasn't really aboot Russia. It was aboot Trump and his associates supporting Israel. Ducky haz quacked A LOT aboot, Alan Dershowitz noticing this in the D party before the 2012 election. Then at that the D convention when someone mentioned they supported Israel the entire freaking arena was universally booing and jeering. If u wanna know how insane the woke left is, here is a perfect example. Gabby Gifford's husband is astronaut turned politician Mark Kelly. A few months ago he praised Winston Churchill. Then the "anti-fascist" left went after Kelly's throat shaming Kelly. Kelly being a coward quickly changed course and trashed Churchill. Yes the guy who helped defeat Nazi's the left labels as a Nazi.
  9. in 2016 for the newspapers who gave endorsements it was something like 98% for Hillary and 2% for Trump.
  10. students were rewarded by Oberlin by participating in the protests:
  11. heard a few days ago and not sure if it is still the case. Social media platforms tag political ads with a specific category which restricts their reach. They were doing this for every D running except 1 - Beta O'Dork who could run his advertising much more freely. If this is still the case that tells us who social media wants. Social media runs the MSM and the MSM runs the D party. And like lemmings, D voters do exactly what the MSM and social tell them to do.
  12. ducky can remember my thinking 4 years ago. Didn't think Trump would go anywhere. Yet knew there was no way Jeb! would be the nominee. Already quacked Biden feels A LOT like Jeb! with the "his turn guy." The "his turn guy" became the nominee in the past. Think that's less likely now. But in any event, "his turn guy" never wins the Presidency.

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