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  1. nyet, water iz evil. No showerz or bathz for this sexay water fowl since 1979. That garbage won't touch any of my beautiful luscious fungus, algae, lint, oil, nuclear waste and bacteria laden featherz!!!
  2. duckyz sad goldy never called ducky a dirty little rat or waterfowl. Still, haven't showered or bathed since 1979. In a qurazy contest, ducky will trounce Shamu every time.
  3. az quacked before the left have 4 PR agencies that write the MSM's talking points. Two of the top talking points are the MSM did an awesome job and Nixon was impeached. Here's an example of the bs that the MSM did a great job by Deacon Stelter: Here's an example of the bs Nixon impeachment talking point being spread today by lefty dopes:
  4. "she" identifies as a girl - BIGOT!!!
  5. duckyz secret layer thatz totally not inside Mount Trashmore?
  6. they are listing my harem of chinchillas az providers so ducky doesn't care. The new Admin iz totally awesome.
  7. btw the last 2 times ducky quoted someone it is showing weird. Just put in a bug report so Admin can fix it.
  8. still, remember the hilarious irony. CPL was Tweeting aboot Don Jr being thrown in jail and less than an hour later CPL was indicted for his Nike scam.
  9. what ducky finds most hilarious aboot the "obstruction" allegations is at least a few of them are cuz Trump turned over stuff he didn't need to turn over. Namely his conversations with the White House lawyer which would fall under Executive Privilege. Yet Mueller makes a big deal aboot stuff Trump talked aboot but never did. Mueller would never have gotten that info if Trump was obstructing. Which proves how much Mueller and his team were out to get Trump yet all they can accuse him of is ticky tack bs.
  10. all yuze humanoidz think small. Find the location of the server and an "accidental fire" starts incinerating the server. Ditto backup servers. Wire ducky $175 million and stuff will happen.
  11. no more fart rooms. Now itz a fart universe!!!
  12. ducky turned on the tv saw 5 seconds and then turned the channel. In that time all the hacks are sitting around the table. Someone says "everything in the report is what we reported months ago.."

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