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  1. MagnumMan

    Mandy Candy

    Thanks for the review....Good thing you put the link for Mandy Rouge because there already is a provider here named Mandy Candy
  2. MagnumMan

    Naughty Cruises...out of Boca

    Certainly PM the Mod is a good suggestion however based on prior events I would doubt you can promote any event here that is not Indi certified JMO
  3. MagnumMan

    Paging 2Cups -

    It is really nice to see everyone's comments here. It is too bad that most of us don't tell those we care about or are close to how we honestly feel before it is too late. Thank you Neil for letting everyone know. There are probably others over the years that people may or may not have wondered about. I can see that a few people such as the Moderator were knowledgeable as to 2Cups cancer issues. I was not one of them. Mod I am glad you got to have that conversation with him before his leaving to Israel. I envy that you got that chance. 2cups and I were friendly for a long time either through the board or talking at GT's. Unfortunately that changed somewhat later. Until it was mentioned earlier about his first name I forgot the lengthy conversation he and I had regarding his name and my dad were both "Ira". Not a popular name...but it was a great thing for us to discuss. Sure I kidded him like many people however I have never seen anybody make people laugh at his own expense because he wanted to. He was such a good natured man with a big heart and as Ally mentioned nobody was as good at keeping an eye (yep I too could not help it) on indi and being as helpful as possible. Not just posting links but also giving advice. As Jay mentioned...he could be a pain in the ass...but he was a good pain in the ass and the board will never be quite the same without him. I am very happy he was able to make it back to Israel and family as he wanted.
  4. MagnumMan

    Review On A Very Off Day...

    and this is where I to the ladies.....all of the ladies. there is no frigin way I could do the above list of women for money...well....unless we are talking enough money for me to buy and do whatever the hell I want I really don't know how some of them do it...make us feel like kings and or like we are their boyfriend. When they can pull this off without it being obvious that they are acting then that is a 5 star lady. Again....I could not do it so congrats to you ladies.
  5. MagnumMan

    Automotive Purchase

    and you didn't feel an accident is going to happen every minute while riding your bike with no protection? My brother owned one for years; I always feared riding on it. Good luck with the car. When the trani went in my car earlier this year I went and bought a pre-certified still under warranty Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. I am loving it and the gas mileage. Again...good luck and I hope your healing goes quickly
  6. MagnumMan

    Review On A Very Off Day...

    Well to the OP thanks for at least stating who. No name does no good at all to anybody. Now if Chef Layla wants to offer her thoughts she has a forum to do it and we can all sit back and listen oh...edited to add tell those 2 guys that told you they had similar experiences THANKS for sharing the information with us
  7. MagnumMan

    Review On A Very Off Day...

    Hey thanks JustSmiling for the review. Oh, I deleted all the content because without a name this is a useless post and waste of our time
  8. MagnumMan

    VIP issue

    First off I can promise you that being an HR gives you nothing more than being a VIP...so forget that theory Second, why would you go through this shit every single month? I promise that if you pay month to month there will be times that there is a delay which ultimately only hurts you...so pony up and buy a yearly or lifetime membership and end this waiting every month for somebody to change you back to ViP.
  9. I thought members only get 3 posts per day? Why is this tool still able to post ?
  10. MagnumMan

    Happy Birthday CIT

    I certainly hope not.......
  11. MagnumMan

    Breathtaking Angel: Truncated Date

    so here is my problem Brancusi. You certainly were entitled to write your review. I don't agree with you not explaining about the mouth bleeding of Angel rather than everyone wondering the worst. I also see where Angel explains that she saw HER blood on YOUR dick while giving you head and she stopped everything right there and explained to you what happened. Then you go on to say "When I learn that I am ingesting a provider's blood"....not sure where this comment comes from since it seems Angel is the one who noticed and brought it to your attention as opposed to the other way around. Again..things happen. Personally I would have not written the review, rescheduled for another time and then written a review. All this review did was state: 1. You think Angel's pictures are deceiving and you were unhappy when you opened the door (you are certainly entitled to your opinion however I don't agree) 2. She had an oral mouth problem (oh...but not STD related) like WTF? I have brushed my teeth too hard and had my gums bleed. 3. You left a reduced donation. Not sure again why you wrote this review other than the fact you don't plan on a repeat date and figured you would get your feelings out here. Edited to add I am not white knighting Angel because I have never met her or spoken to her to even messaged her. Just basing this on the posts in this thread.
  12. MagnumMan

    Happy Birthday CIT

    Happy Birthday to an indi Legend that many members here do not know but had more reviews written than any single provider eva https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/profile/15509-citoski/
  13. MagnumMan

    Breathtaking Angel: Truncated Date

    Everything that you wrote in your review is fine and up to you since it was from your point of view. I don't know Angel but I must admit from the picture she posted here I would not have been disappointed and don't think she is anywhere near thick; but that is just my opinion. The only thing I think you did wrong is to not try to explain the problem instead of having everyone wondering the worst. It certainly is a plausible explanation and I can't understand why you could not state that instead of saying " It's not an STD"...I mean come on man. Hell I remember once getting ready for a date and while shaving my balls in the shower I slipped and cut myself and had to cancel the date. I was not happy....I was honest in explaining it.....after she stopped laughing she said she was sorry and we rescheduled. Shit happens...life happens
  14. MagnumMan

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