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  1. This review is NOT Hype, exaggerated nor over-the-top. Shamira is a legend in the making. Her massage is professional, exotic and therapeutic. She covers all the basis: clean smooth atmosphere with calming chilled music and a bronze body that makes you feel warm all over. Believe me "She knows things" that very few individuals can provide. Get your references in order and check her out @shamira. Goodtyme
  2. They said that 20 years ago--Malls will Adapt.
  3. Thank you for informing us all--It's always best to know the details and how companies hide/avoid/manipulate the language.
  4. Is this the same Pricilla formerly of SSE? (So-sexy escorts or something like that)
  5. FAIR ENUFF! Straight Up...For Real ...Review I'll pay your VIP fees if your next reviews R that good!!!
  6. Tue, Wed, Thur afternoon between June-Aug 15...Yes/sometimes...Depends. Your Welcome!
  7. By the way--she also goes by the name of JASMINE. But do yourself a favor and go see SHAMIRA--She is top Notch ALL THE WAY!!!
  8. Thanks Dude--I needed a back adjustment and just called her. Any environment that is NOT clean, uplifting and safe is a deal breaker!!!
  9. goodtyme

    ESM Elisa

    Thanks--very well balanced and objective.
  10. Throw in some EAGLES, & EARTH, WND, FIRE--It's all OVER!!!
  11. As a "Senior" Board Member, I can say it was the BEST, "athletic" massage I have ever experienced. The atmosphere was clean, soothing and fresh. The session consisted of techniques, motions and zen/mystique pressure points that exceed the professional level. Don't wait--just go ahead and make the appointment. Goodtyme
  12. Mr. Hammer-- With all due respect. you're in America. Race does not Matter. Until it does--which for some people, they don't have a choice because in the USA race is too often determined by perception (real or perceived). The U.S.A., is indeed a great country, but we're still too early, too young, to deal with our past ills (late teens at best compared to other historical countries). At one point in time you were considered black by the color test: If you put your face next to a grocery-store bag:...and your skin is darker, then "You ARE BLACK." Sad but true!!! Maybe consider a name change to "PIT BULL" or better yet--just move on and say "And still I rise!!!" and treat people right
  13. Wow--Written reviews on the client. I'd welcome one: But not in this context

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