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  1. I had a dream about her that I saw her when she was w/ BE. I got LFK, maybe a little DFK. I asked her to shower before and she didn't and said she's clean. Well I went to DATY and she wasn't shaved and there was some odor, so I skipped that and tried to make the most of it trying to finish in MISH. But just couldn't. There definitely was no connection.
  2. Any info? http://www.adorablexxx.com/kelsey42/ PM Me.
  3. Any info? Please PM me.
  4. Anyone have her contact info? she's restricted, so cant send her a pm.
  5. Any info? PM me. http://www.adorablexxx.com/leela65/
  6. Was she with BSE before and then went to Angels?
  7. I dreamed I saw her too. Yep CBJ. Wasn't shaved nor shower fresh as I asked. And there was some odor too. Still I tried to go mish and cg and finish but couldn't. I didn't contact the agency and I'm sure they told her to shower but she didn't. Even when I asked her she said she was clean. So I went to shower and came back, thats when I realized I couldnt DATY. But she's very pretty, lfk, dfk and very tight.
  8. LFK, DFK? Braces? Any stretch marks? C-Section scar, etc?
  9. She's Colombian and is advertised as Brazilian? WTF?
  10. Is there any LFK, DFK? BBBJ?
  11. Was she with Angeles and Harem before? What was her name before?
  12. Get a Toyota, the Camry is one of the most reliable cars. Or even a Lexus. German cars require more maintenance and the maintenance is more than a Toyota. The dealer is a big rip off, they will just overcharge you, this may have to do with the current economy and or due to their high overhead. You need to change your oil every 5k, you can DIY or go somewhere cheaper. BMW and Mercedes are good, but expensive to maintain. You need to change oil every 5k regardless of what they say. Air filter ever 30k (usually easy to do), trans fluid/diff fluid ever 30k, spark plugs (30k- or 45k or 60k or 120k depends) Those are the basics all cars need and you can stay away from the dealer for a long time. Get tires from Tire rack and ship it to their certified installer. cheaper. Generally speaking BMW, Mercedes, are more reliable better built. Porsche is a diff level, but stay away from VW and Audi. Stay the hell away from Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, english cars, etc. They seem to have more issues than a lot of BMW, Mercedes. Cant comment on the Fiat. But I would stay away from it.
  13. Any info? http://www.adorablexxx.com/anabel20/
  14. Anyone see her? https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/superprofile/escort-agency/girl/188-sophia/

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