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  1. Had fun now I’m heading home for a special dinner date with me cooking !!!
  2. I will be hosting in Miami today please book ASAP to assure availability. Jacuzzi room 2 hour special available!
  3. The Steve Berger list ?
  4. You will love it ! Most guys says it’s the most intense orgasm they ever had
  5. The tablecloth is from Walmart the table is Rooms 2 Go lol
  6. That one hits the spot better and has 2 motors vibrating in both ends instead of the one IT MAKES AN AMAZING ORGASM
  7. Yet you read the title and still opened the post to respond. (It can be our little secret)
  8. Kudos to you ! It takes a real man to own up to their shit and not only apologize but make it a public apology. I wish you the best of luck on your road to recovery.
  9. I offer phone/text talk with sexy pics for a small fee via apple pay, cashapp, or amazon gift card
  10. Just curious how many of you are into a good P-spot massage? Well if you are or like a nice finger in the ass I have some amazing toys I can reccomend.
  11. I think people can defend themselves and if you k ew about that fetish world you would know she has to have a certain persona for that fetish. Those men like to be mistreated and humiliated not spoken nice to so her persona is fitting for what she is offering which was why like I said if you aren’t into it then simply don’t respond to her. She is looking for paypigs not Pnuts. LOL JK If you would like to call me I can explain more to help you understand
  12. You seem to really be taking this so personal , you said how you felt and ok we get it you think it’s stupid but I don’t get why it’s getting to you so bad ???

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