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  1. 871C2F40-12C4-40B3-906A-882E88ED9A6F.MP4.20927730703cc196c474ef5affc6353d.MP4
  2. It was a pleasure xoxo 353D8716-B15A-4775-A482-8476B845AEC4.MP4
  3. Arrests show it was Hollywood PD and it wasn’t in the news.
  4. I will be available this weekend for limited availability or any day during the week Yes my love you tell em LOL You can’t be first but you can be next 😉
  5. PRIME EXAMPLE of being more careful. Wednesday numerous independent escorts were busted in Broward county for Prostitution PLEASE GUYS AND GIRLS BE MORE CAREFUL, ladies be sure to screen and guys see reputable ladies only!
  6. Thanks for the compliment baby I appreciate any of my loves writing even a small note/review to show their admiration and appreciation.
  7. Thank you for the sweet post babe and as always it was a pleasure. xoxo
  8. Using a vibrator too often can cause you to lose sensitivity. No better feeling than cumming all over a guys dick! For guys jerking off too often also leads to loss of sensitivity and will make it harder to cum
  9. I will be available for bookings with Alethia next week Wednesday and Thursday (after 8am) but you must book in advance. PM me to set something up
  10. The power I possess in one little finger
  11. We are playing together this week and next week !

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