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  1. Kristin is amazing girl a total pleaser and a great addition to PP. Glad u enjoyed her. danny
  2. Glad you were able to enjoy this young sexy wild Hottie. What a treat she is. Crossing Fingers i can keep her around as this girl is a total Keeper. WoW. Thanks for the review. Danny
  3. Hi Yes we do not have a Kim. Maybe the topic can be fixed. Sorry for your experience even though it wasn't one of our own. Danny
  4. So that everyone knows. This girl is for clients with a 100% clean record here. Any past incidents with us will get u a deny on a chance to see the special young lady. For a very few who have earned it in past couple years. Not for new clients either. Rememeber clean record with no incidents. Dnt get mad at me when i tell u shes not for you. Im taking care of this one and treating those that have earned it. Also this girl is for those that r serious about seeing her. Not for those that have been texting for months and years for pictures and never book. Just saying
  5. Surprise Girl is the Name! Trust Me. LoL Danny
  6. Great Fantasy you had there. I tell you the dreams with this girl just keep getting better and better. Thanks for a great review! Danny
  7. You go boy! Glad you were able to jump on this cutie the 1 st day! She is unreal what a sexy shy hot spinner! Enjoy guys. Thnx for the review amazing! Making Dreams Reality! DannyBoy!
  8. dfkpassion i applaud you and if only there were more like you out there that had the right mind set and common sense. All i ask is that you guys give me a chance to make things right and then if you wish to write your review go ahead but atleast at the end of your review you can add how things were handled and what the solution was. This is the way i see things and i really wish alot of you would to. We all want to have a good time we all like to be happy we all want positive vibes and we all want hot fun new providers/girls. Like dfkpassion said it does no1 any good coming into this site to bash girls or agencies or colleagues. Its been 17yrs ive been here with you guys. For those that know me know i go above n beyond to make sure everyone is happy, the client and the girl. If i were a new agency trying to do rip n dips, bait n switch and all i'm after is the money then i get reviews like this but cmon guys, you call me all the time. you have great dates most wont write a review especially if you had a good time untill 1 day u have a bad date and run to the computer all pissed without thinking or breathing or calling me your therapist to calm you down. LoL But you get what im saying right, i'm not here to run off with your money, nor am i trying to have girls work for me that are going to treat you guys bad. I'm quick to let girls go that are not up to par. I wish i could be batting 100 with you guys and that none of you would never have a bad date with one of my girls but thats impossible. As much as we try to avoid it we all know the risk with this business and thats one of them that sometimes the girl wont be as great as the last reviewer says. Its a gift kinda like this last girl i had Ingrid who batted 100 all the way through since day 1 to day 7. But thats so rare to find. Again i'm one of the good guys, im here for you guys and for the girls. Lets make this a happier better place and you will see how everything will start going better in your life. Anyways let me not write to much for those of you that think itll be verbal diarrhea. Lmao Guys shoot me a text when there is an issue, i'm very understanding and give me a chance to fix things. Always striving for the best. Danny
  9. Send me a text when you can. Not sure why Mila gave you this kinda date. Not like her. I did see around 150pm when i walked in the room she was on the phone talking about something important to family and wasnt ready. i told her it was almost 2 pm and she needed to get ready and as i was leaving room she was getting in shower. So no she wasn't on another call before you got there. and i asked you to go a few mins later because i figured she would be ready with the time given. Again i was in the middle of a shift change with Alex. So not sure if you texted alex and talk to him. Sometimes for some reason things can go YMMV. By the language used on your review i can tell where maybe things didnt go great. Again shes a total sweet heart and im sure there are guys out there that can vouch for her who have seen her. Send me a text and hopefully we can resolve as i dont like to see you guys leave with a sour taste or dissapointed. But in the future u are more then welcome to call me or text me about the date so we can resolve the issue before getting on here and slamming the girl with your DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME FELLAS. Once again i bring quality girls and i'm the 1st one to let a girl go if the performance attitude or gfe is not there. There are alway 2 sides to the story so i will see what she says because you guys usually don't even wanna leave the room with her. Shoot where is the guy that kepted her 3 hours the nite before LoL. Anyways hit me back up. Kinda find this review a little unfair. Danny
  10. SMH. Whenever u can get a spot to put ur 2 cents huh. This grl has been reviewed and guys have given me great feedback. Its a shame, maybe you should send me a text and maybe i can tell you why you have had lackluster dates.
  11. Awesome Review Glad you enjoyed. Wish i could keep her here longer. I'm trying my best. Hope the rest of you fellas get a chance. The girl is amazing Hot incredible. WoW. What a blessing. Danny
  12. 9months ago lol and now she shows back up. Hmmmm LoL
  13. Thats one wild Brazilian. Glad you enjoyed her. Shes such a Pleaser. Also thank you for the nice review. Danny
  14. Please Be Careful as we do not know who these people are. Sorry Danny
  15. Everyone, clients and escorts beware of this number. They are Texting Random independents saying they are April from platinum pleasures and needed a girl for 2-4 for hours for an outcall in a 4 star hotel. This is Not me in any way and warn you to be very careful. Lately alot of weird numbers are trying to get our indepdent girls on this site to go out on outcalls so please be very careful out there and if its not my number texting you then please do not reply and i would never never ask any of you girls to do an outcall for us. WE DO NOT DO OUTCALLS!! If you have any other info concerning this number please text me to one of my numbers or PM me. Danny

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