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  1. You'll refrain because there are no threats there. But it does mention how girls have begged me that they never want to see you again. I'm sure that's the reason you won't post it.
  2. 🤣🤣 I just wanted to give you a shout out. Your posts have always been so entertaining. And I wanted to say thank you for taking all of those hours of your precious time over the years to write sooooo many posts about me. It's really quite flattering how you have dedicated so much time to me... Lol. 😁😁😁
  3. 1: If a guy shows up late, then that will affect the next appointment and make them wait. And yes I leave a window of time between appointments but obviously it can't be too great of a window or the girls would make less money and that's what work for. 2: if a girl shows up late, then obviously that's also a reason for a wait. Many many girls will say an arrival time and dont make it there on time and yes I leave. Window of time from when they are supposed to arrive, but many times they arrive much later than that. 3: guys that take 15-20 extra minutes just to leave after their hour is done. If they arrived 10 minutes late, that's already an extra 25-30 wait time. There have been guys that tell the girls not to answer the phone for me.. There are guys that jump in the shower 5 minutes after time is up and then take 15 minutes to get out. And there are many other things that can cause someone to have to wait. Girl phone died. Didn't tell me in advance and ran out of towels and needs more brought.. Didnt tell me in advance and ran out of party favors and needs some brought... There are many variables to consider. I do the best I can with time. And as far as making people park in specific parking spots is to make it easier to find the apartment. Because a guy wandering around for 20 minutes looking for the correct building will most likely cause the next guy to have to wait and of course, I will be blamed for it. And yes. I can be rude. But I'm rude to those I feel deserve it. If you are constantly posting negative things about me, chances are you are upset about being blacklisted. And people get blacklisted for legitimate reasons. Not because I just felt like it.
  4. There is alot about this business that you may think you know. But there is much you don't.. I'm an asshole to assholes. No one has ever noticed that I have girls that will not work for a week? I don't let the girls come when they are on monthly. If I did, then they would be available every week always. And another thing is that blood can't come from an irritation? Someone being excessively rough? It has to be from period? Hmm. Ok. The pictures of the girls are accurate. This thread is a perfect example of this. Francis picture is accurate as you can clearly see for your self.. and yet someone here said she looks nothing like the pics.. Where does the overbooking comment even come from? I don't even see a complaint about that. You say that you think that everyone understands that ymmv, but the truth is that very few people seem to understand that. If they did, so many girls wouldnt get slammed with bad reviews all the time. A bad review is something done out of spite. Many people may say it's to help the community, but let's be honest.. It's a story as old as time. The whole world knows that bad news travels faster than good news. And it's never been because of people's desire to look out for one another. If I wasn't interested in finding girls that my clients will like, than I would hire all kinds of girls and there would be non stop complaints everyday. Believe it or not, I like making people happy. And most of the times I do. I get lots of "thanks she was great texts" after appointments.. And that makes me happy. There will always be haters. There is nothing I can do about that.
  5. Threats and retribution? Who do I threaten? I'm a straight up type of guy. I'm a New Englander and have no filter. But I've never threatened anyone.
  6. Really tired of the accusations of false or old pics that is a selfie from inside of her room.. Anyone that saw her in the past 2 days knows that is true. As far as bad experience is concerned, there is always more to a story than is told on here. That's the way its been since the beginning. When a girl gets complaints that she is not Gfe, I let her go. I've done it a million times in the past and yet get slammed for a girl not being GFE, like as if an agency has any actual control over how a girl will react in a specific situation. I can't label a girl as Non Gfe from 1 experience. But if I get 2 or 3 compliants that sound all the same, that's when I let the girl go. I am not like other agencies that hire every girl I meet. I give them a run down of how things are and see if they are ok with it. Alot of girls that want to work in this are not ok with GFE service. But I make it clear from the beginning and if I believe they are not comfortable with it, I won't hire them. It's really the best that I can do. We are dealing with woman here. If there is a man out there that COMPLETELY understands them, please let me know.
  7. We are fortunate enough to be able to serve the OP on a regular basis. He's a great guy. Some of our best guests get to see what's available before others do. This happens to be one of those cases. Emma will be coming back next week. But yes, she officially started the day before yesterday.
  8. I've been in this biz for a very long time. Even since before the indiboard existed. There are people that may not like me or the way I do things. And there are people that are just haters. But I do what's necessary to make sure the girls and guys are always safe and have a greater likelihood of having a good time.. And it's worked for me for 17 years.. This is not a regular business. We don't run restaurants or convenience stores or jewelry stores. We should not be compared to regular businesses.. This is a very dangerous business. And the people that do this undergo serious risks every day. It's easy to not realize this.. All of what has to be done in order to make this work right is much more than most can imagine. It's the reason that I've seen many agencies come and go over the years.. If it was all sunshines, then everyone would do this. But it's not... I'm not one to write responses, but Im so appreciative of everyone that chimed in and said something positive and also I appreciate Danny for taking time out from his busy day to write his response. Danny happens to be a good friend since I first started in this many many years ago and he can truly understand the hardships of this business.... I can't even remember the last time I posted something other than an ad. The reason for that is just because of what usually happens in all forums regardless of what is being discussed. Sometimes people interpret something written differently than intended or sometimes there are people that just want to bash someone for personal reasons or maybe just for the hell of it.. So writing a response ends up fanning the flame.This business is much more complicated than most realize. There are so many variables in many different aspects of the biz that are never considered. One aspect is the actual experience between a girl and a guy.. There are so many variables involved in each experience that can affect the overall outcome. This biz is very different from any other type of business. In most businesses an experienced, customer service oriented individual can carry themselves in a professional manner in most situations. But that's because of the ability to suppress an emotional reaction and respond to a situation in a manner that would reflect positively towards their own professional image and the image of the business for which they work for. But in the most part that doesn't work in this business. First reason being is that this is much more intimate and personal than any other business. When a girl suppresses emotions in order to get past a situation that she's not comfortable with, the experience relies on her ability to act and convince the guy that she's having a good time which in turn makes most people happy. That is not something easily done. Most girls have a hard time hiding what they feel. It becomes obvious in their facial expressions and body language. And that can immediately give any experience a downward spiral. And there are many reasons a girl can be uncomfortable in a situation. One example is where hygiene is the issue. I've heard of many girls complain about odors that would make anyone cringe. Sometimes guys don't notice they have and the girls are too uncomfortable to mention it so it ends up ruining the entire date. Sometimes the girls mention it and the guys don't want to do anything about it. Sometimes just mentioning it makes the date go bad. Sometimes even if the person tries to address it doesn't actually help.. Maybe because physically it's more than can be really addressed at that moment or possibly because the girl is already turned off by the situation. There are many many other things that make for a bad experience.. A guys attitude from the moment he walks in the door is a factor. Whether intentional or not, it can be interpreted by a girl as rude or disrespectful and from there things can go downhill. Health issues can be a problem. People sometimes seem to forget that this carries risks. And some people have visible conditions that would make anyone uncomfortable. And there are SOOO many more things that can happen that can ruin an experience. I'm not saying that only guys are at fault.. Not at all..there are many things a girl can do to ruin it also.. I just think that most guys don't consider that these types of situations occur and I'm trying to help people understand that not all experiences can be the same. Of course I want all experiences to be great. I try to only hire girls who I believe have the ability to really enjoy what they are doing.. And I do the best I can to make sure everyone is happy. We list all of our girls as GFE because we only hire girls that have that ability to actually have fun and enjoy themselves and not be fully focused on the business end of it. They are posted GFE because we have gotten that feedback from guys that have had an experience with the girl. We use those experiences to determine if a girl can be a labeled GFE. But like I mentioned already, even though we try, not all experiences can be the same. Some girls who are new to the business can be a little shy or soft spoken at first then they become more comfortable. And sometimes girls don't work out. Regardless I try my best to make sure everyone is happy. But there are many things we can't control. It's hard to imagine how complicated this business really is, but remember that we are all just regular people doing our best to do something that most wouldn't.

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