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  1. Navy Boy; I am with you . The Real Jessica . My lawd she was amazing . Bring her back please .
  2. This is an amazing group of folks! Thank you for your input, responses, suggestions and PM. You have offered many roads and directions to turn; couple with my individual research. Be well, be safe.
  3. Greetings Indi: This board has always been instrumental in giving health related advice and resources. So hope you can assist or point me in the right direction. So I just did my annual physical and my bad cholesterol levels are 176. I am, 48 yrs, 5'10 and 172lbs. So it is not like I am fat or have a gut or anything. I have had this issues for years, no matter if I eat leaves from a tree/bush/grass or red meat. The doctor said that it was passed on to me, what a gift. So he wants me to go on meds for the Cholesterol- Lipitor he mentioned, as a matter of fact he mentioned meds to me about two years ago. I don't want to go on meds! But he keeps pushing it; like he gets a cut back or something. which I don't believe, he is a real nice guy and is just practicing medicine. what I need from you is some natural foods suggestions or ideas that I can eat/use to bring these number down. I don't want to get a heart attack- as the doc said could happen. Please give me what have worked for you or someone you know. I am pretty sure more sex will be on that list. :-)) . Thanks group.
  4. 2cups, thanks for doing the research and posting a link . Pittman, you went down the entire list or close to. We learn more by watching the news . This is why I love this forum . You can live in real or fantasy . Long live Indi.
  5. Ok, I know, I know. Erika Delgado is very much out of reach unless I had Oprah or Trump money. But I have to say, not only are the South Florida weather females beautiful. But, Erika Delgado is naturally [ so it seems] sexy as hell! She has that pretty face, slight overbite and [the] I like to play all night with my husband look. Did you see that red dress she had on tonight and how those hips hugged the fabric, like a race car on Indi 500- She is as hot as Larva, if not hotter, my humble opinion; I needed to get that out my system.....hummmmm. ;-((
  6. My lord .... Wow; sounds simply amazing . Thank you for sharing.
  7. Thanks for the review . Very detail , funny ; I felt like I was in the room.
  8. This is an interesting board, based on post and responses . I can see how threads are derailed and shit gets started . The man just asked a simple question about photos and blocked faces ; which I am sure others may have thought the same thing. And then your response (harsh in my opinion ) was not bullying someone to show their face ( para phrase). Bully? I am trying to see the purpose in use of that word? In my opinion and professional experience only unhappy people and bullies have this thought process . Common man; lets just enjoy life with some pussie once in a while
  9. I am going to venture and say that Kynnlie is the prettiest lady presented in the GT pics. There is nothing like a lady's pretty face; forget all other attributes in my opinion .
  10. Keith8891, It seems like your stay in South Florida was short; 8 times you reached out- wow. Anyone calling me more than 4 times and leaving voicemails, I wouldn't pick up either, unless the message indicates it is an emergency. After your 4th time calling call Indi-brother, I would of seen it as a yellow flag, even if they picked up the 8th time of calling I would of cancel. You are a brave man.
  11. I'll say that she is top of the waiver wire.
  12. Glad to hear there were no sword fighting involve....but was DFK part of the session ? It seems like all parties had ball.

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