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  1. I can vouch for his work. http://drlenny.com/
  2. Great review....seeing I've only been arranging 3somes as of late. I might just have to give Jenny's team a try. Yessy got's my interest.
  3. Dream goes a little something like this..... Arrived at a safe Miami incall near the airport. Door opened and welcomed by a cute all American girl. A nice conversation began as we both got comfortable in the room. Scarlett was wearing matching sport bra and high-cut briefs. American as you can get...very soft white skin. Her photos are accurate. Our conversation progress to DFK, amazing kisser...she’s engaged with her eyes. We explored each other’s body and eventually I made my way south to a landing strip directing my lips/tongue to her pink flower. Flower was fresh and taste (DATY). She commented on my tongue being warmer than most. My fingers add some assistance (FIV). L-Swag began to get jealous after a while so therefore I laid back an in less than a second Scarlett was returning the favor with a great BBJ. Scarlett is extremely young however once she began to DT I knew her skill set was beyond her age. L-Swag was enjoyed every second of it and after a good amount of time I was ready for a ride. Saddle applied and CG mounted. We were somewhat in a space limited position on the bed so I re-positioned myself and she jumped back on RCG. That’s when I began to question her American roots. Besides her fair skin, there is nothing American about her behind. That ass is Cuban I swear! I’ve heard and seen the revolution of the American booty, but this was my first time witnessing it live and direct. She definitely knows how to ride. She adjusted my legs when needed, her knees down; up; back down. Full throttle down onto my body. She was at it for some time to the point her tights were staring to give out. L-Swag was having one of those days that he can go for hours which was perfect seeing this dream was two hours long. Decided to give her a break an enjoy a cookie she had offered. The cookie was deliciously sweet J We chatted up for a while. Scarlett can talk. She definitely open minded and shares her thoughts. Very cool girl that would be awesome to hang out with. I tore up half of my cookie and saved the other half for later. We begin DFK while Scarlett caresses and strokes L-Swag. Cover and onto MISH. Legs wide open, great view of the penetration which she was enjoying herself. Her head is up as if she had to see how L-Swag was doing his thing. He was on his game today and MISH was intense. I’m now beginning to sweat from the calories I’m burning, her heels are grappling/digging into my back with ever stroke. This is probably the best cardio workout I’ve had in a while. That’s coming from someone that hits the gym and plays basketball. I stopped before a heart attack and grabbed some water to hydrate. Another break with great conversations once again. Looked over to my cookie and ate it up! I probably could continue with my narrative however I think you guys got the basics, plus this review would end up being a novel like my past reviews. Overall: Scarlett if a good independent American girl that is much needed in the Miami area. Most American Pies are in Broward or WPB. She can easily compete with any Cuban girl in Miami body style wise hence what lacks in the front is compensated in the rear. Additional information you may find interesting: Scarlett made a comment when I was putting on my belt on my way out that indicated she might be into bondage. I would of course recommend you ask her if she provides that kind of fantasy/service. I like my body to be as neat as possible so I manscape. She did mention that she likes men with hair so those of you that don’t trim up as often or at all; she may take a liking to you. Just don’t be Sasquatch from the SlimJim commercial. She complimented me on several occasions throughout our date which was nice and seem genuine. She speaks her mind so I’m also certain she will call you of on something that would seem strange lol. LASTLY: If you need an ice breaker or just a quick laugh during a date with Scarlett, just call her the Big Kahuna! Don’t ask me why, these are the random things that come up when chatting up with this American Pie. Thank you Scarlett for a great time and sharing the delicious cookie with me. http://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php/topic/506612-scarlett-ross/ -Swagger
  4. It took me 5 hours to read this entire thread... I am a little wiser, dumber, and older now.... Thank you lol
  5. Swagger

    FSU vs UM

    I'll admit FSU looks pretty good, but anything goes in a rivalry game.... you should know that very well if you're a true FSU fan. My ass is driving up to the game so I hope I get to celebrate a win however I'm not as optimistic as I usually am. When these two teams meet its usually kids playing against former teammates in high school so everyone gets pumped for it.
  6. Any ladies interested in attending tonight's game???Guys, I'm not expecting a large response from the ladies but sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask. For all we know there might be a die hard fan among them.
  7. Time for the Dolphin Fans to put up their own Billboard signs..... GET RID OF JEFF IRELAND...we can start there
  8. I believe so...and Pocahontas.....but those girls are always behind close doors somewhere...lol.
  9. YOUR FUCKING NUTZ..... jk man.... thats ur pleasure then go for it.... sorry not my thing... I have zero advice
  10. Just looked @ our schedule and at this moment, we might only win the Denver and Kansas games. Don't matter if we are bad or not..... we need to lose as much as possible becaue the reality is we are not making it to the playoffs and New England, The Jets( damn I hate them) and now Buffalo are way better teams....If the Colts get Luck I'll shot someone....I'll be screaming like a little kid "That's not FAIR"
  11. I must be hitting up Tootsie's on the right days. My advice is to visit during sports events (boxing, MMA, Football, etc). The ladies show up for those days. Otriz and Mayweather night had 10 after 10 after 10 on stage. Another thing that you might wanna try @ Tootsies is focusing on making conversation with the tons of civilian women that go there. Trust me on this, you'll appreciate Tootsies alot more.
  12. Who owns a t-shirt shop???? We can make a killing...lol
  13. Alright Dolphins fans.....go purchase your t-shirts.... Suck for "Luck" .... the girls shoudl get a kick out of the shirts as well
  14. So out of curiousity, anyone down to setup an indi Fantasy League? 10 owner league......i'm interested to see what provider would jump at this....love chicks with football IQs...

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