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  1. wildthing

    Things are hopping in Naples

    Things are hopping in Naples Myabella is here, WildThing and Lee next week! ... How true that is!! Lee and I will be leaving and heading toward the Naples area, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (this Tuesday, Jan. 22nd) and we are MOST EXCITED about it ps, THANK YOU Sweetheart, for mentioning us in the title of this thread ...
  2. You know Sweetheart, I GET THAT ALLOT but, I assure you, once you get here (IF I am ever to get so lucky ) ... you will forget all about that and focus only on the part of your most flattering and SWEET post noting how SEXY I AM and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, how I find and enjoy the SEXY IN YOU. ps, BTW Jugs, I HAVE wondered why in ALL these years and sporadic flirting between us, you haven't been to visit me ... YET ... I will be looking most forward to seeing you, when the time is right
  3. Hehee Silly me I almost forgot I ALSO RECORDED a BRAND NEW Wildthing VIDEO, 2 DAYS AGO Gentlemen, I HOPE you like it, here it is .....
  4. ... I'll think about it Muffim MEANWHILE ... I hope you like THESE PICTURES I JUST TOOK THEM 2 DAYS AGO, ... HERE, in my house .... I was having fun and, so happy I don't HAVE to go out to have a good time.
  5. wildthing

    Wildthing and Lee O’Mally in Clearwater, Fl

    WE WILL BE ... IN THE TAMPA AREA (yes, closer to Tampa @Sugarjingle ) NEXT WEEK ... THURSDAY THE 24th OR FRIDAY, THE 25th OR BOTH (we will be in THE NAPLES area Tuesday, the 22nd - Wed. 23rd) Please note: our "traveling rate" for the hour for the two of us together is a wee bit higher than during the summer as, our expenses for the trip during season are higher Gentlemen reading ... IF you have any questions or would like to schedule with me OR Lee and me while we''re there, CALL ME. ps, Here are a FEW NEW pictures, I JUST TOOK WITHIN' THE LAST 2 WEEKS
  6. wildthing

    Haven’t come close to a 10 yet!

    You're correct Longhung .. I love that title and, I thank G-d FOR EVERYTHING! That's why .... "There is NOTHING Unnatural about me. I wouldn't change a thing about the way The Lord made me." - Wildthing AND .... we have a thread HERE called "Porn stars without make up" and BTW ... "I never wear make up. For the clean and natural look, I wash my face." - Wildthing
  7. I'm always happy to turn you on Jammy and, FYI ... I ONLY wear "underwear" when it's my ONLY wear
  8. wildthing

    The Turtle and the Hair

    ... That's a great song to dance to Tony ...
  9. wildthing

    The Turtle and the Hair

    Thank you Blindump ... ... no matter how long it is between SEXY visits from you ... you REMAIN an ATF of mine and ALWAYS make me feel so good!!!!!
  10. wildthing

    The Turtle and the Hair

    ... My first indiSP, the lovely Ms WildThing, is natural all around but has the perfect density, or lack thereof, to wear it with perfection which not every woman can do (too dense, too long, too coarse, etc.). Fuck me, now I’m thinking of WT’s perfectly natural beauty again, and it IS as close to perfect of a natural ladyscape that I’ve ever experienced ❤️. But she’s an exception.  Wow! .... Talk about a sweet surprise to brighten my morning THANK YOU Lover! I have been sporting this bush since 2009 and, I will tell you WHY I started doing it .... I used to keep myself bald down there ... I was no different most in that way but, then one day ... I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, "this looks weird to me. I just don't like the way it looks OR FEELS anymore. I am NOT going to be bald down there anymore." AND THAT WAS THE DAY I began growing back my natural bush ... NO ONE REQUESTED IT OF ME, AT THAT TIME, there were ZERO threads about it .... I just grew it in because, I wanted to and in ALL the YEARS since, I have never regretted it. I have, and STILL DO get requests to shave it but, I ALWAYS REFUSE those requests ... mainly because of what you so kindly said above ... MY bush is soft, full, "PERFECT" ... I have been truly blessed with beautiful hair (on BOTH my heads), I thank The Lord for that and I thank my visitors for recognizing and appreciating it I do a search every morning for my handle and Sweetheart, you really brightened my day with THIS ... THANK YOU AGAIN! AND .... my bush and I remember so well, the JOY of YOUR visit and look SO FORWARD to your next one ... WHENEVER that may be Sincerely, Wildthing ps, "It's NOT the bush, it's how I wear it." - Wildthing
  11. wildthing

    Naples/ ft Myers area

    Lee O'Mally and I will be arriving in the Naples area ON, Tuesday, January 22nd, 2018 .... that's only 11 DAYS from right now ... We plan to be there through the 23rd and I know I am MOST EXCITED ... to head west ... "Wildstyle" .....
  12. wildthing

    Mojo Appreciation Thread

    Thank you Muffim!! She's one of my heroes for a long time - Wildthing I'll do no such thing DFK!! You've got the wrong dog! ... - Mojo
  13. Oh!!!! I'm sorry Sweetheart .. This is the second time I did that with you ... the last time being months ago You are ALSO delicious and now, I can't wait to see you again too! I'll eat you up!
  14. CALL ME ... REMIND me of who you are and when we may have enjoyed each other ... I know and recall my visitors by their NAMES rather than their handles UNLESS we frequently correspond HERE.
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