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  1. Mr. Hobby Time, We tried to pm you yesterday evening, but that feature seems to be unavailable with you and we do not like to call customers without knowing their personal situation. Please call our office at anytime, let them know who you are. The managers have been informed to get in touch with me immediately so we can chat. Thanks AE
  2. Normally we do not respond to this, like we did not the last time lmttom went on one of these tangents about us back several months, but this time we will take some time to address some of the issues being discussed in this thread. 1. lmttom, you are correct in saying we suck....but for different reasons than you believe. We believe we suck for being dishonest with you. You see we should have told you straight up that after several months of reading comments from you, we were told to BLACKLIST you, which you have been now for many many months and we do suck for not telling you that ages ago to save you trouble and energy. You see it's a two way street, you don't want to do business with us and we don't want your business. As far as the many times throughout the last several months you have compared us to backpage let us say this, When those on backpage start offering makeups or discounts for those dissatisfied with their TIME, stop advertising providers that have a couple complaints like we did today with Janet after two VERY GOOD customers gave us some feedback TODAY, and when advertisers on backpage start calling customers back to inquire about their TIME or listening to their customer's issues then we will definitely take your comments a bit more seriously. (Leaving out the class act indi girls that advertise there) You see, you keep bashing us then inquire in Iso about our providers, I believe the last time it was Layla...well how about this...LOOK HER UP instead of expecting our phone managers to give you details. If you read as good as you bash you would have discovered Layla is an ATF of many. Being that we don't and never have conducted TRY-OUTS or certifications or ratings or scales of the ladies who work with us, you would be better served by getting your info from customers who have the details on their time with her that you might be concerned with. As we can assure all indi members we don't pay for posts, offer discounts for them, write our own or request that they not be written. Now as to your second post about consistent poor performance. We don't believe this to be true..EXAMPLES.....Brittany, Layla, Anita, Samantha, Kylie, Valentina, Stefany , Becca and Tori are all great girls currently with us and many customers have enjoyed their time with them. Can we guarantee that EVERYONE has been happy all the time? (sure some complaints can be found here) No, we are sorry, we can not. Sometimes because a customer doesn't call us back, sometimes because the lady had a bad experience herself, sometimes because one party was having an off day. There are many, many reasons. Of course we try to minimize these occurrences to the best of our ability. Our ladies are always given the option not to follow through with a date if they know they are not clicking with a customer. Can we make them? NO but we are ALWAYS willing to work with customers to make sure everyone is happy. Some of our MOST POPULAR girls throughout the last year had their occasional complaint and we ALWAYS took care of it, if we were informed of it. Some girls that have had complaints haved been raved about by others, THAT is why they still work with us! A girl gets multiple complaints or nothing but and she is NOT! Just checked the website and saw Nikki, Jennifer, Cressida and MANY more! Believe it or not, not all of customers come from Indi and many have their favs like Alliyah ect. Jack always believed their is someone for everyone and we try to carry that lesson and service on. So yes we deeply resent the implication that we haven't had any top providers recently. Please let us remember that the ones named above our currently with us... all with in the last year AE has also brought you many stars like Heather, Skye, Harlow, Kasey, Anya...so please just shove it on that! We take time by getting to know our ladies and support them as much as humanly possible and we very much respect our customers so please STOP TRYING TO USE the Indi board to create some self fulling mob. Maybe instead you should spend some time getting pointers from MEMBER PLANG, like stop being so demanding, have an open mind and learn some respect. Might get you the date of your dreams(even with a lady who might have not had the best time with someone else.) 2. Mr Silverman, you were misinformed. Mr. FLFUN is correct, the price increase IS going to the providers. They deserve it! As far as quality, please see above. As far as management changes, the same management team has been there for years, been running it for years and were taught by the VERY BEST himself, Jack! So please don't start with that. 3. Mr. Hunt and Trot, We agree we do need another location. We are hoping to start providing another loca again periodically soon. Mr. Hunt, We also agree with you on the schedule and have made that part of our application process again as well as putting them together for current girls. I believe someone mentioned managers answering customers that they have no idea when a girl will be in. You have our assurances we will get to the bottom of that, because this IS NOT how they are trained and if in fact are conducting biz this way than that IS a problem and a justifiable complaint and IT WILL BE HANDLED! 4. lecarre...always a pleasure...Thank you for understanding us completely and for being one of the good guys. We are glad you are feeling better. 5. Stealthippy, you still have our sincerest apologies for the misunderstanding on a photo iso from last year. We have spent time on the phone before at length and know you are also one of the good guys. Girls always spoke highly of you. 6. outlaw, we love you too and will definitely try to find some that call out to your particular tastes:) Finally, 7. foreverO- We agree with you!!! When our original photographer moved on a few years ago, we worked very hard to learn and improve and keep current the pics. We try to change the set and redo everyone on site so that the customers know they are current. We have had a lot of fun with it through the years and with everything that has happened it has been to many months since we have done. You are RIGHT....it is time for that and a Girls Just Want To Have Fun! Will get working on that immediately. Thank you all for your time and support. Please know although we try our best to appease everyone this is not always possible, none the less we will continue to try. If there is EVER anything we might be able to help (most) of you with please don't hesitate to reach out. Sincerely, AE Staff

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