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  1. No reviews for this Hailey (Hailey_Haze1432) I could find, has anyone seen her? https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/superprofile/view/1091-hailey_haze1432/
  2. Appreciate your input & will look forward to your review. I had sent her a pm on here she hasn't responded to yet, perhaps texting is better.
  3. Looks new to Indi based on her profile...anyone seen her? Figure she's going to be popular quick based on the pics at least...wow https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/superprofile/view/1144-sabrina-in-boca/
  4. Any info on Juelzz? Profile relatively new on Indi from March with just a few pics not showing her full body, and no reviews I could find. https://independentgirls.com/indiboard/profile/97827-juelzz/content/?type=superprofile_profile&change_section=1
  5. Kali your pics get me excited, damn you are hot...if u are able to pm me please do so, I'm not able to send pms & wanted to send one to you
  6. Anyone know where Victoria Gracen went?
  7. I am also curious about Elyssia, agree it's odd there are no reviews on her yet despite how hot she looks & sounds in her ads.
  8. Seems new here & no reviews. Anyone seen her?
  9. No reviews since she looks new, on board about a week & looks like she's friends with Classy Tina which is a good sign. Curious if anyone here has seen Elyssia yet...she looks tgtbt but maybe she is just too good & true lol...
  10. Had a very enjoyable date with Roxxy a few hours ago. I am into fetish dom stuff & Roxxy was very open to it (along with some role play pretending she's a college girl I bump into at the beach), and good at it as well. I am sure all letters apply although I did not go for the standard stuff most on here review about. I'm sorry that I don't get into a blow by blow account here, but Roxxy seems like a girl open to just about anything. Her pics are current, actually her most recent pics she posted to her gallery are from when I saw her tonight. Her incall is very discrete & not in a bad part of town. Roxxy communicates very well by pm & is bubbly/genuinely friendly in person. Link to her latest ad attached.
  11. Was wondering why Jazy Rose has not updated her pics in a while. Sounds like she's as hot as ever based on your account, thanks for sharing it.
  12. I have been to TK & wondered the same thing...if anyone knows of any girl there in particular I will enjoy going back there for some Shepherd's Pie requesting her service 😏
  13. I added a link to MiaMaria below. Has anyone seen her? Looks like she's been posting about a week but has been a member since Aug
  14. I added a link to Mistress Minnie below. Has anyone seen her? She seems relatively new to Indi, I believe she joined it after this website changed over, and there are no reviews I can find for her.

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