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  1. Bridgettenyc

    DFK and Snowball

    ❄⛄ text me anytime
  2. Bridgettenyc

    4th of July...Xtra tonight?

    What s Xtra
  3. Bridgettenyc

    Looking for enthusiastic girl or special girl 4 TONIGHT

    I am always in plus there's the swing clubs too let me know daddy
  4. Bridgettenyc

    Swing clubs

    🎵Come and play with me Jim...come and play with me...🎶 And I Will Take You On A Ship Far Across The Sea.🎵
  5. Bridgettenyc

    Who is the best to go with?

    I did a review on an experience with a client at DeeniesHideAWay see reviews
  6. Bridgettenyc

    Who is the best to go with?

    Bridgette knows everyone at www.rooftopresort.com take the tour let me know I charge a flat rate for 5 hours plus two bottles of Champainge. Andre cheap lol ..I average 5 couples a night but we introduce ourselves to everyone and say hello ..you can kiss the girl on the cheek then you make your choices and I make the deals..I am very successful
  7. Ok my loves if there are any surgeons in the house or dentists need both ..breast augmentation which I am going to get regardless this year..but my deal is..unlimitted access..as many visits as you desire..except snorkel season which is now until august. From 11 am to 4 pm early am visits late evenings including sleep overs..very mistress like offer here may be even the keys to my beach bungalow..food in fridge cooking and a wet bar with your faves..girlfriends available to join on evening occasions even swing club admission all paid for by me. I 'll even take you clothes shopping. Week end get a ways. In the keys scuba lobstering get a ways..fishing on boat charters ..my expense l will pay for hotel gas etc. All inclusive for ongoing affair in exchange for services. 😁
  8. Bridgettenyc


    I think she's beautiful.
  9. Bridgettenyc

    MFT Threesome

    I would love to work with a ts
  10. Bridgettenyc

    BridgetteNYC, any reviews?

    TER 252323
  11. Bridgettenyc

    Front Desk/Lobby Check-in

    I like you too
  12. Bridgettenyc

    Front Desk/Lobby Check-in

    That's right you sexy mutha fuker!
  13. Bridgettenyc

    Front Desk/Lobby Check-in

    Cool just take care of the desk people and always the housekeepers I throw pizza parties order about three large pies and 2 two lite sodas buying gifts ..if one guy likes to vape buy some juice another loves lotto buy 10 tickets..love and compassion goes a long way..me and Georgia Peach waking up at noon lol hahaaa
  14. 954-662-6333 160vip/200 hr Blonde curvy Need to be shaved Long legs tall I will lead you to dark pleasures of body worshipping greater more intense pleasure while I make you my bend over boyfriend ..mistress in white gogo boots and fishnet body dress will have you enjoying my peek a boo nipples that your eyes may desire but can not touch...call me with your list of desires and I will see if you are worthy to be mine...house cleaning slaves and money pigs welcomed
🍑 the "CAT" CATALINA @11:30AM
🍑 Wild JAZMIN@12PM

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