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  1. I’m sorry that happened but would probably be smart to let the police know so that doesn’t happen to some little old lady walking that isn’t able to defend herself. I mean If it happened at an apartment complex as you said that’s pretty fucking scary. The police can beef up patrol in that area. Not everyone is able to defend themselves and lightly punch someone and retrieve their belongings 🥴🥴
  2. Jasmine917

    How Ladies Can Improve Their Ads

    You don’t even have to hire a photographer. For many years I’ve always said. Your ready for a date so when your client walks in. You feel sexy and your in the mode and feeling truly sexy for your date. Hand your friend your camera phone and say ohhhhhh baby let’s have some fun taking pics and believe me when I say guys love that. Then you got the shots of how they see your sexiness and if you do this a few times a week you have an amazing option of pics to post for your friends. Sometimes I use my timer and lmao some of the facial expressions I have I absolutely love the pic but my face looks horrible and I don’t use them. Those faces we think are sexy 🤦‍♀️ just are not sexy or don’t appear sexy on film. Filling out information is important. And I’ll say I am a browser. I’ve been playing with the site and checking things out but I also have more time than some of the ladies to see what amazing new features have been added to indi. If a lady is independent and she’s answering her calls booking dates and trying to keep up with booking dates she may not have as much time as others to fill out some of the about me or VIP info. Newer ladies have been calling and asking me for advice and I’ve been helping. Youd be amazed how many ladies are posting ads in the ladies forum and I let them know. Gotta have a super profile for the guys to see you. I hope if ladies see this and need any help don’t hesitate to hit me up. Send a text n let me know who you are and I’ll help with anything I can.
  3. OMG these guys are so lucky. Now that’s gonna be about a sexy fucking sight 🤩🤩👀👀 xoxo look forward to reading the reviews
  4. Jasmine917

    Your Not Going to Believe It? I didn't !!

    LOL 😂 well there you have it!!!!
  5. Jasmine917

    Local business owners

    Ok so as many know I am a single mom and have awesome kiddos. My daughter is on the student council at a local high school and she’s looking for sponsors to fund the Tshirt drive. Your business will get amazing exposure as your business card will be plastered on everything affiliated with the T-shirt drive. If your interested please let me know. We can get together and my daughter has a presentation she can do for you( if it’s necessary she’s quite the little business woman) Thank you ☺️ for taking the time to read my post. This is pretty important to my daughter as the council member who brings in the most funds get special recognition also I am NOT asking for anyone to send it directly to me. There is a paper that will be filled out and your business information will be handled by the school. I am just reaching out to my little community.
  6. Jasmine917

    low response to pm"s

    I always ask to leave a message and let me know if it’s ok to contact you back. Like if you sent the text at 10:00 am and I don’t get it to 11 I normally wouldn’t text you back because it’s been an hour since you sent the message and anything can change in that hour. A lot of times I get messages hey Jaz it’s soNso and I sent you a pm for verification and it is ok to contact me back ANYTIME or until 2 pm I know you may be busy. I’m sorry the responses aren’t better but I believe sometimes it’s really the length of time is why women don’t contact back. If we all just texted back at anytime it would be a mess eventually
  7. Jasmine917

    Advise off the topic

    Good luck with that. Insurance is absolutely the worst. I had an accident in a metropolitan area( Miami-Dade) and my insurance more than tripled and I was 30 something when that happened and had no tickets or accidents. After I sat and thought about the expense of the car, maintenance, gas,insurance. It was literally cheaper to use Uber for everything the general doesn’t cover Florida or at least they didn’t a few years ago when I checked. Sounds like you might be screwed for at least 6 months and pay premium rates for insurance
  8. Jasmine917

    Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Check any of the international sites. Skipthegames has a nationwide/international section
  9. Jasmine917

    Walk off grandslam...

    Thank you 😊 I love spontaneous adventures. Sometimes they make for the best............... xoxo 💋
  10. Jasmine917

    low response to pm"s

    I do find some of the newer ladies aren’t real familiar with the PM system cause believe me I’ve had ladies call me and say Jaz help me figure this out. And also the search engine is confusing to some of the newer ladies. I would almost say send the PM and follow up with a nice text and say I sent you a verification PM on indi my name is so N so and then proceed from there. Xoxo 😚 hope this helps
  11. Jasmine917

    Walk off grandslam...

    Your such a sweetheart xoxo 😘 I’ll be around tonight if you can’t find a lucky lady out by sawgrass 💋
  12. Jasmine917

    Veterans Day Discounts?

    I’m running a Veterans Day sloppy toppy Special’s pics available if you wanna see how sloppy on my Snapchat xoxo 😘 I love doing the little video clips for my Snapchat if you wanna be a model during our time together
  13. Jasmine917

    Loving MeMes

    I absolutely love funny memes and I see so many on Facebook and also other social media outlets. Show me your best ones YES I DO THIS ALL THE TIME AT THE CHECK OUT AR PUBLIX THINKING I COULD MAKE YOU MOAN
  14. Jasmine917

    Information in ad

    Thank you Big Willie a lot of time was put into your response and your right I was having a semi stressful morning and a series of calls was like Ughhh. I know conversations can finalize the deal and I do appreciate it I know every post is an ad so I typically don’t even work or post if I’m busy with real life. Butt some days you can’t help it. Xoxo 😘
  15. Jasmine917

    Car trouble

    I’m not sure what kind of car you have but this gentleman Pete is my absolute go to guy for any and all car repairs. He knows tons of people and can best direct you to what you need. He does Benz but like I said has someone for everyone and I’ve known him 6+++ years just tell him Jasmine/Kim sent you. I know him by both names