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  1. That's what happens when you stay up to late 😂😂
  2. Whoops, it won't let me edit the original post so https://www.seeking.com/member/a27a853c-26e9-4038-9aa1-3df50be8c6f0
  3. https://www.seeking.com/messages/inbox/fc17b380-7763-48d7-984a-0f2ea6b4fbf2 $300 dtf
  4. Man I had a good one. Young cute freaky very reasonable on the gifts. Was going good and then she just ghosted me. Was a good couple of months I guess but I could have kept it going for a lot longer.
  5. Been trying to negotiate most say bye. I must be a bad negotiator 🤣. I got a couple on the line. I'm still fighting the good fight. Lol
  6. So decided to join the site for shits and giggles see what I could find. Roll the dice with the monthly fee, hey I like to gamble lol. So only been a couple of days but seems there are many girls willing to roll for cash but most seem to asking 4 min with most 5 and not all of them pretty enough to ask imho. Just don't know yet, can find indys girls was cheaper with good service. Still got 3 weeks to go so I'm still looking. Most people same experience?
  7. It's the internet I give it a few days lol If pirate bay is still up someone will find a way
  8. So I've recently see Natashababe. Her incall hotel is located in Hollywood. Fine setup. I messaged her on the board to set things up then texted her when I was ready to see her. Gives you a kiss when you come in and offers you a shower with a clean towel. Afterwards little small talk while I dried off. Then down to business. Went down on her clean and hard very wet. Then on me. Was great head to have her stop cause she's good and didn't want to release to soon, watch it she's got skills. Then on to the main event which also was great. Flexible and all positions I wanted. Go see her!
  9. I went to Pattaya few years ago. Only for 5 days cause I waited until last minute due to nerves of such a long trip by myself. Long story short had a fucking great time, 11 beautiful girls in 5 days! PS Everyone was trying to sell me a suit was weird lol
  10. Does she have an ad on BP? I couldn't find one to look lol
  11. Can anyone tell me how SA works? Do you have to have a paid membership to get anything done?

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