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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! I have the perfect outfit for the next time :) can't wait Mmmmmuah!
  2. The universe sure knows when to put someone in your life for a reason and I strongly believe I met you so you could put a big smile on my face and warm my heart with unconditional kindness. It's was so easy pleasing soneone with such a beautiful heart and soul. You sure know how make a session feel like a sexy flirty date. I had a blast I just wish we had more time so we can talk more laugh more and have more kinky wild sex. Till next time my chinky eyed geeky oh but he wears it better man bun 😍😘
  3. Your accent is so sexy! You had me melting with every word ☺😘 so sweet and polite. Thank you for visiting me, i will definitely be seeing you soon for what we discussed. Lol i have to say you are the very first client to ever kiss my casper 😜😍
  4. I'm so grateful for your energy and time thanks again!!! ☺😍😘
  5. Hi guys i need a rim for my acura 2009 TL and tire also needs the rear view mirror fixed. If you are interested i will pay or barter please pm or text me on 7542465583. Thanks xoxo Jenny from the block 😘😘
  6. Hi guys Jenny from the block here.. Im looking to barter to get my computer fix its a Asus Rog that might have a graphic card problem not to sure yet it would need to be diagnosed. Please call me on 7542465583 or PM me so we can work something out! Thanks 😘😘
  7. You sure know how to make a women "FALL" for you right from the start!!! Haha literally 😜☺ my tall dark and handsome daddy 😘 thanks for being so gentle you are exactly what the doctor ordered! 😘😘😘 Hope to see you soon babes!
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