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  1. Acorns is a good way to toss your loose change into an account.. Ads up fast I like it a lot..
  2. Went in their 4 weeks ago the place smells like ass. Dancers look like street walkers. Taking years to finish. A place for losers.
  3. Read the reviews saves a lot of aggravation. Normally I also asked for a selfie if they refuse to see it I probably won’t see them unless their review was excellent.
  4. Again she is a complete waste of time!!
  5. Pros Very beautiful/hot. Cons not really into what she is doing may just need to warm up to new customers or very shy. Super pretty shy worth a shot ymmv?
  6. Thanks for the input was going to call won’t happen now. Same problem with Sweet and gullible Space cadet loser promises promises to show up all bullshit.
  7. No respect for your time. Make an appointment at 6 gave my address than magically The time immediately goes to eight 830. First excuse traffic 2 Hour, Second excuse want to put Her son to bed. Went back-and-forth blah blah blah work things out she’ll come to me at eight 830. Eight 830 arrives surprise surprise surprise no call no show. I’ll said it before I’ll say it again the woman on this site have no respect whatsoever for anyone else’s time. Its all about them and the hell with everyone else. Make an appointment with her don’t make an appointment with her just make sure you have a back up!!
  8. Saw her one time at my place. To much lotion she was like in a rush to get you to turn over. Fasted lame HJ I ever had. Just in it for the quick buck and out the door. Horrible waste of money!!!
  9. Sofia444 not sure if she’s the same girl as she’s an independent now. So last night for a body rub awesome. Nice body very sweet girl. Nice body very sweet girl And accommodating. .
  10. Thanks I want to see her last week very difficult to get hold of. Kind of a flake for she’s coming over that her car is broken down blah blah blah. Definitely taking a pass.
  11. I had the pleasure of seeing Sofia444 last night. A little skeptical no reviews but the pictures look great so what the hell I gave her a shot. She came over at 6:30 right on time. I met her at the driveway she was kind of having a hard time finding my house it’s very dark in my neighborhood. When she stepped out of the car I was very pleased, pretty young lady just like your pictures and could not of been sweeter. The massage was very good medium pressure took her time not a clock watcher. Lots of teasing and on the flip you can use your imagination. . Overall I had a very very positive experience. I would definitely recommend her as I do plan on seeing her again next week.
  12. This says to be some kind of a glitch I did not write this about you it’s bullshit.
  13. Sorry to hear. The girls on this site Are becoming more and more unreliable. I pretty much stopped using them.
  14. Don’t bother save your $$. Service is rushed place is a mole infestation.
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