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  1. Ducky is the only Sane one here ! 😬 The rest of us....we are just a lost cause! 😞😘
  2. The Doctor will be taking new patients this week! Psychoanalyzing and breaking men is my specialty... Medfet and Psych ward roleplay too... Looking for an excellent, submissive slave to cater to my desires.
  3. 😂 so true. This place has spoiled too many guys if they think 7k is soooooo much money to spend on a woman. I feel bad for the wives LOL.
  4. Miss our funny and sexy time ✋ . *high five*
  5. I'll be going to Kendall weekly for incalls so PM me to book! Saturdays and Sundays are best for Kendall. 😁 I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted.
  6. This is true. I've seen a lot....love it though! I love my fellow kinksters! 😁😘
  7. This is one of my specialties 😁👆.
  8. Sexylizzie05 is in Kendall
  9. Whole foods in Boca has good chili . Yummy soups too. Overpriced though.
  10. Thank you beautiful! 😘

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