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  1. Looking at the initial test exchange, she asked for how long, I said probably half. Was it a definite half? I guess not. My learning experience here is to A: negotiate all teens up front, and B: refrain from posting about it here since other members don't seem to be interested in my experience. If any of you try her, good luck.
  2. The thing to keep in mind is that when she requested me to call an Uber I decline the call and then she called me back a while later asking if she could still come out because she found a ride. She should have asked for an amount of time at that point I would have said half hour and the whole call would not have occurred. I would have found someone else and hopefully been happier and she wouldn't have had to spend time and money coming out to see me and be disappointed at the length of the call. I think in the end I will take this as a learning lesson for myself.
  3. Miissy just left my place. I saw her here and on BP, and decided to try the dream... turned into a nightmare. After setting up a fair price for outcall, She asked me to send an Uber. I replied that I was not going to pay extra for an Uber AND extra for the call. About an hour later, she called me, and said she had a ride. I thought it was my lucky night. I sent her the vitals so she could find me. Almost an hour and a half later for what should have been a 25 minute drive, she shows up, walking in the development, lost. I found her, and we went upstairs... Everything was going ok, if a little awkward with her until the money exchange. I had never mentioned time, so she was very disappointed when I said HHr. I thought she was going to bolt, money in hand, at that point, but I guess getting someone to drive her out here, she thought better of it, and took the money, and got undressed. everything covered. and she had no condoms. No biggie, but everything was SUPER rushed. CBJ, felt like someone was using a toilet plunger on me. Not good. inside of 2 minutes, we were doing doggy. Not bad, but again, super rushed. Then to mish. She faked the moans OK, but her persistent keeping one hand on my member while trying to drive home was a MAJOR distraction. I suggested cowgirl. she complied, but only after suggesting my pre-cum was sign of orgasm. It was not. After maybe a minute of cowgirl, she said her time was almost up. I tried to move back to mish, my finishing position, and instead, she said her time was up, proceeded to the bathroom to clean up, call her ride or whatever. Total time from door to door MAYBE 10 minutes. I wish *I* could make $12/minute. Perhaps if I sprung for the hour, it would have been better. Alas, I did not, and am very disappointed. As with any girl, your YMMV. For me, it was the worst encounter I've had in my short time at this. Miissy, if you read this, It's unfortunate that you assumed I wanted an hour. You seemed a good find, but your unprofessional attitude ensures I shall not return. MiiSSY
  4. I had the opposite experience. Rushed. It was a 10 minute half hour, and she didnt let me cum before leaving. Maybe if you pay for the hour, YMMV. Good luck. I wont be repeating.
  5. Went to see Heather recently after stumbling on her ad. Sadly the first time I tried, she was out of town. So tried again when she returned. Very nice gated community in the NPB area. When I went in, I noticed a cop car parked at the end. Fearing a sting, I almost bailed. Fortunately, I decided to think with the little head, instead of the big one, and met her. She met me in a see through negligee that only left enough to the imagination to know I wanted to see more. After a short chat, we retired to her room. We began kissing passionately, and she seemed very eager for my touch. We then moved to the bed, where she gave a GREAT BBBJ. No rush, and made great eye contact while doing it. Of course that had me ready, so she mounted me CG. The moans spurred me on, until we both needed a deep pounding, so I rolled her over to Missionary to finish the job. Holy hell she was sexy underneath me. I'm pretty new to the game, but she was so much more than any other girl I have tried. She never was in a rush, and was super friendly. We even chatted for an extended period after. It felt very date like, except in reverse! She is a very sweet girl, and is my ATF! If you read this Heather, thanks for the great time! I'm not a regular to this, but will be calling you again soon.
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