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  1. Hello Guys, Infiniti girls will say IE and their name Queen of Heart girls will say Queen and their name Phone number for both merged agencies will have it on the ad under contact number. Infiniti ‭(954) 736-6305‬ Queens (786) 307-4038 Thank you Infiniti Queens
  2. Our site is down! the provider "www.escortdesign.com" also shot down operations and all the sites that depended of them when off line. We will soon have a new site on line independent of these types of providers. At INFINITI we can proudly say that the ladies posted in our ads are there because they want to be there. No one is forced of obligated in any way, not even keep a strict schedule. Even though many maintain a regular schedule, they are free to modify it at any time with out any penalties or negative attitudes towards them. We are a happy group and that’s they main reason why the ladies recommend us to other friends. Once the new site is on line (next week) it will be updated twice a day. God bless the USA… the land of the free… most of the time
  3. I was almost sure that we were there too... mmmmmm
  4. FYI - Her birthday is in September 1994, she does have a 2 yearl old. So she is a mother! But other than that, sorry these dreams are different of some others that have been posted ;-) I personally think she is beautiful. Cheers
  5. She doesn't have a problem with dating AA guys. However, she will black list any guy, black or white, that gets to rough, or doesnt meet her standards of Hygene, in order for her to repaet a date. Something that most girls are beggining to do anyway.
  6. I don't comment to dreams that often but.... Carolina came back and before even posting pictures , 3 gentleman that saw her last time came the very same day and one of them even sent a friend the other day. Yesterday I took her to visit a gentleman with his girlfriend and the replay to my "how was everything?" Was a simple "excellent, thanks for everything. I guess, and it's natural, not all can be stars alñ the time and everyone's taste is different. I always tell people with Vsrolina , you have to like muscular girls. AustinPowers is a good client that I have known for years too and I'm sorry the experience wasn't as añot before have been. I tried to ask everyone how was the experience after the date. And even though for some has not been reputable, it's understandable since theee is no perfect date for everyone. But 80% satisfaction is not bad. Is it ? Unfortunately these days not everyone likes to write aboutbthere dreams. As always guys the benefit to deal with us is that you can call us after the fact, give us your feedback and if it wasn't a good dream we can work with you to make it up . Take care and have a great day. About Vanessa ... Chucknorris wrote a nice dream story. Sorry about the dream tigerplug. Call me when you have a chance
  7. 3 bedroom for 1500, very hard in Miami. There are very good neighborhoods in Tamarac, Pompano, Plantation and Fort Lauderdale, where she can find 3 bedrooms for between 1700 and 1800. And still be only 30 minutes from Miami. Believe or not 100 to 200 a month makes a big difference on the kind of neighbors you are going to have. I would recommend her to expand her budget a little more and think a little outside the box ;-) When I first move to Florida I made the same mistake, I thought that “Miami” in my address would be cool, and it wasn’t’. Broward and Palm Beach counties rule!!! My modest opinion
  8. Thanks for all the support, and we do ban guys who don't understand the importance. My ladies have also the freedom to black list individually any gentleman that they do not wish to see again. It just becomes uncomfortable for me to explain someone why they can’t see that lady again. I don’t sugar coat. I just wanted to get the word out so maybe those who felt touched, can literally clean up their act. No one is ever too old to learn or change. Everyone must just understand that leaving a gift, doesn’t mean that the lady has to put up with everything and anything, and treat everybody the same way, no matter what! In this business the ladies are asked for so much, they only ask for one thing in return, be nice and clean. Like most are! Peace!
  9. I’m sorry if I hurt some feelings, but I have to say this. As representative of ladies that, you my friends, like to date, I have to tell you…. that the NUMBER ONE complaint from the ladies about guys… is SMELL!! When I go out on a date, as many of you, I shower, brush my teeth, put on some deodorant, and some cologne… Hugo Boss is my thing. I just simply cannot understand why some guys think that the same courtesy is not needed when dating an escort. YMMV… your mileage may vary, well… I would add another one. HMWVITGSB …. That’s “Her millage will vary if the guy smells bad”, (body and/or mouth). Sometimes the lady points out the Listerine, or the restroom, and some guys will say “I don’t need it”. Trust me! If the girl is giving you the hint, YOU PROBABLY DO! I don’t wish to upset anyone, but my job is not only to take calls and arrange dates between 2 adults of consenting age. It is also try to provide a comfortable environment for the ladies. I “only” get complaints 20% of the times on that issue, but it I believe that's still a big number. Makes "specially" new ladies, not make a good first impression, or want to come back at all to be on this dating scene. All of you claim to want the girlfriend experience, well, I’m with the 80%. When I go out on a date, I make sure I smell right, I treat my girlfriend right, and I like to make sure that that she wants me to come back, as much as I want her to make ME want to come back. Guys…. They are not empty shells, or bullet proof. They are women with hearts and feelings, that want to make you enjoy their company, but if you are not already there, you have got to get with the 80%. I know some people with responsibilities similar to mine, will think I have balls the size of Jupiter for starting this. But even if they don’t comment, I know they agree. I ask independents and agencies alike if they would like to comment. Its 20/80 right? Or should I go higher on either direction. Have everyone a great night. Let’s be safe, and let’s take care of our ladies. I’m tired of losing the best ladies to northern markets because ladies claim they are nicer and more with the 80%. Peace! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. A lot of people wonder why Lou is not saying anything. Sometimes not answering is an answer. Jack says "Rodes and Lou are not the same person" It could be that they are, and he let a friend use the ID to get a date... we have had that happened, where friends arrange dates for other friends under their IDs... but any way, it doesn't matter, to me us the same. (Pablo) Like I said, we are more disappointed than mad, someone else said "this is a brotherhood", well, I´m a believer that brothers from time to time fight, and make mistakes. I´m also a believer of second chances. I don´t know if I fully agree with starting a vendetta and not verifying clients for Champion. That in the end could damage the girls working there, that are trying to make a living and have no faults of other´s wrong doing. What I´m really expecting, and I think many are, is from Lou to be a bigger person that he has shown so far to be, and give an apology to the community, and to the agencies that so far have always work with him, and never against them. Maybe I´m dreaming... but isn´t what this site is all about?? make dreams come true ;-) Regards. Pablo INFINITI ESCORTS
  11. If Lucas is saying is not Rodes, he is still using that ID to book dates... same thing. I had a better image of Lucas, he was a straight up guy with Jessica and we appreciate that. He shook my hand at the last Indi party, we talked, he showed me pictures of his girls, we even joked about me not taking Milana away from him and we laughed. I showed him my wedding ring and I told them that I had only one finger to place this type of rings on... and now this. More than mad we are terribly disappointed. And this is not an accusation, it's how things are and what is happening. Truth and honor, no matter what the proffesion.
  12. Dear moderator; Rodes made the appointment and Lucas showed up.. so its pretty much the same thing to me. In a way Lucas is confirming that what we are saying is close enough to be truth. Unethical.
  13. Hi Indi world... This is Pablo and Jessica from Infiniti Escorts. I write this to clear the water, to put to rest some wrong ideas about the origins of INFINITI, and to put out on the open something really wrong that is going on, right now. In the beginning INFINITI started with Jessica, and Champion disappeared for a while. So a lot of people though that INFINITI was Champion with another name. It was actually natural for some people to think that. Well.. is not like that. When we started with this, we saw Indi as just a site to advertise, but during the last few month we have realized that it's much more than that. It's a community, where Independents, agencies and Hobbiest, can feel free and in a secure environment to practice safe dating with beautiful ladies. Well, here it is, we are married now, and now Jessica doesn't have to date any more (the best part for us). INFINITI is basically a "family business", where we take care of our ladies and clients. Jessica brings invaluable insight, she knows what the ladies have to face, what the clients expect, and we try to do our best to put that knowledge to good use. Now here is the interesting part, that we believe wrong, and unethical. Lou, from Champion Escorts (Champ's Kingdom now), has posed has a member of Indi (Rodes) using Champion as a reference, and has actually dated not 1, but 3 ladies from INFINITI, trying to take them to his agency. Saying among many things, that INFINITI started stilling his star from him (Jessica). It gets better, Rodes has at least one "excellent" review of a Champion girl... what a piece of work!! I wonder if he has more Indi names that we don´t know about. We have tried to call him, and he doesn't answer, we called him from a phone he didn't know, and said that would call us back (was busy with his day job). He hasn't done it. So to our friends... you be the judge, and decide what kind of people you want to do business with. We have talked to other agency leaders, and everyone has frowned upon this. They have made it clear to me that this is not the way. What do you think?? Regards, Pablo and Jessica.

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