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  1. curiosity killed the cat. i will show up for my first one.
  2. oops.. did not mean to post anything but since i did, a kind thank you to the two girls who molested me in front of the club while i was waiting for my roommate to say her goodbyes. it made me smile. p.s. hope your feet and knees were okay when you tripped over the parking space. we were all trying to help and get you take off your shoes. 😬 oh and that comment about the price of tix and drinks.... that venue is one of the homes for the Fetish Factory parties, and all the staff there are great. drink prices at strip clubs are always high, deal with it. if 21 yr old goth kids with low paying jobs can scrape enough $$ to pay the 30 entrance fee AAAND get a drink there......... 🤔 With that said, if you are a guy on this board, in this “hobby” and you are complaining about $40, you seriously need to either get a new hobby or get a different job that pays more. being cheap does not get you very far here.... Cheers M
  3. While I was not "technically" there, I just wanted to say thank you to those who lingered after and stepped briefly into my world (some stayed longer than others). I did not get any complaints from my friends about anyone being disrespectful, which occurs quite often when a different world clashes with the sub/alt/BDSM world. Usually there are a lot of jeers and pointing. So thank you for not making it weird. For those who stayed and are interested in learning more about that world, feel free to PM me; that was not even the tip of the iceberg of how far down the rabbit hole it goes. To the girl in the black jumper with the entourage that was chatting up the hot guy in shiny rubber at the bar, pm me, you were funny.

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