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  2. I would like to thank the poster for the opportunity to earn his business. Valentina from all our girls is the ATF with more positive reviews in the board. Unfortunately you cant make everyone happy every single time. I value my clients and have built my business in safety, honesty and great customer service many in here will agree with that statement. Your date was May 05, when you left you sent me a one line text saying you were not happy , I asked you to call me or if I could call you (I don't call without your permission to be discreet) you said not. You , at that point , did not ask for anything or provided any more information. A couple of weeks later you called to see another provider and I took the initiative to offer you a discount, you did not ask for it I was the one who offered it. Again you simple simple say no and did not say anything else or talked me you found it to be as you say here "a slap to the face". I cant read your mind so I cant try to solve the situation without your input. But the board is great and it does offer you the feeling of instant gratification via a bad review. Most users here will see that you are posting this 3 months later and make their own conclusion about your experience with ME. one more time, I would like to thank the poster for the opportunity to earn his business. Juan ME ESCORTS

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