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  1. Correction; Boobs are man made, bootie is all natural and massive! ENJOY while you can!
  2. This young ladies name says it all about her looks! She is absolutely gorgeous and works hard on pleasing you. Tight pink kitty and very responsive. Massive man made bootie and boobs but fun to play with. Limited English but for me fortunatly that was not a problem. All letters apply except I don't believe traveling is on the table but then agin not sure because I did not ask (not my thing). Great eye candy and fun to be with. Run and enjoy this young lady because she's only here a couple more weeks then back to Medellin Colombia she goes.
  3. OMG, the wait is over. I've had the worst luck in trying to meet up with Marimar due to scheduling issues but today was my lucky day and man, all the hype is true. This girl has just become my ATF+++ Not going to get into all the numbers and stuff or any details as she has been very well reviewed here and anything I add would just be redundant. Will I see her again? ABSOLUTLY!!! Very fun and easy to be around so guys, if you enjoy spinners, great attitude, we have a winner!!! Thank you Alex for making it happen...
  4. OMG, WOW took a chance based on Juan's recomendation and glad I did. This young lady is so willing to please she'll stop at nothing to make you happy. Very cute spinner with a gorgeous body. Small fun sized natural boobs and a booty to worship. Only thing not on the menu is Greek (she's wanting to explore but not really ready yet). I hope she sticks around because I had a GREAT time with her and plan on seeing her again very soon. So gentlemen run don't walk, you won't be sorry with this one, especially if you are into spinners!!! Happy hunting... Juan she's a keeper, Thanks!
  5. Very cool, will definitely start doing this. Thanks @Chloe Chase
  6. Thanks brother, will have to add to my list!
  7. One day Leah, one day, I'll make it happen!
  8. Our curse but on the bright side, we do have a good selection down here as well. Just once in a while we get hit with a forbidden fruit... LOL
  9. WOW, I just wish I was closer to Boca but unfortunately I'm not. One day I'll make it a point to get up there, One Day! Thanks for the review
  10. I'd like to see a place where they do manscaping, that would be cool...
  11. Will you share the name so we can do some research?
  12. Yes sir, the one and only. Lots of fun!

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