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  1. oldred1, oldred1 Thank you so much for the kind words I thoroughly enjoyed being a naughty girl with you and Mona in the red room by the way Gentlemen if you haven't seen yet you are missing out. XOXO Sam XOXOXO
  2. Thx Stereo, love the pics of all the ladies keep them comming XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
  3. Good tattoos is like a fine piece of art they represent a part of you that you love or lost it's not a money thing it's something that represents a part of your life. Tattoos aren't for everyone but for those who have them embrace them where them proud. If you want something bad enough you work for it. I have no regrets on any of mine. The older I get the more meaning they mean to me WEAR YOUR BODY PROUD!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Stereo, Hope you have a great day and do a shot on me XOXO XOXOX
  5. Where do I begin with you SPONGEBOB they either love you or hate you. I want to thank you for the kind words you've truly become very special to me. I cherish our friendship and always look forward to seeing you. We couldn't be more opposite and maybe thats where the chemistry comes from :give_rose:XOXOXOXOXOX
  6. I wanna start out by saying I had a great time at the GT Hip and Jay Fabulous job I got to meet some really nice people men and women. Hope and O'Mally really enjoyed talked to you. Food truck was awesome.... truly hit the spot. Also wanna thank the gentlemen who helped me get up off the floor as I gracefully fell flat on ass going up the stairs..... To my regulars always love seeing you Looking forward to the next one
  7. First I want to say I agree with O'Mally BECAUSE WE CAN who wants to work 40 50 hours a wk. anymore life is to short. Also going out being the bad girl after being the good girl all day is very erotic and a inner fantancy of mine. Who doesn't want to let pandora out of the box It also gives you confidence know matter what age you are. As long as the gentlemen remain gentlemen ladies its a great job :give_rose:
  8. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY May all you beautiful moms out there enjoy our special day. It is one of the most rewarding for filling and toughest jobs out there. No matter how old they are it only gets better and better. XOXOXOXO Samantha XOXOXOXOX
  9. Wow where to begin..... Thank you so much for the kind beautiful words. Ken you are a beautiful spiritual person. Every time we spend together reaches another level. Thx for reaching out to me and as always can't wait for that next magical encounter. Sam NAMASTE
  10. There is a fine line in what you have said!!!! You can say I do it for both. I know longer have to give it away. Like I said I am not for everyone I. Which goes along with saying I am not for YOU which I am perfectly fine with that. Others enjoy a respected mature down to earth good ole fashion women. And for those who do thats what I am. :give_rose:
  11. Just want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes truly appreciate it. XOXO
  12. You guys are wonderful thanks so much for the kind words SAM XOXOXOXOXO

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