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  1. Longhung69

    NY Yankees

    After the series win in 96 I had hoped they would do the honorable thing the Mets did in ‘86 with Ed Lynch. Make and give a ring to the man who paved the way for their successful environment after all the lean years. And if it weren’t for the damned strike he would have been a part of a series winning team the last year he played.
  2. Longhung69

    NY Yankees

    He was an rule abiding player playing in an era of rule breaking competition. Never even a suspicion of steroids. As clean as a guy could be. Not only could he hit for average, but his bat had pop. Had he “taken steroids” an average of 40 home runs a year would have been his minimal. He played in an era where his greatest competition for the batting title, Wade Boggs, was not so clean. Put Don Mattingly on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and he has more than one title under his belt.
  3. Longhung69

    LIW 130 VIP Escort Incall

    Read the entire profile. $350 for special requests. 😐
  4. I’ll definitely stop by her place when I travel to Orlando. However, if we’ve had that level talent down here right at Atlantis then why travel to travel when you can travel locally. Maybe we just need up our tips a bit for motivation.
  5. Longhung69

    Are you normal?

    We may be on the same side of the political spectrum, but some of those on the left think.....
  6. Longhung69

    Username Change

    @Jenica it is most likely because he gives away too much of his real name in his moniker. I’m friends with a provider who thinks they know who he is because he is almost screaming his real name.
  7. Longhung69

    Username Change

  8. Longhung69

    Need something different

    @ChimeYankle this is in the wrong forum. Should be in ISO
  9. Longhung69

    Kenzi Kendrix Hotter than Hot!

    @KenzieKendrix had somehow gotten my attention. Was researching some older threads on her and this one caught my attention.
  10. Post is a fricken troll. MSN started yesterday to cause shit for this AMP. And his first and only post to boot. I’ve been to this place many times. Almost always get a great massage. This place is not like Orlando. Every place has limits to what they will or will not do. This guy has an agenda.
  11. Longhung69

    For Jenica

    Bump. ...just because @Jenica deserves the added attention. Now use your time wisely, lots and lots of other worthy ladies here too. 💋
  12. Longhung69

    New Girl

    If you haven’t t already I suggest setting up a Super Profile with lots of pictures. You may also want to read the rules and post a special in BOY MEETS GIRL. As long as you are a “new girl” your profile is only visible to VIP/HR paid members. Reviews are your key to success here.
  13. Longhung69

    Whats up with the Indi Rates Lately ?

    Why the fuck must some guys make the guys on this board seem like cheap fucks!? If the price point is too high for your blood click on the next girl. There are plenty of choices here. They can charge whatever they want. We can ageee to their price or just move on. Threads like this are bullshit. And then some of these guys wonder why the girls they eventually call are always busy and never available.
  14. Longhung69

    Hips K2 (KenzieKendrix) Expedition

    @KenzieKendrix is a super chill, uber cute, extremely sexy lady. I have seen her, but never actually saw her. Wish she was still in Broward, but one day this beautiful lass will be my date and then I too can experience the Everest peaks @thirstynhowl so wonders about. I can only imagine the wonders and pleasures that await in her warm and inviting caves.
  15. I think an epidemic of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is brewing. Someone needs notify the CDC as quick as possible, before @native comes down with it. It’ll be the 4 horse apocalypse should he team with @blasta59! GOD SAVE US!!!!
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