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  1. Ms Fierce, ding ding! Terrific ! No dressing required on that salad. Ttys
  2. I use Zelle all the time. It's so easy and instant. If your bank (all the big ones use it) has it it is simple to enroll. Let me know, I'm down for a fresh work out thong, you can enclose a picture wearing it at the gym doing side leg lifts for authenticity!
  3. Fantastic @BreathtakingAngel. That's religous!
  4. Charlie, Dynamo is a civilian. Have a good time, I will be down the road at the Bruins game.
  5. Go big or go home! The W. Get a room and have the girls shower together in the shower with glass walls. You can sit on the lanai and watch! Rooms start at about 500 this time of year
  6. My first original, or second original? They were all original I guess that's one more on my demons list. Thanks, a guy cant have to many of those. Thanks Jenica.
  7. @tarheelindy2 nobody is interested in simple demons. We all have one or two of varying degree. And, nobody doesn't like @saralee
  8. I still fit in them. Perhaps at the next Halloween GT. @mariposa69
  9. I could be mistaken, I think the story is she was continuing to fight her demons in St. Louis and had a baby. Somehow she fucked up and the infant drowned in the tub or was severely burned, I cant remember exactly. I think it was drowned though. A terrible event. I'm wondering if she has been released because i believe she was convicted of either manslaughter or negligence. Once again, my memory may be skewed. How about the others mentioned?
  10. 1. JD Bones, always a good guy. 2. JD Bones atf Lil Brooklyn. I know about the bathtub incident. Is she released yet? 3. My favorite, Courtesian Jess. She was so cool. 4. The Casey Experience. I think crashed and burned. To bad, she had a good heart. 5 TrueBrit. Did he go down with Rothstein? 6. Maverick. Fell of the edge, wonder what happened to him. 7. Voyager. A super fun guy. 8. Psychodelic. One word, legendary. 9. Mr Happy. Still dead?
  11. Is that a small gap I notice? With feet crossed that is impressive. Thanks
  12. I recall that name. Wasn't he disabled in some way? Psychedelic cant be topped (or was he on occasion ). I dunno, TrueBrit and Maverick were some big spenders while it lasted. The Maverick parties were legendary also.

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