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  1. My cock gets hard just looking at her pics...can't imagine that in person
  2. other than that all the other sites are basically backpage spinoffs
  3. indi board rocks...it was my go-to for a while. sad to see it go.
  4. Let's hear it...I know you all have a routine before you meet up with a lady, or lady's what do you like to do before you meet up with a guy? Personally, I shower and groom. shave. splash on some body spray and hit the road.
  5. Brisa from PP is another chica that went beyond my expectations. Body was pure fire, beautiful face, loves to fff...Freak +
  6. Body: Tight Spinner body Tits: perfect and natural Services: BBBJ, Mish, Doggie, LFK, DATY --- that's all i could get in for a half hour session. Her: Smells good; clean, speaks some english ---better than most--- vice grip gash, a lot of affection, very receptive. Time: 1/2 Hr...def repeat next time for an hour or two Brazillian Dolls was easy to setup and get verified
  7. that album cover has me dying good jam...thanks
  8. I've been striking out lately on the girls. Last girl gave a light bbbj for a whole minute then wen to hj, real mechanical and not into it... can someone post a link to some over the top gfe girls...I like a lot of intensity and someone who gets into it...kissing, rubbing, CTS... thanks!

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