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    I agree with you are saying! I like to have a connection with someone it makes it so much easier and fun. IMicky Lynn
  2. MickyLynn


    Hello MM, How are you this evening sweetie? As I am traveling to New Jersey I am bored so I decided to do some reading lol. If I may point something out about this thread.. I don’t have many reviews on this site or others simply because I don’t want what I do to be put out there. I can understand what she is trying to say, sometimeswe don’t feel it like some guys don’t feel it with the ladies. What I might feel comfortable with you I might not with another. I can understand that first impression is everything and do agree with presentation but if that is what ahe Does it’s on her. i haven’t had the chance to see what her rates are,. Repeat dates are very important I have gentlemen you still see me for 20 something years. Hope when you read you will understand what I am trying to say. Sometimes if we are not happy with a service someone provides them we just don’t back. I am all about customer service even if I don’t like someone I just be polite and don’t see them again. You have a great night!! Racheal: I understand how you feel with the body rubs because I am new to this body rub thing lolz I prefer to do the companion and body rub it gives me option. Be safe.. Micky Lynn
  3. MickyLynn

    Ladies post your Halloween pics!

    Nice outfit like that when I use to feature dance
  4. MickyLynn

    If you did not go to the GT you missed out.

    Thank Jay, hipmaster and Mrs Jay we had a nice time got to meet a lot of nice gentlemen and a few ladies. The one thing that I have learned in my life experiences you can’t make everyone happy and just have to say if you are not happy you don’t have to go. The only thing I didnt like is that what is spoken there should stay there and it wasn’t. I look forward to the next meeting it’s a shame that it’s an hour away because we would stay later. I think these meetings a great because if you have a question about seeing one of the ladies you can do a meet and greet then make you appointment. Jay, Hipmaster, Mrs Jay and the nice gentlemen that was Mrs. Jay great job and I know it’s not easy organizing an event like that. See you all real soon..
  5. MickyLynn

    If you did not go to the GT you missed out.

    What time did you get there Brianna Bree and I were there and I didn’t get to see you. I honestly think the meeting was good to show up and meet everyone so they can see I am real and not a bitch like everyone thinks I am LOL. Micky Lynn
  6. MickyLynn

    Foot Fetish

    Come in and worship my little feet, which are a size 5 1/2.. We can do a nice little video clip and a couple of photos for memories.. VIP/HR Rate will apply if you are interested.. Go to my website for rates: http://mickylynnsexecutivetouch.com/light-fetish.html
  7. MickyLynn

    Embrace the Anarchy - Halloween GT Party

    See you then really looking forward to it.. Micky Lynn
  8. I will be attending as well gentlemen.. Can't wait to meet everyone.. Micky Lynn
  9. MickyLynn

    Micky Lynn's Worn Shoes

    I sell these for $25.00 each Let me know if you are interested
  10. MickyLynn

    Micky Lynn's Worn Shoes

    Great!!! I will message you all the information and photos... Wet Kisses, Micky Lynn
  11. MickyLynn

    Micky Lynn's Worn Shoes

    I got panties... If you are interest. Micky Lynn
  12. MickyLynn

    DHS shuts down escort agency website

    Yes I agree with you.. I think this site will be heading that way I have nothing but time wasters calling me and asking for outrages things.. Girls are still charging way too low and not following the price guideline.. I meet a lot of the really great guys on the board at the Exxxotica Expo down in Miami and a few of them had concerns about the board.. I really like this board.. Micky Lynn
  13. MickyLynn

    DHS shuts down escort agency website

    If an agency is running it the way they should, they should be ok.. I ran my in New Jersey for 17 years and never had a problem.. I decided to move down to South Florida. The feds will come after you if you money launder, human trafficking, drugs.. Jezhabel please be safe sweetie.. Best Wishes, Micky Lynn