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  1. If you click on the "Find More" option you can specify your search for Ebony providers. ☺️
  2. ✅ Trained Hands ✅ Hot & In-shape ✅ Amazing Incall/Service amenities.. ✅ Very skilled pleaser.. @Miamifun It's an investment but, I love when my gentlemen tell me that coming to see me is like a vacation. I like being a "kept secret". You never know until you try.. XO Coco
  3. If you're ever in Miami ... I will also be available in Broward by the end of the month. I am Incall hunting as we speak. I see there is a large audience that wants me to entertain.
  4. Looking at the ladies forum there are soo many people that are allowed to keep their accounts after scamming the ladies and the same with Providers stealing/scamming clients. Why isn’t anyone being held accountable? Infact, last night I had a VIP member do something very distasteful. I’m waiting on him to correct the situation as of right now before I take action. I’d be very upset if I was scammed by a provider (ESPECIALLY IF I PAID FOR VIP) and she was still allowed to post vice versa.. 🤨
  5. Hello there, I have a discreet and secure Incall in Brickell. Very easy parking, very little traffic and a nice view. 😋
  6. Looks like I started a NURU wave.. My Reviews: Coco's Magic Touch (Think of the hottest asian nuru clips you have seen on tubesites. Multiply that by 1000 and that will get you halfway there to a Coco experience.) TOUCHEDBYCOCO Review (when I started the session I was feeling very stiff all around and towards the end this problem was completely solved ) TouchedbyCOCO (She is an angel and the best Nuru experience I ever had.) I was Touched by Coco My Website: WWW.TOUCHEDBYCOCO.COM https://www.xvideos.com/video46234987/touched_by_coco_miami_fl_ebony_nuru_massage_hot_hands_
  7. For me: The only time I don't except phone calls is if I am sleeping or in session otherwise, I am available basically 24/7 while some have families and outside obligations. Independetgirls.com isn't the only place some ladies advertise so, they could be available but, not logged onto Indiboard to toggle her "Available Now" feature". I would suggest: Texting discreetly before calling. Prescreening - Sending references (if you haven't met yet)
  8. Kinky Coco here. I am interested in both.. Located in Downtown Miami and son Fort Lauderdale.
  9. TOTALLY STEALING THIS PHOTO IDEA!!!! Wait on it... 😎 🍀
  10. I just wanted to take the time to thank the wonderful gentlemen that made my North Miami location a HIT! I am sad to announce I will be moving forward from "Coco's Hideaway" but, good news after a brief hiatus in April (Mid-April/Early-May) my new place will be a major upgrade. More than likely I will be coming to Broward since most of my gentlemen are based in Fort Lauderdale. During my transition time I will be available in Downtown Miami and available for Outcalls Tri-county (my special table is portable and I have mastered mess-free NURU sessions on the go!) I am accepting gifts for my transition and as always you know your contribution will be greatly appreciated and rewarded.. XO Coco 💋
  11. Hello.. I am a little north near downtown/Brickell area for any gentlemen in the area. I have made a few friends from Coral Gables and the Kendall area.
  12. Hello! You were a complete gentleman.. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and I look forward to us seeing a lot of each other. 😏🥰 Coco
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