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  1. TouchedByCoco

    Choking & Thigh high boots

    Choking with Tie&Tease always gets the boys going..
  2. TouchedByCoco

    ISO squirter

    Water sports are a thing at Coco's Hideaway.. 😋
  3. TouchedByCoco


    Take me with you!!! 😍
  4. TouchedByCoco


    This is where being an active hobbyist comes into play. Make sure you’re writing reviews and being social in the community. The screening methods listed in my earlier post is for Newbie/lurker members. If you have a reference from a provider I know personally or is very reputable and/or you’re active in the community this complete process isn’t necessary. I have several screening methods for gents just like you. 🙂
  5. TouchedByCoco

    Question for guys who are married/significant other

    Hello, I carry Dial, Irish Spring and Dove mens toiletries in my Incall so, you leave smelling like you would at home. I rarely wear perfume instead I use a scented shower gel and it doesn't rub off on my man of the hour. I have a strict (no cologne) rule as well and you must shower upon arrival. Also not having physical contact (hugging or kissing) until you are comfortable outside of your work clothes helps. As a woman that was once married I can tell you.. the slightest difference in smell can and will be detected. XO Coco
  6. TouchedByCoco


    Hello, I have several girlfriends in the business here in South Florida and they require: *Home Address *Place of employment *Photo Identification AND FaceTime/Skype verification. They are all doing well (as am I) so, men are definitely complying with their requests. My take on the issue is if you have nothing to hide and mean the lady no harm.. then you should not have an issue with screening. When you have children and/or your Incall is at your private home you will want to know as much about the gentleman coming to visit you as possibly. I also do a brief search (w/ limited criminal background check). I have caught things such as: Domestic Violence, Attempted murder (yep) and a registered sex offender. One of these gentleman who had a DV charge always requested to see me late in the evening. Me personally (or any of the ladies I know) would never threaten you (unless you did something wrong). Reasons to use your personal information: Stealing the donation back (There is no consent without the payment agreed upon) or being violent. No call/no show is NOT a reason to threaten you. Blacklisting.. may be done for time wasting but, what she did was wrong if you didn't cause her any harm. Does anyone here have a job that they have to do on a daily basis where they have to risk their life? Then there are these stories: https://yonkers.dailyvoice.com/police-fire/death-of-woman-38-staying-at-area-hotel-called-suspicious/739616/ https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article93754307.html https://wgntv.com/2018/09/09/woman-says-she-was-sexually-assaulted-at-gunpoint-at-godfrey-hotel/amp/?__twitter_impression=true https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Dominatrix-Hotel-Robbery-Queens-New-York-City-Police-498998171.html All of these women have two things in common: They are/were sex workers and they didn't screen. We just want to be safe.. meet wonderful gents and take care of our families. XO Coco
  7. TouchedByCoco

    Couples friendly

    Hello! I have been catering to a lot of couples lately.. Sometimes me and the wife pamper the husband and sometimes we spend our date pampering the wife. I also have female AND a male *TouchSpecialists that can join for a couples massage! I would love to do this again, I am really developing a kink for double teaming on my milking table. 😋
  8. TouchedByCoco

    We wanted to say THANK YOU....

    I can't wait to see you post the sexy new pictures we took! 😍
  9. TouchedByCoco

    Places to eat while down in North Miami...

    North Miami: Little Havana, HIRO, Duffy's, Tootsies (lol) Other area.. Wynwood, Downtown, South Beach etc etc.. I would love to show you guys around! 💋
  10. TouchedByCoco

    Embrace the Anarchy - Halloween GT Party

    Hello! Please count me in! I can't wait to see you guys again. XO Coco
  11. TouchedByCoco

    Any providers that are bit more dominant?

    I've had my eye on you.. We are neighbors make it happen! Duos anyone?! 😛
  12. TouchedByCoco

    Any providers that are bit more dominant?

    Kinky Coco here.. I specialize in Sensual Dom & Fetish with 8+ years experience. www.TOUCHEDBYCOCO.com (I am located in North Miami w/ room equipped for Dom & Fetish play)
  13. Hi! My site will launch mid-November and I am looking for a few willing participants that aren't camera shy. You will receive a large discount on your session and be asked to sign a release form. Seeking: -relatively in shape men -above average anatomy -neat body hair -all shapes, sizes and ethnicities welcome Please send your interests to: Touchedbycoco305@gmail.com OR Bookings@CocosHideaway.com Thank you!
  14. TouchedByCoco

    Best current duo offering a four hand massage?

    I have a few ladies I work with here in North Miami if you're interested I can provide links to their websites. Cheers Coco
  15. TouchedByCoco

    Thinking of playing in North Miami at a discreet incall...

    Come on down, it's great. Plenty of amazing gentleman in the area.... 😋