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  1. Thank you so much 😊 for your visit .. I just spoke with Pamela and she are very happy with you 👍🏼 . You are always welcome
  2. I appreciate your words .. you are always welcome
  3. Thank you so much I'm glad you liked .. Leo BRAZILIAN DOLLS
  4. Hey .. thank you i just spoke with her and she is very happy with you 👍🏼
  5. Hi .. this is Leo BRAZILIAN DOLLS and this is my first time I have to come to the review room to open my opinion... I was trying to keep quiet but now I think is a good time to explain couple things: I saw all the comments and I understand the frustration what happened with Rocketman954 and I'm feel really bad about that situation also I want everyone know I already in private with Rocketman954 I told him my sincerely apologies for his waist time and frustration.. also I spoke with NICOLE and like I try explain to Rocketman954 she was working very good and unfortunately something happened with her in private ( she told me she got a call minutes before Rocketman954 arrive ) and Nicole was out around 2 months because problems with family and divorce, I think he got he on bad time / because Nicole always was fantastic with all my clients and she always got a good comments and reviews ( some clients know he with another work name MELISSA and this was her first work name and we changed to NICOLE because family situation). A lot clients know her and can tell how she is good and efficient on her job. But unfortunately Rocketman954 was with her on bad time and this can happen with anyone . i spoke with Rocketman954 right after texting him and like I said I apologize for his frustration because I understand we there to provide good service and fantasy. So I told him to give me a chance to prove we are good and all the clients is important to us.. but I hope Mr Rocketman954 accept that invitation. i came here to put on table my words and try ended all this .. is not reason to continue like that. Brazilian Dolls always look forward to the best service and I try myself take care all the situations to make everyone happy. thank you Leo
  6. Hi.. Thank you so much for your review and i'm glad you liked, we always try to serve you better. Leo

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