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  1. Looks like he set his self up . Wtf ....
  2. What this one ? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article229334624.html
  3. Due to current situation in the next couple days from 9am to 5 pm If you ever seen a prettykitty girl you will be receiving a Snapchat code . If you do not want erase and thats it . No words no anything but the Snapchat code will be sent . Take the code and save to your pictures then scan from your Snapchat. Dont NOT PM - WE ARE NO LONGER A PART OF INDI . Good luck EVERYONE .
  4. I HAVE NEVER MEET YOU AT A GT NOR HAVE YOU USED OUR SERVICE. But you have a lot to say on EVERY thread about Prettykittys . I MEANNNNN EVVVVVVEEEYYYY TTTTIIMMNEEE . We get it Man .... We get it . You will never use us . OMG WEEEEEEE GGGGGGEEETTTTT IIIITTTTT . But on every single bash prettykittys thread the same drumb beat . I was wondering why now I know why . Enjoy guys . Your brooms and and capes are in the mail . Be on the lookout. And Nagg-man we get it . Also guys our business has not been affected. You know why , because all the guys who know how to be respectful responsible hobbyist are enjoying our Snapchat and Enjoying our menu - while you guys are making sourpuss soup😂😂😂. Get a life guys enjoy it . Its short . Heres the tuff talk that i wrote for only the ladys - but I guess shes a two player team . Enjoy her 😂😂😂😂 Since when is it Okay for a Independent girl to encourage CLIENTS to show up at a Incall and Leave - while Throwing out a bullshit excuse . Then have the audacity to start a thread about us because we let him know only ass hoes leave ON A SET APPOINTMENT. FYI ALL AGANCYS USE ONLY NON SMOKING ROOMS . Its a rule of law . So getting that all out the way , WHY ARE YOU JENNIFER954 prostituting yourself at Prettykittys exspence . Last I checked we were all on the same team . I mean I don’t ever think I’ve ever heard of a independent girl or an agency contact a client and ask him for a reference . Huuummmm - looks like Someones a little slow and thinks it’s Okay to put the community at the mercy of her desperate ways.  Fyi - this would have been the 5th thread about Prettykittys Not excepting anything Less then Professionalism . So if someone doesn’t like us it’s because they were no call no show or cancelled minutes late and we baned them or it was because they walked in and walked out and we let them know about themselves or it was because Of there behavior. Regardless of the situation we don’t care how long they’ve been on the board we don’t care how long there following is what we care about is if they show us the same respect we show them . Guys who leave comments on the thread - they all have one thing in common - complained about us after the fact .  All have a chose to see our girls or not . Simple. But they do not have a choice to treat us or any lady who works with us like there just a piece of nothing. Prettykittys has contributed over 3000$ in free Dates this year to Jay and Hips Partys and ADMINISTRATIONS BIRTHDAY PARTY. . Jennifer954- what have you contributed to the community besides 30 committes on 10 different threads about ladys and now agancys of this community?  Learn how to be a lady and not a thread whore. 
  5. We do apologize but the O.Ps right - he is a ass hoe . Guys the room did not smell like smoke. The girl smoked and when he got there he asked her . She was fresh out the shower. He stated that the nicotine would be in her body . He then walked out the room no call no text . So holding That hour Refusing other clients for that hour ( he was 25 minutes late as well ) ( it was raining) and then you walk out and act like everything was Oakay . No it wasn’t okay . You are a asshoe and Blocked from Anygirl . How hard is that to except. Now you make a thread about how much of a inconsiderate Ass hoe you are . The proper thing to do was inform the girl About your nicotine intolerance not waste our time then Start this thread . As for anyone who doesn’t like our services don’t call . Jajajaja simple.
  7. Me too. As always.thanks everyone we meet last night.
  8. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🤴🏼🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  9. Thanks guys . Yes Prettykittys has a Snapchat Page where you can see It all . This is not for the fant of heart !
  10. Prettykittys Nessa if you know what your doing ... 9A6136E0-CE30-46E5-8B60-B5AB323E4AFE.mp4
  11. Times 1000 Thank you Hip for making me and the lady’s Always feel welcomed . I enjoyed my time ! It was great . Good conversations with a few gentlemen. Thank you for your advice and encouragement . I do want to sincerely Apologize to the Community that came out . From the time we walked in until the time we walked out it was like being in Alice in Wonderland. The Part When she’s walking through the forest with all those magical colors , moving my head around like woow , ooohhhhoooo , niiiicccceeee! Absolutely Amazing. I had a blast. It was ***camera -flashing - lights. “One thing right after another, then Our Beautiful Michelle going 3rd on the HBC had us threw the roof ! What a night ! A night to remember. So yes Apologize guys from Prettykittys heart about the lack of attention given . The girls will make it up 😉😉😉😉 Hip ,Jay ,Mis Jay, Indi Gentleman and Lady’s oh the ladys you girls Are FReakin Outstanding, thank you for letting Us be apart of this Amazing time . See you at the next one ! Ps Congrats Camera man on the Raffle Win . A6E75004-83B8-489E-A02F-3C0D10C7BFC7.mp4
  12. Fort Lauderdale Area - Jasmine confirmed . Small up sell 225$ . FYI. Prettykittys.biz

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