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  1. Notice how fine the toes are in that pic....
  2. Dude, Castle has been dead for 2 years.
  3. Well, it's been fun, ladies and gents. Sounds to me like he may not have known the true age. For the record mu cutoff is nothing under 37, preferably 40.
  4. I'd hit it. She looks great to me
  5. Seriously? Why don;t you guys like GG's in the same club as TS? I think it's awesome.
  6. And the wise one said, "YMMV"
  7. Such good vibe in that building
  8. Bureau of Rumor Control reports this will be opening under management of the previous Castle team at 600 S. Dixie, Hollywood, sometime soon. No warranties express or implied, you indemnify defend and hold me harmless, etc.
  9. Xtra is closed. 409 N is open but untested. Anonymous is still a thing on Sundays and I think Mondays

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