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  1. Bureau of Rumor Control reports this will be opening under management of the previous Castle team at 600 S. Dixie, Hollywood, sometime soon. No warranties express or implied, you indemnify defend and hold me harmless, etc.
  2. Xtra is closed. 409 N is open but untested. Anonymous is still a thing on Sundays and I think Mondays
  3. Check the flyer on the post further up
  4. The Ministry for Rumor Control suggests 409 is opening on a Tuesday. Whether it's this Tuesday or next is not disclosed.
  5. Upon further review of the play, there is finish carpentry in progress at the 409 N Dixie venue.
  6. "Human trafficking" is the left's buzzword to trigger shame so it can regulate yet another activity under the cloak of moral superiority. What evidence is there that any of these people are here against their will? People got of of East Berlin, the death camps, North Korea and in from Mexico. You're telling me somebody can't slip out of the back door of an AMP and melt into the community? The totalitarian left's MO is to make every person complicit in 3 crimes a day. It's 1984. Push back on this bullshit. I feel sorry for an old lonely man who apparently can't trust those around him to deliver the pizza, and has to go for takeout. Apparently money can't buy everything. But shame on him for not shopping in his income quintile.
  7. Thx for the insight. She's posting $600 outcall in Otown tonight, which is madness. Sounds like dumpster fire logic. I remember seeing some unit pics that were impressive if not scary. But the economist in me says why drop 2 or 3 on am iffy propo when Alethia is available with great boobs, is grounded, and who you'd want for a friend in real life?
  8. https://playersclubtampa.com/anonymous-evenings-3/ has been going on for close to two years in a couple of different venues. knowing the HBIC, if she wasn't making money, she wouldn't be doing it. Perhaps the event loses money but it generates repeat business.
  9. Someone ought to find a place with an adult entertainment license that's slow on Sunday nights and work out a deal with the owner. Like the girls did themselves in Tampa. But what do I know.
  10. Sources report organizational difficulties. Sorry guys.
  11. Odds are on that you're right. And yes, people need to be ready to accept nonmonogamy because its too hard to turn back. Except when they do, and it's a living hell. And congratulations on the mix you have.
  12. After further review, I can think of three former providers who are now in committed relationships and out of the biz. If I had to bet, it would happen much more often, as TSAnnabel suggests, but I bet the guys won;t close the deal when faced with a lifetime commitment to giving up the P, forever.
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