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  1. Great review !!! Have already texted her Cant wait to try that salad
  2. To all the beautiful ladies whose BIRTHDAY is today Yani, Erica, Lorena & Jz Wishing you all the best Have a beautiful day James aka happy as hell
  3. First timer you did ok Welcome to the Dark side 88 lmao And yeh I remember a GP from a few yrs ago
  4. Absolutely Dave Or else a big waste of money and time I am a member of heritage also Have very extensive coin collection & sports mem Hope these answered some of your questions BPlayer
  5. Sorry guys I always forget to put the link http://independentgirls.com/indiboard/index.php/user/71132-sandra-3/
  6. Hell I aint out of hobby money yet might be tonight LOL
  7. Hmmm, texted her really early in the morning and when I woke up saw my message light blinking and was ecstatic. I called her and asked if I could bring her coffee and a egg sandwich....Oh that got her, you know these women don't have time to eat right taking care of us, so figured she might appreciate it. A little kindness goes along way with some of the providers. And is rewarded in kind LOL. She opened the door with a zipped hoodie on. It was low enough for me to see that gorgeous rack. Any of you that know her can attest to the fact she has the softest lips in the world to kiss LOL......both upstairs and downstairs. Since i have seen her on numerous occasions she knows exactly what i like. Man i love kissing those soft lips and her long blonde hair just waving over my thighs as she engulfed me She has got to be one of the top BBBJ's on the board, all the while she was straddling my face and juices were flowing and how absolutely tasty they were. Now put glove on and entered the most inviting soft warm tunnel and wow this woman is limber. Sure she was a gymnast cause she has very strong abs and her thighs when they were wrapped around my head put on the vice grip when she was cumming. After she came I pulled out and had to taste those sweet juices. ( never interrupt a woman's orgasm if you know whats good for you! ). Then back i and shot in the cover. Rested a little bit and she was back getting me hard again. Had her sit on my face again I simply couldn't get enough of that sweet nectar. Didn't want to over stay my welcome, I asked her if i could kiss her lips one more time before I left and she obliged yessss. As I headed down the road. Hmmm i could still taste her on my tongue and the sweet smell of that gorgeous body I called her and said I am coming back for round 2. She said sure baby come on back and the dream continued Let me tell you she is one of the most adorable and willing providers on the board guys Not going into details, but believe there is no DRAMA with her, just smiles and a great woman to spend time with. Very high up on my list without a doubt Grateful that we hooked up again. She was an amazing date for me last New Year's Eve and continues to be just a great date IMO. Your the BOMB babe Cant wait to see you again. Hell gonna try my best to whisk you off to Tahiti some day, not sure it'll work but, can't blame a guy for trying LOL. Her pics don't do her justice guys. Her soft warm body pressed up against you is like a dream guys. Thanks Sandra for a great morning/afternoon
  8. Heritage Auctions Also look at Beckett price guide
  9. Check out mag 254 on amazon for 100 bucks stations from around the globe 1000 movies all the movie channels, including porn and ppv events for free Got to pay a yearly fee 85 bucks thats it Works great !!! IPTV internet free tv
  10. Keep it going Been 3 1/2 months for me. Its true it gets easier with time. Go to non smoking bars & throw all the ashtrays out in your house Dr told me I had pre cancer cells on vocal cords. That was enough for me ! Good Luck Wildthing
  11. You will get it done wildthing Its true what they say .....it does get easier. I am 3 1/2 months done
  12. Gentlemen I think there is a much nicer way to address these ladies that fulfill our fantasies. Instead of escort, hooker , bitch, cum dumpster, or any other vernaculars you use Private "concierge " and works at different hotels from time to time is a classy way to describe these wonderful women. Thank You to all the great ladies I was with throughout 2016 and making fantasies a reality Your all Beautiful and I am grateful ......2017 is already starting off amazing Just a thought for you guys this year get Annabellesins4u & Sandra together friggin amazing
  13. She is definitely hot and such a sweet personality
  14. With out a doubt This woman is wild and just a treat to be with

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