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  1. Call or text me whenever.. don’t wait to see me on duty.. xoxo Andria 9548225931
  2. I never thanked you for this, koderboat! you were a doll yourself.. pleeeease don't be a strannnnger! xoxo Andria
  3. im so upset that I am just seeing this! thank you, euromale! come see me soooooooon 😈 xoxo Andria
  4. you are such a doll, zokale.. thank you for such a great visit.. and yesss- lets set it up xoxo Andria
  5. Omg @Diver330 THANK YOU!!! Love you the most!! Come visit soon!! It’s been forever!
  6. @meiminxy1 bring the pasta salad !!!!! Hip- you're a hit..you alreaaaady know we all adore you!! freak in the sheets, beast in the kitchen!! #whoopwhoop!
  7. @Mrsouthflorida omg im just seeing this!! it didn't notify me!! ugh you're to die for.. come back sooooon, bebe!!
  8. @icanthelpmyself69 YOU are something else. This seriously made my morning. I am completely flattered and reading this made me so happy. Im so glad you enjoyed yourself You are such a delight and I promise I will make your birthday extra special!
  9. until next time, love, cant come soon enough!
  10. come back, babydoll, @tralfazz !!
  11. xoxo cant wait for our next playtime! we might need that guinea pig if you're still up for it
  12. @Footyfanatic2401 thank you, Footy!!
  13. 😜 thank you, bebe!! The feeling is super mutual!! See you soooon 😜😈
  14. lolol I forever love you, tho!!! you're theeee best, @HipMonster! hahaha @russianboicome visit again this weeeeeek 😍 @Footyfanatic2401 hayyyy, boooo!

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