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  1. We (Southern Hospitality) use independent references as well as Agencies, but prefer agencies as it's generally quicker, and most clients appreciate the speed of response. Many of the Independents are very good at responding, but understandably, sometimes it takes a little longer to hear back from independents. PP is really quite a good agency, and as many said previously, they do a great job.
  2. Yes, we do. It sometimes takes a little bit longer (understandably), but we generally try to do whatever we can to verify new clients. The plus side, we've met quite a few really nice ladies, and they've been very helpful and accommodating.
  3. Thank you, Hammer! You are always very nice and pleasant on the phone, you make it easy for us to provide the service you have come to expect. We are especially happy that you enjoy Aria's company. She really is a sweet, adorable gem, and we are very happy to be working with her....and you.
  4. Thank you Stealthhippy, I look forward to being here, and developing a great relationship with "y'all" (Southern Hospitality Style).
  5. Hopefully we'll maintain the reputation of the hottest girls, but without any other drama
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