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I have a big fetish if you want to call it that for women's body hair.ย  Hair under arms and between legs is a big turn on.ย  Any suggestions where to find her?

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It's funny how something that turns one person on can be a complete turn off for someone else.ย  When I was in the Navy, I was in Italy and I met one of the most gorgeous women that I seen.ย  We spent several days together and started to get hot and heavy, she took off her shirt and she had more hair under her arms that I did.ย  She went from a 10 to a 2 in my eyes and I walked out.ย  I never dated an Italian women again - even when I came back to the states.

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I grew up in theย  80's when women had bush then no bush for 2 decadesย  Now seeing women with hair is rare and really sexy. Asian girls are always good for hairy pussy but I more into latina.

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I would enjoy latinas with a hairy pussy too, as well as Ebony or Caucasian women.ย  They can be from Oregon, bisexual, and have hairy armpits as well!

Its interesting that there appears to be a trend in porn movies that is meeting this desire half way:

Have you seen hot female porn stars with large or thick hairy landing triangles above?

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