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The Bronx

OMFG! - HeavenlyBella

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HeavenlyBella joined Indi on 6/30 and immediately caught my eye. Anyone who knows me know I prefer a mature woman and Bella is just that. Like most I am always a little apprehensive about seeing someone new without seeing a review or two, but then again someone has to be first. I spoke with her last week to see if she had any plans on coming to South Florida and she wasn't sure, then I saw an ad letting us know she was coming down.  She's located in West Central Florida. She has a website, but since I am not the trusting sort of guy I think the reviews could be made up or embellished. So I was going to pass this time around until I saw her special, $180 for HR/VIP. I couldn't pass it up and called this morning to see if she was available for lunch. Since we spoke a couple of times she said yes. She was close to work so we set it for 1PM. Bella is a beautiful woman full of Italian passion. She opened the door and greeted me with a big smile, a hug and an incredible kiss. We sat on the bed for a little while talking & kissing then she asked me if I wanted to back rub. Yes! She warmed up some coconut oil and began rubbing the kinks out. After a few minutes I turned over to an incredible pair of DDD's with nice firm nipples. I told her I enjoyed DATY and she quickly pulled out one of her toys and with it and me she went wild. I thought I was going to have a concussion. A word of caution, bring your goggles & snorkel. Bella is a squirter.

I will leave everyone with this for now. I'll come back later when I have more time to add to it. She told she's unable to respond to PM's until Saturday so the best way to contact her while she's still here is to call her, 775-285-7177. If you get a chance go see her before she leaves. I hope she plans another South Florida trip real soon, I'd hate to have to drive 3+ hours to visit her.





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